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Dynamic Movers is a moving company predicated on the notion of quality service and efficiency in all aspects of the relocation process. Our reputation for excellence is centered by our commitment to provide accessible and reliable service through our trained and proficient staff.

Our workers never defer from compliance & take the time to articulate & embody your moving needs while remaining within the confines of your budgetary limitations. By adhering to principles of Fair Market Price, we impose a price structure that remains one of the most attractive in the industry, never forsaking excellence in service quality for the exploitation of our client’s budget. As such, our company understands that success is determined by diligence, investment in the proper equipment, & the hiring of an effectively trained and professional staff.

Our diversity of service ensures that we provide the most efficient means of relocation dictated by the scope of your move, whether it be a large scale business move or simply a residential one. Our prerogative to be the optimal choice in both present and future moving endeavors has led us to ensure our moving crew consists of fully trained professionals, educated in modern moving techniques to guarantee that items are handled and transported with delicacy and discipline indicative of our assurance to quality.

Providing packing and unloading services, we secure all items in transit and deliver them to your point of destination in the same condition of which they were received. Our fleet of moving vehicles equipped with air ride suspension, and hydraulic lift gates and ramps ensure an ease of loading and unloading of fragile items as well as protection while in transit. Our initiative of compliance towards modernity, assures that our vehicles are always state of the art and our workers are at their most productive to make the stressful process of relocation as swift and efficient as possible.

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  1. The company is good
    By Stephen Armstrong - October 4, 2019

    They were on time. They didn’t try to overcharge me. My booking guide was upfront and honest. They did take more time than what I thought they would loading but I guess that’s ok as long as they didn’t break anything, and they did not so that’s a plus. The company showed up about 3 hours after the window on the 26th. Again not bad considering the move was over 1700 miles. Over all I gave 5 stars.

  2. Thanks for the great help
    By Lawrence Morgan - September 25, 2019

    Moving is never fun, but thanks to Dynamic movers it was easy. I was initially worried about having issues with delays and increased costs, especially since I had to move. I was pleasantly surprised when all my stuff arrived on time at the price that I was given up front. Affordability, efficiency, friendliness, meticulous attention to detail! Dynamic movers have it all. If you have a long move ahead, I highly recommend reaching out to this company and seeing what they can do for you!

  3. Affordable and effective
    By Andrew Torres - September 19, 2019

    Had a client of mine use an interstate moving company in the past so she passed the name along to me and said Dynamic movers was the real mover and won’t charge you more money than they quote you. This move came up quick so I wanted to be out within 10 days which was not a problem at all scheduling it. They came and packed everything, labeled it and numbered it extremely detail oriented. The list we made on the phone checked matched perfect. They are what their reputation says they are. Very affordable and flexible. Easy to work with and honest.

  4. They simply rocked
    By Frank Carter - September 13, 2019

    We did a lot of back end research before putting money down with a long distance moving company. We were a little frightened by some of the things we heard so we wanted to make sure everyone was on the same page and working to make our move stress free and not to get charged last minute at our pickup. After 2 weeks we got our furniture and we were happy with all the service from this great company. Most companies cost way too much and there was no way we could haul this ourselves. You guys rock.

  5. Moved without any stress
    By Howard Roberts - September 10, 2019

    This moving company was excellent. The guys that did our move worked fast, they were polite, and mindful of both the house and the furniture. They communicated with us regularly while our things were in transit. I highly recommend them for any of your moving needs. Their prices are very competitive and we’re by far the best I could find while I was searching. This was the easiest move I’ve ever had.

  6. Great for long distance move
    By JohnMorris - September 5, 2019

    I had an amazing experience with Dynamic movers! The movers arrived on time and were very respectful. They worked efficiently and handled any fragile marked boxes with extra care. I didn’t lose any items in the transportation process. All moving costs were super affordable, which was a huge plus. I moved from Miami, FL to Frisco, TX – a huge move but it was a swift process with this company! I am definitely recommending this moving company to any friends or family planning a move in the near future. Thanks for helping me move!

