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Free written estimates provided on premises.
Free delivery of moving supplies provided before moving day.
An on-site foreman to direct your move.
Full free packing service available upon request.
Quilted furniture pads to protect your belongings.
Fine art and antiques division for special needs.
Detailed inventory lists prepared before the move.
Fleet of modern moving vans and trucks.
Guaranteed Pickup Date.
Experienced movers, and reliable, timely service.
Modern storage facilities.
Licensed and insured for your protection.
Dedicated Customer Service.
First Nation Moving System proudly adheres to all regulations imposed by the Department of Transportation and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

If you are looking for a superior combination of service, quality, and price, you won’t beat First Nation Moving System.

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USDOT#: 1059024. MC#: 436268

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  1. Great moving company
    By Alan Manning - February 23, 2021

    First Nation Moving did a great job so I feel they deserve a positive review. I own a business so I know that most people only take the time to post complaints. I wanted to take the time to write something nice. The guys were great. Move went smooth and cost remained the same. I would use these guys again and highly recommend them.

  2. I am a happy customer
    By Kathy Garcia - February 16, 2021

    My sister moved a few years back so my family and I decided to move closer to her because we recently had a new baby boy. I hired First Nation Movers to move our belongings. When I called them, they gave me a very reasonable quote. The woman on the phone was very friendly and seemed quite experienced. The move went exactly how she explained it to me. I am so happy with First Nation Movers.

  3. Cheers for these guys
    By Rudolph Watson - February 13, 2021

    We couldn’t be happier. From start to finish, everyone was courteous and helpful. The lead guy and his crew were outstanding; efficient, conscientious, personable and POLITE to boot!!! The team worked together wonderfully, and in tight spaces managing all the odds. I still can’t believe how smooth everything went. Thanks a lot guys for a damage free, timely and cost effective relocation.

  4. smooth move
    By Tonya Veren - October 22, 2020

    smooth move
    no damage
    nice people
    always available
    not much to say but perfect.
    10 out of 10 move.

  5. perfect
    By hod - June 30, 2019

    2 months ago-Very happy with our move. Professional , on time, price reasonable, and reliable. Came on the scheduled date, did all the packing, and delivery was smooth, and came on the day requested. Very satisfied customer. I already recommended few of my relatives. Would recommend First Nation Moving System Inc., to any one who plans to move in the future.

  6. Best in my opinion
    By Bruce Morris - April 19, 2019

    Your movers arrived right on time and were excellent workers! We got moved in record time and nothing got broken or damaged. These two guys really know how to pack the moving truck to maximize the space. The guy even used his pick-up truck to haul the last few items that wouldn’t fit in the moving truck. This was the second time we used First nation moving system, and we would use them again in a heartbeat.

  7. My friend was right
    By Dave Warren - April 12, 2019

    I was referred to First nation moving system by a friend who gushed about them and after using them I completely agree! They were accommodating and their manager was so communicative and responsive when the initial move date/attempt fell through, and they bent over backwards to reschedule me for the next day/busiest day of the month. The guys were took care not to scratch the floors, walls, or furniture; helped me take measurements for furniture placement; and they were so strong and fast — this one big guy (who didn’t talk much but smiled even though sweating in 32 degree weather) carried up an extra-large suitcase full of textbooks! For them generous tips are well-deserved! I’ll say they are definitely one of the top 3 service companies used in America.

  8. Lovely moving service
    By Adrian F - April 10, 2019

    We really loved using First nation moving system for our recent move across the country. Two movers from the company showed up a little early, which actually was great because we had a late afternoon move and wanted to make sure we had enough time to unpack that night. They were both extremely friendly and more importantly – REALLY STRONG! Our boxes were out of the house in record time, and they rebuilt some of our furniture at the new place quite quickly and accurately as well. Customer service beforehand was top notch as well – they were super quick to respond and could update my inventory and quote whenever I had adjustments to make with the amount of stuff I was moving. Overall, top notch and I highly recommend these guys!

