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Our team has over 20 years of experience. We have a climate controlled, 10,000 square foot warehouse on the outskirt of Los Angeles. We are passionate about turning the page to the next chapter in our customer’s life. Moving can be extremely stressful. From customer service to our movers to dispatch, our team will make the transition.

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  1. Con Artists and Bullies
    By Shiloinns - May 2, 2019

    I met with the movers at my storage unit, they loaded the truck completely then came to my car and handed me a form to sign – the form indicated that the price I agreed to of $4800 door to door was being changed to over $12,000!!!

    I told them absolutely not, and spent close to 2 hours arguing with them, and dispatch on the phone.

    I finally told them to unload the truck and put everything back in my storage unit.

    At this point they agreed to only charge $700.00 more because I had an extra sofa and chair at my nearby house I needed them to get. I agreed.

    We got to my house they loaded the sofa and chair, and then tried to say that the extra $700. Wasn’t enough, they wanted $2150 more. I refused and again told them to meet me back and the storage unit and unload everything. After another hour I told them I was calling the police. They finally got in their truck and just drove off.

    The delivery was supposed to occur within 7 days, after 2 weeks I called (Which was a challenge in itself because the number they gave me went to voice mail and never got answered) and they indicated that my furniture was still sitting in California, they promised it would leave by the end of the week.

    I called a week later – same story, at this point I got my attorney involved.

    After over a month they said my furniture was finally leaving California. All total it took nearly 5 weeks for the delivery that was promised within 7 days. They said it wasn’t their fault that no one wanted to drive to MT!!

    When they arrived at my ranch in Montana they refused to drive down a road that heavy equipment and huge trucks drive down every day – so my men had to hook up 2 trailers and drive 5 miles to the end of the road load the furniture and drive it to our location.

    There were 2 broken pieces of furniture – we are going through everything today to confirm we have everything that is ours.

    These people are con artists and Bullies!

    By kaybee25 - March 21, 2019

    Phew, it has taken me over a month to write this review because I get upset every time I think about this company and haven’t wanted to revisit the emotions I went through dealing with them but I want people searching for a moving company to be warned so here we go… This was hands down the worst experience of my life and made something that should have been extremely exciting a complete nightmare. I’ve had plenty of moves in my life, I’ve moved from IA to IL to CO to CA and back to CO, so I’ve worked with several different moving companies and this is one I wouldn’t recommend even to my worst enemy. Let’s start with Danielle, someone who was nearly IMPOSSIBLE to get a hold of during this entire process. She was initially responsive via text but could never follow through with the phone call she’d promise in her texts. I had several questions I needed clarified, so about two weeks out from my pickup date, I called/texted several times and left voicemails for her to return my calls. She would always text me saying she was busy and would call back shortly, however, this went on for days with no call, and it wasn’t until 2 days before the actual move that she FINALLY called me back. On the call, she reassured me that we were good to go and that everything would be delivered by the 4th, and said it’d be there the 5th at the ABSOLUTE LATEST. I had family fly out to help with the move and sure enough, my stuff arrived 2 DAYS after everyone had already left. Wasted trip and we ended up having to spend money on a hotel for multiple nights. Danielle also promised she would be there throughout the entire process to make sure everything went smoothly but of course disappeared from the face of the planet and I couldn’t get a hold of her after our one and only phone call. I sent a text on the 4th (original delivery date) just asking for a status update and got a text saying “I’m on my way into the office, I will call you in 50 minutes”. A day later, with no call or no further texts, I left her a voicemail in tears from frustration and STILL NOTHING back. Ever. When we mentioned that to Dawn (who was very unpleasant to work with), she laughed and said that’s not Danielle’s job, she just helps with the initial setup of the move/estimate (a monkey could have provided a more accurate estimate). Hey Danielle, if that’s the case, DON’T PROMISE PEOPLE YOU WILL BE THERE FOR THEM. Also, I assume I’ll get a super snarky response from this company since that’s clearly how they prefer to respond to paying customers, but in Gary’s defense (see review below), I WAS THERE WHEN THE MOVER LAUGHED AT THE ESTIMATE. That’s he knows the movers found the estimate comical, Dawn. Then the mover failed to mention that my costs would DOUBLE until everything was on the truck. Had he said something sooner – perhaps when he found the estimate so amusing? – I would have been less upset, but what am I supposed to do once my stuff is on the truck? The lack of professionalism this company has is appalling and disgusting. After my stuff FINALLY showed up to my new city, the men unloading my stuff proved to have the same sour attitude as everyone else in this company. He demanded the remaining payment had to paid immediately and when I responded with “I’ll pay you once I have everything in my apartment” he laughed saying “that’s not how it works”…um excuse me? Since when is that NOT how it works? Anyway, I had a friend there to help since my family couldn’t hang around for an additional week due to the late arrival, and she couldn’t believe we were giving these people money because of the way they were talking to me and treating my belongings. Once they said they were done, I immediately noticed I was missing a shelf and a wheel on my bed. The guy refused to check the truck one last time and said I needed to “re-buy everything” or file a claim. Sadly, I will not be filing a claim because I refuse to ever communicate with these people again.