  7. Move with them
    By Henry Perez - August 25, 2019

    They arrived on time and worked really hard. They took extra care of moving the furniture as to not damage the furniture itself and the walls. They will disassemble and reassemble as needed. They also were very pleasant and professional and there fees are extremely competitive. I would highly recommend Dynamic movers to anyone and plan on using them in the future.

  8. Marvelous
    By David Anderson - August 17, 2019

    Recently I hired Dynamic Movers. Their on-site estimate was right on the money and they took excellent care of my household goods. These guys know what they are doing! They packed, loaded and unloaded my move within the estimated time. Great crew, great service, great price. Can’t go wrong with this company.

  9. Smooth and easy
    By Steven P - August 13, 2019

    Dynamic movers gave me an absolutely stress free moving. The moving crew and actually everyone in the company including sales person who booked my relocation were all helpful. We haven’t packed our items, but the movers did it so carefully and fast. They moved us very quickly and checked to ensure that nothing was missing. Thank you guys for made our relocation so easy and smooth.

  10. More than what I was looking for
    By Raymond Collins - August 10, 2019

    I have no more doubts trusting their crew with moving. These people are so reliable. When I gave them an opportunity of moving me, they ensured everything was perfect. I felt awesome during and after the relocation services. I wish they can be able to do this even in future. It was such a wonderful thing seeing them moving me. I wasn’t so optimistic that they were going to make it through. It, therefore, came as a wonderful surprise when this team was able to move me in a flawless way. That was the least of my expectations.

  11. This is a great company
    By Eric Miller - August 4, 2019

    Dynamic movers provided me with a very easy time of my relocation. They depicted great knowledge in what they do, and I loved every bit of my relocation which was affordable and timely. Essentially, all my things were moved safely without any breakages or anything missing. I’m so happy with my father for recommending them to me as the crew did everything very professionally. I would recommend them to everyone. I loved every moment of my collaboration with my movers. They sent me a greatly skilled and experienced team. I loved every bit of my interaction with them as they made everything flow so smoothly. They arrived on time on my relocation day and packed my televisions and other electronics in boxes. They also had the courtesy of calling beforehand on reaching to my new residence.

  12. Thank God we had these guys
    By Jerald Schultz - July 23, 2019

    Dynamic movers was recommended to me by a friend who had previously used them and I thank her because my move became so much easy with this company. Theirs is a professional, trustworthy and careful service. The company treated me like royalty and handled my things so gingerly. Their employees are very knowledgeable and insightful. Everything was brought in perfect condition and their service was so smooth, pun intended of course!

  13. Thanks a lot guys
    By Andre Chavez - July 15, 2019

    The crew at Dynamic movers worked quickly and professionally and had the move complete in short order. Each piece had a glass top but they carefully wrapped them in blankets and plastic wrap and they arrived without a scratch. I will use these guys again when I need to bring home more furniture. Thanks for the move guys!

  14. I am more than just impressed
    By Mikel Krebs - July 14, 2019

    Highly recommended!! Dynamic movers made my move seamless, which I did not think was at-all possible. I had been recently promoted and needed to make arrangements to start my new position within 14 days… From my first call to inquire if they could accommodate me with such a tight schedule, I knew I made the right choice! I shared my situation with a rep and decided the packing service would be the best route, especially because I live alone and would otherwise have to pack by myself or ask family/friends to help. I needed it done professionally and efficient to survive the long trip. Those are the exact results I received! I would definitely use them again in the future. Very pleased!

  15. This is a great moving company
    By Elden P. - July 10, 2019

    We loved our experience with Dynamic movers and every person we dealt with for their company. They did everything they could to help us. They really do business right and have first class customer service. They were professional and caring. They didn’t just treat us like customers, they treated us like family. I can’t recommend them more highly. This is a top notch moving company and we will gladly use them for future moves.

