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  1. I’m just shocked
    By Shannon L - January 24, 2019

    We were moving because we don’t believe in staying in one place for too long. J gentle van lines llc handled our move so well that it just shocked me. Moving companies are notorious for being late and lazy. But this company was like them. They arrived on time, finished the job very quickly and delivered right on schedule. That’s more than I can ever say about the other companies I had hired in the past. The final bill came under the estimate and I just couldn’t help blowing my mind. I recommend everyone to hire these guys if they love their valuables at all.

  2. Very reliable movers
    By Jack Jenkins - January 14, 2019

    J Gentle Van Lines LLC proved why they are the best moving company at every aspect while they handled my last move. The movers arrived on time. All the packing and loading was done within a very short time. The movers were very delicate while packing my breakables. They moved the furniture out in a very systematic manner. I was quite impressed seeing how sincere and organized they were. When they delivered everything, I took an inventory and all my belongings were safely delivered. I am so thankful for the amazingly reliable movers I got.

  3. They responded quickly
    By Vincent C - January 6, 2019

    I want to thank J Gentle Van Lines LLC and its super team of movers for the awesome job that they did while handling my last move. Everyone was really friendly and helpful at every stage of the process. I originally filled in a couple of online forms on different moving company’s websites to get estimates. Only 2 responded, and these guys were the fastest to respond. In today’s time where everything is going online, these guys are moving forward while other companies still rely on old school theories! I’d definitely recommend this company for their efficiency, effectiveness, pricing and friendliness.

  4. Superbly trained movers
    By Stacy F - December 23, 2018

    The movers who work for J Gentle Van Lines have qualities that are difficult to be found in the world today. I must say the movers have brains and they were experienced. How professionally they handled everything! My furniture was completely unharmed. The driver was very courteous and was careful about driving. They didn’t overcharge me. The total bill was convenient. All in all I have to say I recommend this company for their extreme professionalism and highly experienced movers.

  5. They won my respect
    By Darrin Morgan - December 17, 2018

    I was hoping J Gentle Van Lines LLC would be different from the rest like I always do before hiring a moving company. They never come through though. This time, it was different. I called them and like every other moving company, they promised to take very good care of me. But unlike other moving companies, they actually did take very good care of me. The movers managed to pack all my valuables in a way so everything would arrive at my new house completely unharmed. This move was a reasonable one from the financial point of view as well. I am very happy for finding a professional moving company after all.

  6. Great job guys
    By Marvin Mckenzie - December 5, 2018

    I’ve moved up and down this country for the last 5 years and always ended up doing it myself because of how unreliable movers were and how most of them ended up being brokers or full of crap. Most recently I moved again and I ended up finally booking with a moving company. I got tricked around by a few other companies until I spoke with some dude at J Gentle Van Lines LLC and for some weird reason I felt super comfortable. He quoted me a realistic price and went through the whole long annoying process with me. Even during the holidays it was a somewhat easy process. Of course small things can go wrong here and there, but overall I felt great about the whole thing. Your agent is your first point of contact with a company and can leave a good or bad taste in your mouth ultimately. Mine was great and I recommend asking for Luke personally if you’re feeling discouraged. Thanks again!

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