  3. This company lost everything we own in the world.
    By Videokirk - March 7, 2019

    So before they lost everything I owned, my wife and I were going to write a scathing review based on our experience with this company. Will probably follow up with that later. Let me tell you how this company lost everything we own in the world. On 2-22-2019 our house was packed up by them and we headed to Dallas. When we arrived in Texas 3 days later, we tried reaching them for a ETA on the trucks arrival. We got a text from Dawn saying the truck was to be offloaded and an arrival time would be given to us. This isn’t what we negotiated and it was upsetting. For the next 4 days we called, emailed, texted, and no one would tell us anything. We were living in a hotel. On Thursday Dawn called and told us the truck had been stolen. No other details were available. Later that day a compliance officer named Brenda called us and said the driver was scared of losing his job, and didn’t tell anyone, but finally reported it to the police. When I asked if the company had filed a police report, she said no because the driver had filed the report and it was against the law to file a second report. It isn’t. On Friday, I was promised details by Brenda on what the heck happened. Every call went to voicemail. No one would respond to us. Later on Friday Dawn sent us a curt email with a phone number for a Detective with the LAPD. The Detective informed us the truck had been stolen on Friday night (the day our things were picked up) and the owner had filed a report Saturday morning. The owner, with full knowledge the truck had been stolen, then cashed our check for $3800. So along with our deposit, and the $200 tip we gave his crew, they have about $6,000 of our money. As of today no one has told us what happened or even called us. We requested a refund and again no response. We asked for a copy of the police report telling them we couldn’t file an insurance claim without it. No one responded and we were left twisting in the wind, with everything we owned stolen, in a strange city, with only the clothes on our back. My wife and I are out of pocket $15,000 for furniture and clothes, plus the $6,000 we gave them. We retained an attorney and are filing our own reports with the LAPD. We are also filing criminal charges against the owner for cashing our check knowing the truck had been stolen. What kind of people are you? They didn’t tell us anything until 6 days after the truck was stolen, never called to even apologize, have refused to refund our money, and refused to give us a copy of the police report so we could file a claim. The driver said he was returning the truck to a secure location before it headed to Dallas. My wife and I are completely destroyed and it’s like our home burned down. We are upset at the way this company has acted, stonewalled, and treated us. They are only concerned with covering their own tails. The sales rep who sold us said he would be with us “all the way through the move” and would treat our belongings “as if they were his own mother’s”. This rep then told us he no longer had anything to do with our move and couldn’t help us. Please look for another post as to our experience with this company before we found out the truck was stolen. Run if you were ever thinking of using them and please pray for us.

  4. ***************Terrible Service*********************
    By kharipavan@hotmail.com - February 26, 2019

    TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE FROM START TO FINISH.I moved from California to Minneapolis. My stuff was scheduled to be picked up @ 2:00 PM however they finally showed up at 09:30 PM and it was just ONE guy and he left at 12:30 AM. They had my stuff in California for 3 weeks and finally received my stuff last week. My TV was missing and when I called to get information around it (THEY CUTOMER SERVICE REP WAS NOT EVEN SORRY FOR IT AND THEY ARE RUDE) and said she will send a claim form and suggested to fill that in and send it. The claim form says they will pay 0.60 CENTS for each pound of TV weight and I won’t hold them liable to missing my TV. SO, they are going to pay 20 Dollars for a $370 TV. My Mini fridge had a dent and closet organizers were broken. Never in my life I would be using their service. I had to call multiple times to get a receipt for the money I paid for the move. JIM the sales guy was great, but I guess the problems start post confirming and paying for the service.