  16. The move was made easy by these guys
    By Dillon Penny - July 5, 2019

    Dynamic movers did a fantastic job last weekend on our move. We had 27 boxes and lots of furniture and they were able to move us out of our old apartment and into our new apartment in about 4 hours. They were so professional, friendly, and smiled the whole time, even though we hardly lifted a finger. They were careful with our belongings and very efficient with their moving methods. We have a lot of big glass pieces and everything made the move without an issue. Thankfully, they were well prepared, because we would have been lost if not for all of the furniture pads they brought and the shrink-wrapping they did for us. Thanks – we will contact you for our next move and I already have friends asking for your info after hearing how easy you made it!

  17. All ends well
    By Florencio Coble - June 23, 2019

    I used a very professional, yet highly approachable crew from Dynamic movers. We could easily chat with any of the guys and it helped because I was able to enquire about any issue that caught my attention. The result is that I had no anxieties at all from the beginning to the end of the process. Furthermore, they delivered my things on time and so I didn’t start stressing over anything. Kudos to Dynamic mover. They managed my move in a very short time and without losing or damaging my things.

  18. They are master movers
    By Fred Edwards - June 21, 2019

    Dynamic movers gave me a cool relocation experience. The movers were very approachable, prompt and I could always reach the moving coordinator who responded very well to my queries and concerns. The entire crew was very dedicated and motivated. It is only due to their hard work, dedication and diligence that we were able to accomplish the move. Many thanks to the moving team.

  19. Thanks for not letting me down
    By DonaldWatson - June 19, 2019

    My mother has always wanted to move to New Orleans, Louisiana. For her birthday surprise I used Dynamic movers to move her entire home down to New Orleans, she hated the house she was in but couldn’t stand to lose her knick-knacks. I used Dynamic movers so I inherently made sure they would be properly taken care of. I paid them exactly what was quoted to move her 2 bedroom home and garage. My mother now lives happily where she’s always dreamed of living all her life.

  20. Recommended
    By Grady James - June 15, 2019

    Very efficient while taking the time to explain everything and answer all my questions, very courteous and knowledgeable pleasant experience. I would recommend Dynamic movers to everyone to use this service. Thanks for making my life and my move much easier.

  21. Everything was perfect
    By AntoineConley - June 9, 2019

    Dynamic movers proved their credibility through their service. I hired them recently and after my move, I got the proof of why they claim the top place. I found their customer service to be very helpful and they gave me a great quote. The movers were very friendly and helpful. They were very fast to pack and load. They packed and loaded our 3-bedroom apartment within a short time. The delivery was made on time and nothing had even a scratch. What else could I have possibly required from a moving company?

  22. Very careful movers!
    By Daniel Doyle - May 29, 2019

    I have moved or helped family members move a dozen times, using movers about 5 times. Big names and no names. This move was tricky because of the distance between the two places, so there was a lot of opportunity for disaster. This is the first company that seemed to care about what they were moving, did what they said they would when they said they would, and had a firm price. I would use Dynamic movers again for sure.

  23. I am more than happy
    By Johnny Ramirez - May 25, 2019

    I hired Dynamic movers for an office move which was a very tricky one. They had to deal with many expensive but sensitive office equipment and they had to pack everything as well. Movers showed their class and ensured us about the safety of the office goods. They did really well to wrap and box the electronic gadgets and other fragile items, took great care of the furniture and did their best during the loading. The delivery was made quickly at the other end and they did really well to unload, unpack and store everything according to our guideline. I am more than just happy with their service and very reasonable price.

  24. Great service and reasonable price
    By David Brown - May 18, 2019

    Upon a career change which required me to move from my home town, I became stressed due to moving. My money was limited and I was worried I would be unable to move all my furniture out here in a timely manner. However Dynamic movers came to my rescue! I can’t articulate how wonderful and easy it was using their services for this arduous process. It only cost me $3200 which a complete bargain compared to my other options. I would definitely recommend them to friends and family!

  25. Solid service!
    By Andrew Jones - May 14, 2019

    Dynamic movers were the best bet for us. During this difficult times of the economy it’s best when you know the ways to save money Dynamic movers has managed to keep the rates lower than the rest and did a 5star job transporting our furniture with no damage. I advise everyone to go with this company when their price comes up lower than the others’, for their superior quality labor and an apparent high customer satisfaction rate.

