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All State Movers Inc. has a vast range of moving services that will greatly benefit you throughout your entire move. Our company truly cares about its customers because we believe in the importance of satisfaction.

Our moving services:

  • Professional door to door service
  • Loading & unloading of all goods
  • Packing materials and FREE packing tape
  • Fragile only packing
  • Disassemble and reassemble of all items
  • Custom crafting packaging items
  • Packing options such as full and partial service packing
  • Storage with first month FREE
  • Online shipment tracking

These are just some of the services we offer at All State Movers Inc.

Our professional staff of movers, who truly have the knowledge and experience to get the job done in a safe and timely manner, will comprehensively cover every aspect of your move. Choosing All State Movers, Inc. when moving will make all the difference when it comes to successfully arriving and settling into the new place you’ll be calling home. For more information about our services and moving costs please feel free to contact one of our moving specialists. Remember to request a free moving and/or storage estimate!

Storage Services: The need for storage, both long and short term, often arises when transitioning between locations. The process of finding a safe and affordable storage facility can often be a stressful one. Let us know the circumstances and we will take it from there. The transition from moving and then storing your possessions with us is virtually painless and worry-free. Just reserve your space and we’ll arrange the rest. All State Movers, Inc. will inventory, tag and safely package your belongings in our climate-controlled, sanitized and secure facility allowing you the maximum protection for all of your valuables.

At All State Movers, Inc. we take tremendous pride in our huge storage facilities. Our 50,000 sq. ft. storage warehouse offers safe, secure and climate controlled coverage for your belongings. Our facility is conveniently located next to highways and the O’Hare airport allowing for easy access to your belongings.

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  1. My wife insisted on hiring them!
    By Pablo Myers - May 11, 2022

    I was not sure about using a moving company but my wife insisted that I go for All state movers. We were very impressed with how these guys moved heavy items up and down the stairs. Their calm, purposeful movements got everything moved without dents or scratching a wall in our new home. These guys did an excellent job for us. This company will help you move and you won’t be disappointed!

  2. Very professional moving company
    By Steve Adams - April 25, 2022

    I called around before deciding and was glad I found All state movers. They were quick and efficient because they didn’t have a problem with my antique glassware and vases that needed particular care. I was very satisfied with everything they did. At the end, the delivery was made on time, there were no damages and the quote did not change. Will absolutely recommend it to all my friends!

  3. Painless move
    By Wilfred Jordan - April 9, 2022

    The move itself was quick and painless and our belongings arrived on time without any damage. The moving crew was polite, professional, and very careful with my things. They let me know when they’d be arriving and were on time and incredibly efficient. From the start to the last box the moving team made things very smooth and painless for us! Well done All state movers!

  4. Worth every single penny
    By Randy Ryan - March 26, 2022

    It was great having them as my right hand for helping me and my family out to do a long distance move. It was so pleasant and without any stress and nervousness. I can’t believe how smooth it went! They are really easygoing and affordable! Not a single damage anywhere. All state movers is one of those moving companies that you will suggest to everyone!

  5. Brilliant job
    By Kevin S. - March 11, 2022

    As soon as they arrived at my place, I knew they were the right guys to work with. They started working immediately, I mean as soon as they arrived. I liked that really! This is how professionals deal with things. They brought all the necessary equipment and packed my things in a perfect way. I was impressed by how they did their job. My things stayed intact! Nothing got broken, nothing got damaged and nothing got lost. The price was amazing as well. There were no extra charges! This is the company you cannot find easily these days! Excellent job really! Overall great job done by All state movers.

  6. These guys are great!
    By Jeremy Phillips - February 25, 2022

    The best service I have ever received! They did not give me any problem during my move! None of my furniture or antique pieces were damaged or lost. It was completely a non-stressful and painless moving experience. They are 100% professional! Their customer service knew what I wanted and delivered what I wanted. Their moving team was efficient, hardworking and very caring. I do not think any other moving company could do a better job. All state movers deserves 5 stars!

  7. Very friendly and accessible
    By Jody Nguyen - February 9, 2022

    Their sales rep was very friendly and accessible. I interacted with him via phone and email, and each time, he was very responsive and forthcoming with all of the answers to the questions I had. On the moving day the crew showed up on time and worked very quickly and efficiently, even during this hot day. I was very impressed with the level of service I received and I highly recommend All state movers.

  8. 100 out of 100
    By Drew Clayton - January 27, 2022

    I give All state movers 100 out of 100. They have what it takes to go to the top. They provide the very best service at a very reasonable price. Their customer service was beyond helpful. They scheduled the move in such a short time. They always responded to all my queries and their behaviour was so kind and polite. Now let me tell you about the moving crew. They were efficient, helpful, fast and friendly. They helped with all the small and big things I asked them to do. Never said no and delivered a damage free move. They certainly get 100 out of 100!

