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Jackson Movers has gathered the most experienced and skillful packers, drivers, long distance movers and logistic managers in Dallas Texas and throughout the states to provide you with a challenge-free, prompt long distance relocation. Moving your life’s belongings across the country is a significant transition that should be entrusted with an experienced moving company. Jackson Movers has years of experience gaining us the title and reputation of a top long-distance moving company in Dallas, TX and around the united states.

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  1. I hired the best in business
    By Danny Walker - July 22, 2021

    I cannot express enough the level of professionalism and service I got when I booked with Jackson Movers. From start to finish they were fantastic. From presenting an accurate moving quote to the movers showing up literally on time to the minute. These guys have moved down to a science. They had me out of my place in no time, a feat I could not have done with a handful of my best guy friends in less than 3 days and they got it done in a matter of hours. Hiring these guys was the best moving decision I could have made.

  2. They did a terrific job for us
    By Sidney Mckenzie - July 12, 2021

    The foreman and his men from Jackson Movers perfectly executed a move for me and were friendly and funny, to boot! We had a BUNCH of furniture that was still all boxed that needed to be moved to a different location and they made sure everything was packed smartly and securely. All the items got stored into different garages and they helped me arrange everything to make all of it fit. Can’t thank these guys enough!

  3. It was a perfect moving job
    By Hugh Fisher - June 19, 2021

    I contacted Jackson Movers for a quote. I promptly received a response to schedule an appointment with one of their reps. In my absence, he was able to professionally complete the job and sent me a video of the work he completed. I was very pleased with the work that he did and will be coming back for future services.

  4. They changed my perception
    By Joseph Clarke - June 13, 2021

    I didn’t have the best of impressions about moving companies. But, for our last move we hired Jackson movers which were just amazing. They quoted very reasonably to start with. Their men maintained their schedules accurately. All four movers were very efficient and reliable. All our belongings were packed and loaded onto the vans in no time. They made the delivery right on the scheduled date. I checked the inventory and everything was in great condition. These guys really made me change my mind about movers.

  5. They did everything right
    By Ryan White - May 26, 2021

    This is my 3rd time using this company and every time it has been a pleasant move. I have had them move everything from just a refrigerator to my whole house. Each time everything had gone well and as planned. I have recommended them to my friends and family and have been thanked afterward. Just wanted to thank the guys down at Jackson movers for everything they have done for me!!!

  6. Moving long distance
    By John Bradley - May 10, 2021

    I moved from TX to CO. The 3 guys were awesome. They were polite, punctual and super efficient. We talked, laughed and had fun. They were really nice. It didn’t take them long to pack everything up and it went really well. They were fast. When they delivered they put the boxes under my carport and my parent’s grandfather clock inside my home. Nothing was broke or missing. I was very pleased and happy. Thank you.

  7. Top notch customer service
    By Joseph Wells - April 26, 2021

    I actually got quotes from four other moving companies and he was the most reasonable by far, although I would have paid so much more for the quality of service they provided. The sales guy from Jackson Movers is so sincere and really wants to do a great job. He even helped me get rid of about 50 IKEA boxes that the garbage collectors refused to take. He also called me the next day to see how the move went and ask if I needed any additional help (WOW).

  8. Marvelous
    By Ryan Clark - April 11, 2021

    What a wonderful experience I had with Jackson Movers. I called and reserved my move back in February. It was a complete package move. The team was a very nice and helpful gentleman and was able to pick us up on time. They managed everything in a great manner which I appreciate the most. I am going to use them again.

  9. I barely lift a finger
    By Nicholas Freeman - March 12, 2021

    They did the impossible to accommodate me on the date I needed. Also they treated us patiently and respectfully. They showed up 15 mins after the promised hour, but I consider this a small detail compared to their great commitment. I was pleased that they took great care of all our stuff, they were so careful when loading and unloaded each piece exactly where we wanted, I barely lifted a finger. It was an absolute pleasure to deal with this company.