  26. Superb company
    By Drew Phillips - May 9, 2019

    There is something in Dynamic movers that you will rarely observe in the other local relocation companies. The way in which they treat the customers is different. They make you feel worthy. That is why I like hiring them out, I have done so three times and I will do the same even in future without regretting in any way. I know that these people have all it takes to make any client happy. They will do so to you, provided you trust them with your properties.

  27. You guys are awesome
    By Darren Carr - May 6, 2019

    I will forever remain indebted to them. The kind of sacrifice you offered me is something I would not take for granted. The relocation notice was short yet you managed to deliver perfect services. What moved me is the fact that I was not charged extra money for the quick services. I am loyal. You gave me one of the most memorable relocation experiences and I do not take it for granted. You helped me move from Miami, FL to Memphis, TN in such a nice way. The distance was so long. As such, I imagined the whole procedure would be hectic. Thanks to your team, it was possible for me to relocate so seamlessly without troubles. You are amazing!

  28. Loved their services
    By Lillian Bryant - April 28, 2019

    We moved last month using Dynamic movers. They were recommended to me by a family member so we decided to go with them. They moved all of his stuff and also picked up a couple pieces from his mother’s house. I am pregnant so I couldn’t lift anything. They were really understanding and helped out with putting all of the boxes in the right places. They also wrapped/unwrapped the furniture and set it up for us. Super nice guys and I’m happy with their work.

  29. Such a great company
    By Ernest Cohen - April 18, 2019

    Not many moving companies are as good as Dynamic movers. They promised me the safe delivery of each and everything I own. They did just that and more! Frankly, it is not worth judging how well the movers work unless they deliver your belongings safely. When they delivered everything to my new house, nothing was missing, broken or damaged. They were punctual, polite and cost effective while being at it. There is no reason why I shouldn’t hire them again.

  30. Unbelievable professionalism
    By Malcolm Ford - April 16, 2019

    I have a relative who runs a small moving company. I’ve seen the way he cuts corners and I know how he cheats his customers. I knew I wasn’t going to hire his company when I was moving. I explained my situation to him and he said that I should hire Dynamic movers because they are the only ones who wouldn’t try to rip me off. The fact that a person who has his own moving company asked me to hire another company, says a lot about the amazingness that is Dynamic movers! It was a seamless operation- I called them for a quote, movers showed up a day later and within 72 hours, I was sitting pretty in my new flat with all my belongings intact! Thanking them just isn’t enough! They billed me the exact amount they quoted, not a penny here and there. Such professionalism is so rare these days- bless you guys!

  31. Easy recommendation
    By John Mcguire - April 9, 2019

    I hired Dynamic movers on a friend’s recommendation and I am so thrilled that I did. They were professional and great to work with from the start. They came over, gave me a fair quote, and we arranged the move date. On my move date I went downstairs to get coffee and their three movers were waiting outside with my door, ready to go (30 min early). They came upstairs and efficiently and professionally packed my entire apartment and were super nice guys — we even had some nice conversation along the way. The whole process was smooth and painless and I knew I was in good hands. After they took away my stuff (I was doing a cross-country move) I got an email with my inventory and what to expect next. Working with them — and particularly the foreman and his crew — made what could have been a terrible and stressful experience, a piece of cake. I’d recommend these guys to anyone.

  32. Wonderful move
    By Ernest Morgan - April 5, 2019

    Today I had a wonderful moving experience because of Dynamic movers and its herd of excellent movers. Let’s face it, moving is stressful, exhausting, and usually a dreadful process. Unless you have this company and its crew. I was very impressed and extremely grateful for their service. I will forever recommend the company because of the crew’s professionalism and quality of work. I mean seriously, who can use the word -wonderful and – moving in the same sentence! The move was from one state to another, and was performed by the same team on both ends (no outsourcing with these guys which is truly a blessing these days). I truly feel they took the worry out of moving. Oh, and their quote were less than others.