  5. Result oriented movers
    By Martin Matthews - February 14, 2019

    I was so impressed with the service of California Relocation Systems. When I submitted a request for movers online, I received a response within minutes. They had availability the day I wanted to move, when other moving services were booked. The movers were professional, friendly and fast. They got me out of a third-floor apartment into my new place in a timely manner. Thanks team.

  6. What an absolute nightmare.
    By Sam T - February 3, 2019

    If you are EVEN CONSIDERING USING THIS COMPANY, PLEASE REACH OUT TO ME, or at least some of the other reviewers to gain a more accurate description of the interactions you can expect from this “company”.

    My wife and I booked this company for a move from CA to WI back in December. We have received our items on Feb 2nd, one day before the DOT legal deadline. We were told we needed to pay an amount resulting in over $9K, after an initial quote of $4K from Tom. There is a “customer service” rep named “Dawn” who will remind you that the movers will not unload your items unless you pay the “new” total. She will tell you many things along the way to pacify you but never actually follow through.
    There was a period of 3 weeks after they had taken our items where we heard from nobody at all, despite leaving numerous voicemails and messages with the company. We genuinely believed that this was a scam and they had taken our items. We went so far as to file a police report and begin an insurance claim. Just imagine believing all of your possession had been stolen from you. That is how we felt for 3 weeks.

    If you interact with anyone named Tom, Whitney or Kris (Kris, we are told, is no longer with the company), you will be told whatever you need to hear in order to sign the invoice and get your items loaded on the truck. Once your items are in their possession, you can expect the most horrid moving experience of your life. We were actually given a $500 credit from George for the difficulty, but that does not even cover the items we were forced to leave behind due to an improper estimation of required cubic feet and we are still left with a cost well over double the initial quote.
    Every single piece of furniture they moved has been damage. This is not hyperbole or an exaggeration; VERY LITERALLY, every single piece of furniture was scratched, dented or broken.
    We are missing two boxes, one of which contained two items my father gave to me before he passed way.
    The truck was loaded in such a way that I had thought they missed my golf clubs, but they were in another section of the truck, with other people’s items. To that end, some other people’s items were in with our things, which we sent back to the truck. Some boxes (see pic) were damaged beyond belief or reason. Other boxes were completely destroyed and looked like they had to be wrapped in garbage bags (literally). I have dozens of pictures of this disaster. If you would like more, let me know and I can email them to you directly.

    I have moved across state lines many times and have NEVER encountered a company like this. Even the truck driver stated that he has worked with this company on two prior loads and reports that they will at times, withhold payment and are a nightmare to work with. EVEN THE DRIVER TOLD US HOW AWFUL THIS COMPANY IS.

    As of this review, there is pending lawsuit against this “company” and the folks it employs.

    If you are considering this company, PLEASE reach out and contact me and I can give you more exact details about the move and how this “company” was able to swindle us out of thousands of dollars, but please, DO NOT waste your time and possibly lose your belongings by using this company. If you don’t reach out to me, AT THE VERY LEAST inquire about this company from the BBB or the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) as they can give you a laundry list of all the regulations this company has violated.

    I will be updating this review as more details emerge and the lawsuit progresses.

    1. Author Response
      By calirelocation - February 11, 2019

      We are currently working the customer to achieve a mutually positive result. We reached out to the customer twice today but did not receive a response. The customer was charged for 1700 cubic feet. We asked the customer if he thought the truck was loaded and packed correctly and he said “it was packed as tight as it could be. Like a jig saw puzzle”. Then I asked, “how full was the truck?” Sam replied, “It was so full they had to strap a mattress on the back”. My next question was “What kind of truck was it?” Sam replied “A Penske”. A quick google search will show you a Penske can hold at the max 1700 cubic feet. The customer was not over charged. As I explained to the customer every interstate moving company in the country will charge you for what you move. We did the best estimate we could with the information that was provided to us.
      The customer was picked up just before Xmas. We were short staffed for the holidays and new years. We apologized for the lapse in communication and gave the customer a $500 discount.
      The quote was not “botched”. The customer has snowboards, large chairs, a 6 piece oversized sofa (not 3 pieces), more boxes, bed rails, t.v stand, tables, that were not told to the original person they spoke to. The customer had an additional 37 items that were not told to us before the move. We even did a verification call a few days before the move and we’re still not told about the additional items.
      We have not been contacted by an attorney. There is no pending lawsuit. We are currently waiting for the pictures of the items to process the claim. We take our online reputation very seriously and do our very best to strive for perfection. We have made the necessary changes internally to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

  7. Everything is planned for you
    By Tracey Post - January 12, 2019

    This was a huge relief because my initial move was a huge disaster. So disastrous that we were very skeptical about ever using another moving company ever again. California Relocation Systems restored our trust in moving companies. We received on-time, reliable and honest updates from the sales agent. The Delivery driver updated before the delivery arrives and called me again 30 minutes away. The people in the office and the field people are accurate and very polite. I didn’t have any problem with this amazing moving service and I am willing to refer them to my colleagues and friends.