  9. Superb movers
    By Craig Cox - April 6, 2019

    A friend of mine, who is really fussy with everything, suggested me the name of First nation moving system for my move. Knowing how difficult she is as a client, her suggestion definitely meant something to me and I started digging on the company. They have an amazing reputation in the market. The quote they provided me helped making the decision even easier. The movers arrived early on the moving day. They wasted no time in packing everything into boxes. I was quite concerned if all my things would fit into the van they brought. But in the end, they made a very successful loading. The whole thing was done very quickly. The delivery was made on time and all my things were intact when they reached our new house. To be honest, I’m no less than fussy than my friend. So taking an advice from me would save you valuable times.

  10. Trusted moving companion
    By Christopher Y - April 6, 2019

    I didn’t ask for much. I asked First nation moving system to show up on time and take care of my valuables. They did just that! The movers arrived on time. I admit that I have an issue with people who are not punctual. Luckily, it didn’t apply to these guys. All the packing and loading was done fast. The movers were very delicate while packing my breakables. They moved the furniture out in a very systematic manner. I was quite impressed seeing how sincere and organized they were. When they delivered everything, I took an inventory and all my belongings were safely delivered. So clearly, the movers took amazing care of my things.

  11. First time’s a charm
    By Bobby James - March 27, 2019

    I’ve never used movers before and my move with First nation moving system was my first experience. I moved long distance and then had a second stop in the middle at my folk’s house to drop off more stuff. I also junked an old couch, chair and some other small stuff. The whole process was so easy. I requested a quote and got one the same day. I had looked at only a few other companies, but booked this one quickly because their quote was lower, I had friends that used them, and they had great reviews. I was not disappointed. They moved so quickly and were done within just a few hours. If I had attempted this move with friends it would have been painful. I would definitely recommend this moving company.

  12. Repeat mover
    By Bruce Jackson - March 22, 2019

    I have now used First nation moving system twice and all I can say is that they are awesome! Efficient, on time, professional and great prices! To top it all off, they are super fun to work with – they made both moves (one lasted 4 days!) not only easy, but enjoyable! I am an organizer and I recommend them to all of my clients that are considering a move. They haven’t broken a single item yet or been late or showed laziness at any point in both of my moves. I highly recommend them!! Shout out to their super manager (who I’ve had the pleasure of working with more than once!). Also, I have to mention how great it was to work with the movers they sent- these guys lifted my spirits in ways that even my shrink couldn’t. I am so grateful to this company!

  13. They are amazing
    By Peter Evans - March 19, 2019

    Amazing!! No other word to describe First nation moving system! They went out of their way! We moved from a two story house to a one story house in one day! All of the men were super sweet to our three year old, letting her tell them where things would go. It was really cute and such a help because it kept her entertained. All the men had kids of their own and were super patient with our youngest (10 months) who was not a happy camper! They loaded his crib on the truck last and made sure his room was the very first one set up at the new house for his nap! Like really?!? So freaking sweet! I was mind blown that they were so on top of everything!! I had one antique piece of furniture that means the world to me, it belonged to my late grandmother, and when I expressed this to them and explained that because the glass was curved it could not be replaced. They took extra good care of it!! I have recommended them to several friends that are moving and will continue to spread their name!

  14. Simply superior
    By BruceMartinez - March 11, 2019

    These guys from First nation moving system are simply the best moving company I have used yet, hands down. The owner communicated with me during the week before the move and confirmed the date and time. I even forgot to list some things on my inventory list and they moved it anyways without any additional charge. I requested wardrobe boxes to make the packing easier and they even followed up regarding the boxes. They were quick and they even set up our bed for us. They were so good; my cheap husband even tipped them. They may be young, but they are definitely ready to move mountains. I will use them from here on out and I already told my friends and family about them. I could not stop raving about their services. Everything was carefully transported to its destination in once piece.