  33. This moving company was amazing
    By Aaron Gonzalez - March 27, 2019

    We had a wonderful experience with our first move outside the city- all thanks to Dynamic movers. We had dissembled all the furniture down to their parts but we were worried that that still wasn’t enough, but they handled everything. They came 15 minutes early and started the move. They got everything moved out of the apartment within a very short amount of time. They wrapped all of the delicate things in moving blankets and loaded it all in a moving truck. Then they drove to the new place and hauled everything up to the new apartment in no time at all. The team was courteous and professional, and I highly recommend them.

  34. Awesome movers
    By Peter Phillips - March 22, 2019

    This was my best move to-date and I’ve moved a lot! These men from Dynamic Movers were on-time, organized and quick but careful with my things. They took it upon themselves to wrap my furniture because it was going into storage as well as finding creative ways to protect some delicate furniture knowing it would be stored. Their professionalism and attention to detail allowed me to sit back and relax while they packed and unpacked without feeling the need to micro manage the project. It was a huge relief to have such great help!! I would absolutely recommend them!!

  35. Eases the stress
    By DavidWalker - March 14, 2019

    Moving sucks. It’s horrible. My manager was very communicative throughout the weeks leading up to my move date, gave a very reasonable quote, and called me day before move to confirm everything. The team of six, led by a field supervisor, called en route and arrived just before 8 am. They got in, did a walk through and explained how it would go. He gave me time to ask questions and then they got to work. It was like watching bionic men on speed. I truly was in awe watching them haul out my items at lightning speed. They disassembled some large items, wrapped everything with extreme care, and loaded up my 3 bedroom home in no time! They did a final walk through and then headed to the new house four hours of driving away, arriving just minutes after me. Quickly, they had every item in the correct room and we were done! Zero problems, zero damage! Total cost was LESS than the estimate. Not only were they insanely fast and efficient, they were all so polite and kind. I cannot express how grateful I am to this team of supermen and I cannot recommend them enough. Look no further; Dynamic movers is your perfect moving team!

  36. Such impressive work
    By Samuel Johnson - March 10, 2019

    We were more than impressed with Dynamic Movers and its team. Their manager called to let us know that his crew was actually going to be early for pickup which was great for us. They arrived at the destination on time and moved all our furniture into our new place with ease even though we couldn’t imagine how they were able to get the sleeper sofa into one of the rooms- a magician this leader! Our move was interstate but we will use him when we move our parents from the East Coast. Everything was wrapped / protected during the move and it all arrived undamaged. And to top it all off- they charged half the amount of what I was quoted by four other companies! We would highly recommend this amazingly affordable moving company.

  37. Perfectly relocated
    By Paul Johnson - March 6, 2019

    Dynamic movers was our moving solution during our last move. They gave me a reasonable quote. On the day of moving they sent me 3 young men. All three of them were very capable and experienced. It took them very little time to pack and load all my belongings. I was surprised when they made the delivery on time and all my belongings arrived so well. This company is experienced, organized and reasonably priced. I would definitely hire them again if I move.

  38. I got the best crew
    By Sam Doyle - February 26, 2019

    Dynamic movers is often panned by a lot of people for their prices. But the quote they gave me seemed more than reasonable given the distance they had to cover. I was well aware that the delivery might take a while but fortunately there was no delay. The credit really goes to the movers. They maintained the schedule throughout. Their packing skills were amazing and I was blown away by easily they carried everything. It really was a mighty effort by the boys. All my belongings were transported in great condition. They even unpacked everything and put them in place. The bill matched the quote and I was super happy.

  39. Saved us time and our money!
    By RandySmith0 - February 22, 2019

    This moving company has proven to me that they are the best. They did not want to rip me off because if they wanted they could have worked slowly, but the finished it an hour before! It saved me the money and time! The packing was done really nicely because not a single thing was damaged. The price remained the same and they even helped me move a bed which was already there at my new place. It was a good move. I highly recommend Dynamic movers!