  10. It was a stress free relocation
    By Ricardo Chambers - February 13, 2021

    You guys saved the day. Let me begin by saying how great the full pack services were. I need to be out of my home in a short time, the pick was smooth, and delivery was prompt. The foreman was very professional and caring the way he had the crew take care of our items. Thanks so much for the great job guys. I will use Jackson movers again in future moves.

  11. I am a happy customer
    By Aaron Frank - January 12, 2021

    Jackson Movers was the first to call me back once I made a request. Everything that they did was great. They were very professional. Jackson Movers way over-communicating which rarely happens and I was so impressed with them keeping me up-to-date that I couldn’t believe it. Every conversation that I had with every one of the people from Jackson Movers was outstanding. My feeling was that they were treating me like I was their only customer.

  12. Very impressed by the team-work
    By Neal Larson - December 13, 2020

    Most people only choose a moving company infrequently so it’s a bit of a risk. We were lucky in choosing Jackson Movers. From the original estimate, to the move, everyone was first class. Great care was taken with everything, the packing service was meticulous in its attention to detail and nothing was damaged.

  13. Great moving experience
    By Raymond Peterson - November 15, 2020

    Moving stinks, but Jackson Movers helped to make it less stressful. I find them on the internet. I visited their website and I was really impressed with the services and price. I decided to do the job. I gave them all the details. They arrived in my place exactly the right time. They moved my stuff very safely. The movers of Jackson Movers were awesome. I had terrible experiences with moving companies. After several terrible moving experiences with other companies, I really had a good experience with these guys!!!

  14. Hey were great during the whole process
    By Franklin W. - October 13, 2020

    I had the chance to hire Jackson Movers. We really couldn’t have asked for a better move. The experience was totally worth it. The number of items including some equipment, gym accessories, and televisions was there in my home. It is obvious that they require proper packing. I was so worried about the hassle of claiming an insurance if it happens that way. But, luckily it never happened as the packing was tight and up to the point. The goods were safely delivered because of these guys who took the pain to pack it with utmost attention. The moving experience was totally positive right from the start to the end.

  15. Reliable Movers
    By Thomas Harrington - September 11, 2020

    I cannot find better words to express my sincere gratitude to these movers. They were true to their promise of delivering fantastic relocation services. They could have chosen to let me down, but they considered me a priority and offered me great relocation services. The move was so good I couldn’t help but appreciate everything. It was all memorable, and I appreciate it fully.

  16. Exceptional Moving Experience
    By Moses Jenkins - August 13, 2020

    After experiencing their wonderful service and enjoying a very reasonable price I am surely going to consider Jackson movers for my next move as well. I hired them hoping for the best. They actually gave me the best possible service within a very reasonable price. I was a bit concerned with my belongings before the move because there were much heavy and old furniture and many fragile items plus some expensive paintings. It felt great when I saw my belongings in perfect condition after the move. No damage done to anything and nothing was missing. Indeed a perfect moving experience.

  17. Awesome movers!
    By Omar Potter - July 15, 2020

    I had such an excellent experience with the team at Jackson Movers. I found them online, got a few quotes and ended up choosing Jackson Movers. Scheduling was super easy; our sales rep was kind and professional. He responded to my move request on a Sunday afternoon, and was continuously easy to reach-responding to me in 10 min or less-the entire week leading up to the move. The pickup was fantastic, everything went smooth, the drop was a bit earlier than expected but eventually we were able to make it work.

  18. First class all the way
    By Craig Romero - June 17, 2020

    I want to start by saying that it was a true pleasure to work with Jackson Movers. The sales guy was very relaxed and patient with me when I called a dozen times with so many questions. He was able to have answers for me right away. As far as the crew that came to my house to pack me up were very easy to work with. They were very professional with handling each of my items which was very comforting to me. They just made it so easy and pleasurable for me. I would definitely use Jackson Movers again and I would definitely refer them to any of my friends that need a moving company.

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