  15. Stress-free relocation
    By Jason Jackson - March 4, 2019

    My last move went very smooth and trouble-free- all thanks to First nation moving system and its fabulous group of movers. They even did packing for me and highly recommended that I supply my own boxes, as it’s cheaper. Their manager, who came to give an estimate, reduced the number of movers needed for packing as my place is pretty small. I very much appreciated that they were trying to save me money! The movers were really nice and funny, yet professional. If they noticed any damage on my furniture they pointed it out to me in advance so I would know it didn’t happen during the move. I tipped them each $20. I can’t recommend these guys enough! They definitely made my move stress-free.

  16. They need to be hired by everyone
    By Anthony S - February 24, 2019

    First nation moving system is such a professional moving company. It was so easy to get a quote from them when I called them the first time. The guy on the phone explained very meticulously how it all works as this was my first move. The crew arrived ten minutes earlier than the scheduled time. They packed up everything with ease and precision. There were absolutely no issues carrying my furniture down two flights of stairs. I got the proof of how good they really are when all my belongings arrived in great condition. I hired them after a friend recommended them. But given how good these guys are, they really should do more publicity.

  17. Well-trained movers
    By Kristofer J - February 20, 2019

    Loneliness is evil! I felt it for 7 years living away from friends and family. Finally I decided it was time to get rid of it. So I quit my job and decided to move back home. I hired First nation moving system for my move and my interaction with them during the first call was great. The guy in the phone gave me a very assuring quote and said he would he send 3 movers with a van. The movers arrived on time as promised on the moving day and packed everything very quickly. They had a little trouble getting my cross trainer but they immediately had a backup plan and off they went through the window. They somehow managed to do that with grace and pace. I was mesmerized to see how well trained they are! Then they also delivered my belongings back home within 2 days of my arrival. Good thing about big cities is that these guys serve there! I will suggest them without any hesitation.

  18. They did such a good job
    By JasonHoward - February 17, 2019

    First nation moving system convinced me that relocation can be easy. Their movers were so efficient when we moved with their help. The movers were all very experienced, especially the foreman. He had years of experience under his belt and knew how to keep his boys in line. He wouldn’t let anyone slag off for even a minute and that’s the sign of a true leader. When you put your valuables into such experienced hands, you can’t help but feel safe. Besides, the men work so fast that it makes you thankful. They made the delivery on time and frankly I had absolutely nothing to complain about during this move.

  19. I can rely on them
    By Brendon D. - February 11, 2019

    I’m pretty new to this whole “grown-up” thing and so this is only the second time I’ve hired movers when moving residences. I was looking for a well-rated, relatively affordable, responsible, and careful moving company that would carry my little home from point A to point B. First nation moving system absolutely is all of those things, and more. The three movers who came were real pros. They were punctual, efficient, and communicated very well. When I asked if they’d make a stop to deliver some of my items to a third location, they were extremely accommodating. I felt bad for how many stairs there were involved in the process but they handled those stairs carefully and efficiently. They have the works – plastic wrap, wardrobe boxes, dollies, and blankets – to make sure nothing got dinged or scraped. And they were really fast! This is definitely a great moving company. I really don’t want to have to move again for a while but if I do, I’ll definitely be calling them again.

  20. I’d use them again
    By Edmund Stewart - February 5, 2019

    I moved a few months ago and First nation moving system was my moving companion of choice. I contacted 3 moving companies and this moving company not only gave me the best rate but their communication throughout the process was excellent. They even provided boxes at the last minute. I will recommend them to others. The men who moved were very professional and they took into consideration all my requirements regarding the furniture. This was the second time I have moved with them and would use them again. They are efficient, punctual, skilled and the company itself has been in business for long enough to know all the ins and outs of this moving industry.