  40. No complaints
    By William R - February 15, 2019

    We just used Dynamic movers to move close to our in-laws who live quite far away. They disassembled all our furniture and loaded up the truck on a Sunday morning and then met us up in our new house the next afternoon. They wrapped and padded all the furniture and I haven’t found so much as a chipped plate while unpacking. The foreman and his crew were courteous and speedy – even while being exceptionally careful with our belongings. The price was fair for an overnight move and was so much more convenient than the companies that deliver 10-15 days later. I would absolutely recommend this amazing moving company!

  41. Long distance experts
    By Andrea Granger - February 12, 2019

    I used Dynamic movers to move from one end to the other of America- the distance was quite frankly daunting. Also this wasn’t a move that was done all at once. I had been slowly moving to the other side of the country. All over about a six year period. My dealings with the folks on the phone were all standard, nothing special. The guys who came on both ends of the move all three times were fantastic though and they are the best thing about this company. Friendly, engaging, hardworking and efficient- these movers impressed me every time. They’re the reason I don’t shop around for another company. I always buy them lunch and soft drinks and tip generously. They always take care of me very well. I highly advise for hiring this company if your move is tricky- they will sort you out.

  42. Positive review
    By Karen Anderson - February 6, 2019

    This review is long overdue. Back in 2018 we used Dynamic movers for our move. Although we only had a 3 bd/3ba house, it had a ton of storage space so we had a lot of stuff to move! The movers from this company were amazing. It was a FULL day event and they didn’t let up. They were beat tired and they still did their best to make sure our things were taken care of and all put in the right rooms before they retired at 9pm. We did have a few scuff marks on the breakfast table and they couldn’t get the fire-hinge back on the garage door (had to remove the door to get the washer in) but for all that they did – they got it all. They were extremely friendly to all four of us (my husband, I, and our two young boys). If we were to move again I would use them again and hopefully we end up with the same courteous and respectful crew.

  43. Really good services
    By Walter Allen - January 26, 2019

    Last time I hired a moving company, the movers and I didn’t quite gel and it was a disaster. This time when I was moving again, I made a lot of calls to get an idea about which of the moving companies is really good. I hired Dynamic movers because of the word of mouth. The crew arrived right on time on the moving day. The foreman was a very strong and experienced man who was always ready to help with a bright smile on his face. He constantly motivated his men to work faster and more efficiently. I have a lot of stuff. So it took the men a good few hours to get through everything. But the men didn’t demand a break or even winced once. They packed everything very creatively. I got the proof of that when everything reached my new house in pristine condition.

  44. Back home with great memories
    By Gerald B. - January 22, 2019

    I have so many fond memories of my hometown where I grew up but had to leave for a higher paying job. I was so glad to be able to come home after living in the big city for the last 15 years. The moving company that multiplied my happiness was Dynamic movers. I asked for the “full package” when I hired them. This essentially meant that I opened the door and they did everything else. They did an excellent job. They carefully sorted all my things and categorically boxed them. Then they wrapped my furniture in shrink tape. Then everything was loaded to the van. The delivery was made on time and what impressed me the most was that none of my valuables were missing or damaged. Moving back home without having to lift a finger is the dream, isn’t it?

  45. I’m raving about them
    By Salvatore - January 20, 2019

    For my last move all the way to my father’s home state, I hired Dynamic movers and I wasn’t really expecting much from them given how far they had to travel. But they really surprised me. They were very rational with the price they asked for and sent over 3 men who were very strong. The men were very experienced at packing and carrying valuable stuffs. Even heavy couches or beds weren’t much of a problem for them. I really enjoyed watching these guys in their elements. None of my boxes went missing on delivery and I really couldn’t fault them at all.

  46. Impressive company
    By Armando Diaz - January 18, 2019

    This was my third time hiring Dynamic movers. This time I hired them to move my stuff a few states down and it was a straightforward move. As always, they delivered all my belongings without a scratch. I have never had any issues with this company. They arrive on time, pack everything within a short time and then load the van with all your stuffs. They work very fast. That’s what you want when you are paying by the hour and your possessions are on the line. I only trust this moving company because every other company is a thief.