  8. A delightful relocation
    By Eddie Jaime - January 11, 2019

    They were awesome right from the start. The foreman and his team packed up my things and moved them so efficiently. They were organized and did not draw out the time. All our things were well cared for and they took care to put things in the correct rooms after the move in such a way to make unpacking easier. We moved from one three bedroom house to another. Best moving service for a stress-free move.

  9. The price as very fair
    By AngelRivera111A - December 23, 2018

    A friend of mine suggested that I use California Relocation Systems for my long distance move and I’m very glad that she did. My move was across the country, from California to New York, and I was concerned about a few things when I began the process. These concerns were price, the timing of the move and how my furniture and other belongings would be handled during the move.

    Well, when all was and and done I can say that I’m very satisfied with how all of those issues turned out. The price as very fair for a 2500 mile move, the movers were prompt at both locations and delivered everything within the given timeline, and all of my goods made it to me in New York without any damage. The entire process was easy, the estimators were very accurate as to the size of my move and customer service was there to answer any questions that I had during the entire move. I’ve been through bad moves before and this was definitely not one of them. Thank you California Relocation Systems, I’m very happy with how you handled everything and I’ll be sure to recommend you to anyone I know who also needs to make a long distance move.

  10. Props to Cali Relocation Systems on an awesome move
    By debbietaylor691 - December 22, 2018

    Props to Cali Relocation Systems on an awesome move. Me and my boo moved from Georgia to Texas and everything went proper, all of our gear made it through all right and no problems with the furniture, even our little boy was stoked because all of his toys made it through without a scratch. The price was on point and they didn’t make us wait no longer than they told us it would be. Cali Relocation even set us up with an auto transporter, the price was right and no damage to the paint or rims, no problem. I’m going to spread the word to my boys Cali, thanks for the killer move and making sure everything was done solid.

  11. Five stars California Relocation Systems
    By aamy24587 - December 22, 2018

    I booked my family’s move across the country with California Relocation Systems and in hindsight I have to say that I made a fantastic choice. The main concern that my husband and I had was the timing of the move- with three kids it’s not the easiest thing to pack up and go a couple of thousand miles to a new home. Clothes, furniture, really everything is out of reach for a period of time. The good news is that our belongings were delivered quicker than we expected and everything made it through just fine. The furniture, the kids’ toys, even my husband’s golf clubs were delivered without a scratch. On top of that they even arranged to have one of our cars transported so the whole family could make the drive in one vehicle. As a mother that was very important to me so I could keep my eye on everyone and help to make sure that we all arrived safe and sound.

    I did my homework, it was up to me to budget the move and get the best possible service at a reasonable price. I can safely say that I succeeded, the price was fair and the quality of the move was everything that I hoped it would be. Five stars California Relocation Systems, thank you for making a very difficult situation easier than I expected, if my husband gets transferred again we’ll use your company next time for sure.

  12. Great cross country move from California Relocation Systems
    By Carmelaya2Tanner - December 1, 2018

    Great cross country move from California Relocation Systems, they said that they specialize in long distance moves and they weren’t kidding. Great crew, great truck, no damage to my furniture and a very fair price. Couldn’t ask for more and I’ve already recommended them to friends, family and co-workers. Five stars, this move was far less stressful and expensive than I figured it would be, these guys are my movers from now on. Can’t stress enough how important it was that they picked me up and delivered me as scheduled, makes all the difference in the world.

  13. Delivery was amazingly fast
    By Faiths73Singleton - October 21, 2018

    So these are the guys I chose to go my move.I had three other movies to choose from but these guys seem like the most reliable. They were an hour late and pick up that they gave me a discount for the inconvenience. Delivery was amazingly fast didn’t know how to be such a good move definitely recommend them

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