  21. most unprofessional moving co. with crooks and scam artists
    By mover1 - December 10, 2018

    FIRST NATION MOVING SYSTEM (FNMS) is the worst mover I was ever forced to experience, based on 13 moves over more than 40 years, which included two international overseas moves. FNMS totally failed to meet the promises and written commitments they made. And their pricing was completely based on fraud. FNMS has a very deceitful and slick operative by the name of Noa, who is very prompt, efficient, and enthusiastic in soliciting your money — making many promises and assurances. Yet, she follows up on nothing and blatantly and outright lies. Worse yet, after the disastrous move, Noa would no longer answer any of my calls or emails. My move should have been a rather simple affair, moving a studio apartment from NJ to MD. From my first contact with FNMS, I made clear that the most critical part of my move was that a few large pieces of furniture would have to be delivered to a storage facility located just 4 miles from the new location and that all other articles were to be delivered to a single-family home. Noa assured me (in several phone calls and even by email) that this would not present any problem whatsoever. When the delivery arrived at the home, the delivery crew said they knew nothing about a drop-off of the large furniture pieces at another location and refused to do it. On an immediate call to Noa while the delivery crew was still at the home, she said she would look into it. I never heard from her again. And it was the last contact I ever had with her and have been unable to reach her since she no longer answers my phone nor my emails. I was forced to use and pay a reliable local mover to move the large furniture pieces into storage – a service I paid FNMS to do. I contracted with FNMS primarily because of Noa’s assurances that the two locations for delivery would not be a problem. But this is not even the worst of it. The first estimate I had was that the shipment would be 480 cubic feet at $3.50 per cubic foot for an “all inclusive” move. On a re-estimate based on adding just a few more items, the new estimate became 665 cubic feet. I thought that this was an overestimate and I was told that I would only be charged for the actual space used once the truck was loaded. Another slick FNMS employee by the name of Carlos (who supervised the packing at the apartment), before even beginning the packing, thought the shipment would be more than 650 CF, when I asked for confirmation that I would only pay for the space used. When the truck was loaded, he said the volume was 900 CF for which I was charged an exorbitant sum of $ 3150 for such a simple move. In an attempt to assure me of the volume, he showed me the loaded 13-foot truck at only the side door, with me having no idea what was in the front or the back. The truck that delivered the goods to my home utilized less than 500 cubic feet of space based on my own determination and measurements., indicating that the 900 CF was the gross overestimate (40 %) that I believed. FNMS in their contract promised “zero charges”’ for handling and labor fees, yet the delivery crew demanded a cash payment of $ 75 for “excess steps” (two small stairwells with six steps each) before anything would be unloaded. FNMS promised “zero charges” for “dismantling & reassembling”. The delivery crew in MD refused to reassemble the furniture that was disassembled in NJ, saying it wasn’t saying that it wasn’t their job and that they were only responsible for delivering the shipment. The crew in NJ disassembled several pieces (presumably to save space?), but unfortunately labelled nothing and put the disassembled parts in scattered box locations . The packers in NJ did not have small book boxes (despite being told that the shipment would require at a minimum of 12 book boxes because of the volume of books), so they mingled books with other items in a scattered arrangement — mixing books with kitchen articles and household items — making the unpacking in MD an ordeal. And nothing was labelled — with an unreadable carbon copy shipping manifest. It took us days to locate all of the parts. Given that Carlos scammed us for the volume and failed on the FNMS promise to reassemble, I now wish that nothing had been taken apart. The crew in NJ also broke the cover plate clip on an $ 800 desk chair, and notified me at the time, handing me the broken piece, without apology or an indication as to how this was to be fixed. FNMS promised that all furniture would be wrapped and padded, but some pieces including the $ 800 desk chair was not. In fact, if it wasn’t for our alertness, the delivery truck would have driven away with the $ 800 desk chair (unwrapped, scuffed, and damaged) since it was packed in the truck adjacent to my articles, but not with it. Lastly, several items were never delivered and are missing, including two long aluminum bed frame rails making the bed unusable, and four shelves from a book case making it equally unusable, and an unknown number of boxes that contained very expensive technical books. I begged Noa (in emails) to contact the contracted long distance moving company to see if the missing items were still on the truck or misdelivered to another address, but she never responded. The delivery crew would not even remove and dispose of the wrapping material debris (tape and cardboard), leaving it in the front of the house. Some great “all inclusive” service ! FIRST NATION MOVING SYSTEM is completely unprofessional and, in my mind, run by a bunch of scam artists and crooks.

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