  47. Every client’s dream
    By William B. - January 16, 2019

    Relocating is such hard work. There is always too much to pack and too many last minute details to take care of. I relocated last month and I just had so much to do before leaving. Thankfully, there was one company I could give some of my responsibilities to. That was Dynamic movers. I knew of them from the billboards and TV commercials. They gave me a fairly moderate quote and that was okay given the distance they had to cover. On the day of the move, they arrived right on time, wrapped all my valuables very carefully and loaded them to their state-of-the-art vans. Their men are as professional as their commercials claim to be.

  48. Not a difficult move
    By Randal Patrick - January 6, 2019

    This was by far the easiest move I’ve ever had, thanks to Dynamic movers. Everything, from the beginning to the end, was quick and smooth. It was quite effortless getting a quote from them- they took inventory and got back to me with a reasonable number within 10 minutes. The moving team arrived right on time and packed up everything carefully within hours. They unloaded everything and arranged them into the new house as quickly as possible. During the move nothing was lost or damaged and their price was exactly as quoted. I couldn’t be luckier than this.

  49. Not your average company
    By Alan Hudson - December 26, 2018

    We weren’t moving too far away but hiring a moving company was a necessity for us as both my wife and I are working professionals. Dynamic movers was hired by my wife after she had talked to a few people. These guys are amazing. They arrived on time with the all the proper packing materials. Their vans were quite new and seemed spacious enough. The men worked efficiently packing and loading all our belongings with great caution. Everything was delivered to our new house in great condition. They even unpacked everything for us. I recommend this company simply because they do their job properly, unlike most other moving companies out there.

  50. Experience really counts
    By Lenard P. - December 26, 2018

    Take my advice and do not hire a moving company with least amount of experience just because they give you a lower quote. They end up damaging everything beyond any repair. I know this from my numerous pathetic experiences with moving companies during relocations. Hire a company like Dynamic movers which served in this business for a long time. I hired them for my last move. They were just amazing. All the movers were very experienced and it showed in the way they packed all my stuffs and carried everything with great care. Usually relocations are full of glitches and mishaps. But these guys make it seem like a piece of cake. And they really know how to bake this cake!

  51. We had no worries
    By Hector Rhodes - December 21, 2018

    There’s a lot of stress when it comes to finding a good moving company. A lot of them have uncoordinated staff, sometimes rude or reckless. Dynamic movers was a different experience for me, the staff they sent paid attention and followed through with my instructions. The team handled my things carefully in both the moving out and moving in processes. They were nice and quick to handle some of the changes I made. I was not expecting such good service at first. I would definitely use their service again and recommend it to anyone I know who’s looking for great service.

  52. Very easy move
    By Peter Hernandez - December 18, 2018

    I hired Dynamic movers to take on the stress of me relocating. They flourished at it really. The crew was so efficient that they finished a job in a very short time. They arrived on time and inspected everything first. Then they packed up everything very fast. They carried huge pieces of furniture quite effortlessly. I was really surprised seeing how skilled and strong these men were. They were priced very reasonably and I really couldn’t fault them for anything. I never thought my move could actually turn out to be this easy.

  53. Very affordable moving company
    By Jackie Munoz - December 14, 2018

    Dynamic movers handled our move with great precision at a very reasonable cost. My primary reason for hiring them was their quote. I’m happy to report that they didn’t cross that estimate in the final bill. I have heard stories about inefficient movers but these movers were nothing like them. They were prompt, skilled and always ready to help. They really outperformed my expectations. They were done with all the packing and loading in a very short time. The quality of their work is top notch. The delivery was made on time with all my belongings unharmed. I just don’t have words to say how grateful I am to these men.

  54. Efforts are not needed
    By Pedro Clayton - December 7, 2018

    For all the people who think relocations are too stressful, you haven’t hired Dynamic movers! It was so easy getting a quote from them. The number was quite low too! I wondered how the actual move would go since cheap usually spells hotchpotch to me. But fortunately the crew I got was very experienced and professional. They took minimum amount of time to finish packing and loading everything. They delivered my belongings on time and in great condition. The final bill matched the quote perfectly. Who knew moving could be this effortless?

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