  9. Quiet and efficient
    By Scott Long - January 10, 2022

    We used All state movers a few weeks ago for our long distance move. They were terrific. They showed up on the move day right on time. They were quiet while moving which was great because we scheduled the move for early in the morning. Additionally they moved quickly up and down three flights of stairs. Same story when they were unloading. Quick and quiet. No problems on any end. I would definitely use them again.

  10. Way better than other moving companies
    By George Butler - December 25, 2021

    All State Movers is way better than other moving companies. They do not waste time at all. They work very hard until the job is done. They packed for four hours straight without taking any breaks. They always used covers and pads to protect my floors and furniture. They are professional, energetic, hardworking and very decent. And above all, no damages and no hidden fees. I do not think I require more from them.

  11. Fast and they give you a great deal
    By Isaac Logan - December 13, 2021

    They are fast, they are cool, they are efficient, and they are All State Movers! They can manage anything. My girlfriend and I needed to do a long distance move and they were more than happy to accommodate us on such short notice. The process was so easy. The guys came on time, worked hard and got us relocated just like that. No hiccups along the way. They didn’t even charge us that much. It was a win-win situation for us!

  12. Definitely five stars
    By Frederick Austin - November 27, 2021

    I obtained good service from All state movers with a low cost. They are very trusted in their duty. All of my goods were picked up in time and carefully. They delivered on time and unloaded all my belongings and put them where we desired. They were reliable, courteous and fantastic. They are definitely worth 5 stars and highly recommended!

  13. Fast and efficient service
    By Thomas Baker - November 15, 2021

    I received an estimate in about 10 minutes. They offered me the best deal all together, headache free. Everything happened so quickly. They had my preferred date available and the movers were so kind and sweet. They packed my whole house and moved everything out at a good pace. I couldn’t have asked for anything else. I will definitely be using All state movers again in the future!

  14. Perfect with no surprises
    By Brian Bryant - October 26, 2021

    All state movers was great to work with. They gave me a good deal and the price never changed. Perfect with no surprises. They sent over a great team. A foreman and his 3 guys packed my one bedroom apartment in just 2 hours. They carefully packed and wrapped everything. They did not let me do anything. After they set off to our new destination, they called me to let me know where they are. When they arrived, they helped me set up the place. They were awesome. No regrets.

  15. They did a fantastic job
    By Jay Rogers - October 14, 2021

    These guys just moved me in yesterday, and the other online ratings were very accurate. They were on-time, careful and professional. They took extra time to wrap EVERYTHING in blankets and plastic, which adds time to the clock but is worth it, in my opinion. They were like machines because they didn’t stop the whole day, even if it was a hot day. I highly recommend All state movers!

  16. Highly professionals
    By Bruce Peterson - September 27, 2021

    From the man on the phone who helped place the reservation to the gentleman who delivered the POD, it was an easy & great experience. The delivery driver in Houston, TX was incredibly accurate with his placement & so nice! So far to date, I’m delighted. I will absolutely hire them again.

  17. Best moving experience
    By Byron Stone - September 9, 2021

    From the initial phone call to the final delivery date, I was acquainted with an excellent mover. The moving team from All state movers came out to our apartment and made a correct calculation. The movers carefully wrapped all the furniture, traditional and delicate items. They worked hard to get everything done on time and they did. They handed over all my stuff at the new apartment without a single glitch. They were prompt, cautious and skilled. I had the best moving experience till date.

  18. My first move was super smooth
    By Rogelio Sanders - August 27, 2021

    This was my first relocation ever. I had to move with my family as well. As this was our first move, we were concerned about which company to hire to help us. My father-in-law has traveled across the USA and he suggested the name of All state movers. As I called them, they were very polite on the phone. They took the information very profoundly and then gave me a quote. Only later on when I talked to other people about their moves, I understood how reasonable my quote was. Their men arrived on time to my house and they were very efficient. They were very innovative while packing and loading my belongings. I received all my belongings right on schedule. My first move couldn’t have gone any better.

  19. They are really good
    By Joseph Stewart - August 7, 2021

    After we sold our house, we needed a moving service when we were transferring to a temporary apartment. We went with All state movers and had a lot of interactions with their moving coordinator. He was on it and was great. Also, their moving crew was awesome. They were A+ and great guys. I would recommend All state movers.

  20. Surely I would recommend them
    By Hubert Mullins - July 26, 2021

    I had an amazing experience with All state movers! They are professional; everyone was friendly and worked very hard to ensure that my items were packed correctly before they even put them onto the truck. I received updates throughout the transit of my items and they arrived as expected for the delivery end. I am so happy to report that my price was even cheaper than I originally anticipated. I would recommend this company over and over again!

