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Authority Moving Group – your solution for the best movers in Boynton Beach!

Moving is a task that most people find exhausting in terms of the time and energy they need to invest. With the planning and organization of the relocation process, nobody can really look forward to the promise a new home or office brings. As one of the best movers in Florida, Authority Moving Group is here to change all that. For our team, relocation is a joyous occasion, and one that you should look forward to. And with the moving and storage Florida services that our company offers, you can do just that. So, rather than waste time worrying about the coming moving day, call us for a free estimate and learn why we are among the top moving companies in Florida!

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  1. Great attitudes! Great service!
    By dmaynard - July 22, 2019

    Working with Authority Moving Group was a great experience for us. I’ve moved by myself before and it’s always chaotic but they took care of everything and allowed me to relax. On the day of our movers the three guys that were sent did a fabulous job. They had great attitudes and never complained about anything. They even made sure that the floors and walls of our previous home didn’t get bumped or scratched while taking things out to the truck. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is moving.

  2. Great Customer Service
    By Daddysgotagun - June 12, 2019

    I like them alot. They are a great company! They got everything done very quickly. I was moved in less than 3 days. While I was away these guys packed my stuff and got it out so quickly that I thought someone stole my shit! Good guys, very nice to my wife.

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