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Free written estimates provided on premises.
Free delivery of moving supplies provided before moving day.
An on-site foreman to direct your move.
Full free packing service available upon request.
Quilted furniture pads to protect your belongings.
Fine art and antiques division for special needs.
Detailed inventory lists prepared before the move.
Fleet of modern moving vans and trucks.
Guaranteed Pickup Date.
Experienced movers, and reliable, timely service.
Modern storage facilities.
Licensed and insured for your protection.
Dedicated Customer Service.
First Nation Moving System proudly adheres to all regulations imposed by the Department of Transportation and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

If you are looking for a superior combination of service, quality, and price, you won’t beat First Nation Moving System.

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  1. most unprofessional moving co. with crooks and scam artists
    By mover1 - December 10, 2018

    FIRST NATION MOVING SYSTEM (FNMS) is the worst mover I was ever forced to experience, based on 13 moves over more than 40 years, which included two international overseas moves. FNMS totally failed to meet the promises and written commitments they made. And their pricing was completely based on fraud. FNMS has a very deceitful and slick operative by the name of Noa, who is very prompt, efficient, and enthusiastic in soliciting your money — making many promises and assurances. Yet, she follows up on nothing and blatantly and outright lies. Worse yet, after the disastrous move, Noa would no longer answer any of my calls or emails. My move should have been a rather simple affair, moving a studio apartment from NJ to MD. From my first contact with FNMS, I made clear that the most critical part of my move was that a few large pieces of furniture would have to be delivered to a storage facility located just 4 miles from the new location and that all other articles were to be delivered to a single-family home. Noa assured me (in several phone calls and even by email) that this would not present any problem whatsoever. When the delivery arrived at the home, the delivery crew said they knew nothing about a drop-off of the large furniture pieces at another location and refused to do it. On an immediate call to Noa while the delivery crew was still at the home, she said she would look into it. I never heard from her again. And it was the last contact I ever had with her and have been unable to reach her since she no longer answers my phone nor my emails. I was forced to use and pay a reliable local mover to move the large furniture pieces into storage – a service I paid FNMS to do. I contracted with FNMS primarily because of Noa’s assurances that the two locations for delivery would not be a problem. But this is not even the worst of it. The first estimate I had was that the shipment would be 480 cubic feet at $3.50 per cubic foot for an “all inclusive” move. On a re-estimate based on adding just a few more items, the new estimate became 665 cubic feet. I thought that this was an overestimate and I was told that I would only be charged for the actual space used once the truck was loaded. Another slick FNMS employee by the name of Carlos (who supervised the packing at the apartment), before even beginning the packing, thought the shipment would be more than 650 CF, when I asked for confirmation that I would only pay for the space used. When the truck was loaded, he said the volume was 900 CF for which I was charged an exorbitant sum of $ 3150 for such a simple move. In an attempt to assure me of the volume, he showed me the loaded 13-foot truck at only the side door, with me having no idea what was in the front or the back. The truck that delivered the goods to my home utilized less than 500 cubic feet of space based on my own determination and measurements., indicating that the 900 CF was the gross overestimate (40 %) that I believed. FNMS in their contract promised “zero charges”’ for handling and labor fees, yet the delivery crew demanded a cash payment of $ 75 for “excess steps” (two small stairwells with six steps each) before anything would be unloaded. FNMS promised “zero charges” for “dismantling & reassembling”. The delivery crew in MD refused to reassemble the furniture that was disassembled in NJ, saying it wasn’t saying that it wasn’t their job and that they were only responsible for delivering the shipment. The crew in NJ disassembled several pieces (presumably to save space?), but unfortunately labelled nothing and put the disassembled parts in scattered box locations . The packers in NJ did not have small book boxes (despite being told that the shipment would require at a minimum of 12 book boxes because of the volume of books), so they mingled books with other items in a scattered arrangement — mixing books with kitchen articles and household items — making the unpacking in MD an ordeal. And nothing was labelled — with an unreadable carbon copy shipping manifest. It took us days to locate all of the parts. Given that Carlos scammed us for the volume and failed on the FNMS promise to reassemble, I now wish that nothing had been taken apart. The crew in NJ also broke the cover plate clip on an $ 800 desk chair, and notified me at the time, handing me the broken piece, without apology or an indication as to how this was to be fixed. FNMS promised that all furniture would be wrapped and padded, but some pieces including the $ 800 desk chair was not. In fact, if it wasn’t for our alertness, the delivery truck would have driven away with the $ 800 desk chair (unwrapped, scuffed, and damaged) since it was packed in the truck adjacent to my articles, but not with it. Lastly, several items were never delivered and are missing, including two long aluminum bed frame rails making the bed unusable, and four shelves from a book case making it equally unusable, and an unknown number of boxes that contained very expensive technical books. I begged Noa (in emails) to contact the contracted long distance moving company to see if the missing items were still on the truck or misdelivered to another address, but she never responded. The delivery crew would not even remove and dispose of the wrapping material debris (tape and cardboard), leaving it in the front of the house. Some great “all inclusive” service ! FIRST NATION MOVING SYSTEM is completely unprofessional and, in my mind, run by a bunch of scam artists and crooks.

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