  21. I am very happy
    By Taylor Fisher - July 12, 2021

    The lead guy and his team did a great job! They are very efficient, professional and friendly. The sales guy was very responsive when helping me bock the move. And their price is much better than other companies I asked. I couldn’t believe how hard they worked! I would highly recommend All state movers to anyone looking for an affordable, professional moving company. I couldn’t be happier.

  22. Excellent moving company
    By Neal Lloyd - June 25, 2021

    We appreciate All State Movers and all of the effort that they put into our move. They also helped my friend’s mom move from an assisted living facility. They gave our family a discount since we were using two different moves. They did a great job with both. Neither of us had any issues or complaints and would certainly recommend All State Movers to all friends and family. We felt as if they were taking a special interest in our move, especially the sales guy.

  23. They did a great job
    By Irving Moody - June 13, 2021

    I hate moving. At least All State Movers made it tolerable by helping me out. The movers were very careful, professional, respectful, and experienced. Their rate was reasonable. After looking into other moving companies I was prepared for them to hit me with hidden fees and try to charge extra but there was none of that. They made everything very easy and all of our items arrived on time and in great condition. Moving is never fun but these guys did as good a job as we could have asked.

  24. They accomplished the task
    By Jimmy Flores - May 26, 2021

    I had to move some stuff then I called several places. They all wanted me to wait and couldn’t book it. All state movers came through for me in more than one way. Beat everyone’s price quote that I got that alone was enough but the timeline and professionalism of the people there really terrific. I may have saved my time if I found All state movers first and really glad I did. Thank you for helping me out!

  25. Awesome!
    By Hugh Williams - May 10, 2021

    All state movers was perfect for me and my family. That being said, obviously not everything was perfect. However, my stuff was treated with care and delivered in a timely manner. The young man who helped me was polite and professional. He made us feel like he really cared. The only thing I would change was that our stuff came a little later than expected. We were warned beforehand it was a possibility though so no big deal. Their customer service team was good too.

  26. They were all professional
    By Eduardo Morgan - April 26, 2021

    They were all professional. Their communication was brilliant. I couldn’t have wished for a better company to move me. Everything went very smoothly. I would recommend this company to anyone. They are all very hard working lads. It really was money well spent. If I move again in the future these will be the people I will be calling.

  27. They made it easy
    By Randy Gonzales - April 11, 2021

    The 3 guys who moved me were great. They packaged everything beautifully, there were no issues, and they were very nice, respectful, and trustworthy. They came on time and were very thorough in packaging my furniture and belongings. They made what is usually an extremely stressful scenario much easier to handle. Thank you.

  28. All was done well
    By Orville Barber - March 26, 2021

    I’m not a rookie when it comes to relocation. This was my 3rd time relocating and the first time I felt no pressure whatsoever. It was all because of All state movers. I hired them for my last move to my new apartment. The team was really nice and friendly and most importantly they delivered a high quality job. They were well organized and worked in a systematic way. Thankfully every piece of furniture made it to my new house in good condition.

  29. Such a great company!
    By Willard Carlson - March 12, 2021

    I have no complaints about this company, but plenty of complaints about having to move! I was so stressed but, I will say choosing All State Movers helped me in so many ways. My wife and I are going through a divorce. All of my family is back in Alabama so I decided it would be best for me to move back there. It was a lot to handle and figure out in a short period of time. They helped me go through everything I had to pack and even sent out boxes too. When the movers got here they were super patient because I ended up having more stuff (shocker) and aside from my ex wife being in the way and complaining about everything. The pickup went great!! The movers made sure they weren’t going to arrive in Alabama before I did. All State Movers made this a lot easier than I expected. Great company!

  30. Better than I thought
    By Harvey Bryan - February 23, 2021

    The manager and his team did a fantastic job with my move. Not only did his team complete the job faster than anticipated, but they handled the complexities of a multi-location drop off with ease. Overall, a highly professional team that made my move much easier than I had expected.

  31. Job well done
    By Travis Sherman - February 11, 2021

    This was no normal move. It went wonderful. I was informed 3 months ago that I was obtaining a new task in Florida. I obviously waited till the last minute and finally called around to seek movers. My company was mostly likely to aid me but I naturally was far too late. I chose the finest company that had the ideal reviews and also I should state the very best staff. I am delighted that I went this method.

  32. Recommend them without a doubt
    By Raymond Martinez - January 27, 2021

    They are just perfect! They know how to make a move go smoothly! The three uniformed men came to my place on time and did a great job with them packing. They did not get the mattresses dirty and they kept the floors clean too. All was nicely packed and wrapped and delivered to me in one piece. All was ok in the end. I have no complaints! Will recommend All State Movers without any hesitation!

  33. They did a heck of a job
    By Wm Armstrong - January 14, 2021

    I just wanted to add a good review about our moving experience with All state movers. No wonder they have five stars. They were fast, professional and courteous. Due to traffic they were a little late but they informed me about it. They came in and they started their job in a very professional manner. They had all the necessary items needed for a move. They were wrapping the furniture and some items. They were so efficient that they wrapped and loaded heavy items so easily. They moved all our furniture to our new apartment and they even helped me rearrange some furniture. I offered them food but they were not ready to take a break until they complete their job. They are really hardworking and very friendly guys.

  34. Best Movers Ever!
    By Ernest Hawkins - December 25, 2020

    They gave me a great price considering the amount of stuff they had to move!! I only had a small studio apartment but I was moving from Schiller Park, IL so I was surprised that they would do it for so cheap. They were very fast and nice. They really made it easy to move across the country, which is never easy! I also wanted to mention that my rep helped me with the quote and he was very nice and professional as well, thank you!

  35. I am absolutely satisfied
    By Max Leonard - December 10, 2020

    All State Movers moved our belongings two weeks ago very professionally. The crew was very well trained and they knew exactly how to pack breakables and other valuable things. The men worked tirelessly packing up every object we own. They were done after a few hours of rigorous yet efficient packing and loading. I was quite satisfied with their efficiency. They made the delivery on time and none of our stuff was broken or damaged and no boxes went missing. I have very high regards for these guys for making my move so easy.

  36. Right on the clock
    By Alton Harmon - November 25, 2020

    Procrastination has become a common practice around our society. We prefer doing more pleasurable things in place of less pleasurable ones, or carrying out less urgent tasks instead of more urgent ones. But, the movers from All state movers were different. They maintained their timings at every step of my last relocation. The movers showed up sharp on time. They had no issues while packing and loading my valuables. My breakables received some extra attention from the movers. They made the delivery on time as well. I was delighted by their level of professionalism from these young enthusiastic men.

  37. They did a fantastic job
    By Joseph Mcdaniel - November 15, 2020

    All state movers was great from customer service to the delivery of my last box. The movers arrived early and packed up my place in no time. My items were delivered with just one minimal damage and the movers were sincere about fixing it immediately. All of my items were re-assembled and placed where I wanted them. I was very satisfied with the service I received. This was the first time I used movers and I would gladly hire All state movers again for my moving needs.

  38. I love this company
    By Dennis Wilson - October 25, 2020

    I was not sure of using a moving company due to my bad experiences in the past but All state movers changed the old concept I had about moving. My advisor did an amazing job explaining to me the whole process and the contract. He sent me a pretty good quote too. So I decided to move with them and I’m glad I made the best decision. The movers showed up on time either for pickup and delivery. In about 3 hours my whole house was wrapped, packed and loaded. Fast and reliable service at a good price.

  39. They are too good
    By Alfonso Ellis - October 13, 2020

    This is an absolutely AWESOME moving company and a perfect experience in moving our office to a new location. The office staff was professional and courteous. They emailed a confirmation and made sure they had all of the necessary information. The movers arrived at the designated location EXACTLY on time, which put them ahead of the game from the start. They loaded things up quickly and efficiently and did the same thing at the back end. The only downside is that I was unable to leave a tip on my credit card (perhaps because it was a business account) and I didn’t have cash on me. I felt horrible that I was unable to tip them, because they truly did a fantastic job. Prices were extremely fair and I would absolutely, without question, use them again!

  40. Great work!!!
    By AndrewTorres - September 27, 2020

    The moving crew from All State Movers did a wonderful job. They were on time and quick to get the job done. I thought moving a piano with other belongings would be a major move but they made it so easy. They were careful to put down protection on my hardwood floors and were very careful also with my brick front porch. The sales reps in the office were awesome too. They sent out a welcome email and also called to let me know the guys were on the way!!! I will definitely use this company again.

  41. Moving experts
    By Alexander Wilkins - September 11, 2020

    I have moved many times and it was always a very stressful and unpleasant experience. With All American Relocation Group and its team, this was not the case. I felt comfortable with the price and the movers handling my belongings. I want to personally thank the sales rep for being patient with me as I progressed through a very difficult closing process. I highly recommend this efficient moving service.

  42. Too good!
    By Cynthia S - August 25, 2020

    All State Movers really came in and saved the day for me! We only had two weeks’ notice to get this whole move done, and we needed to get everything packed and transported so I could start. Anyway my husband took care of most of the packing, but there was no way we were going to have time to drive across the country as well. So we hired All State Movers and they took care of all the logistics and we were able to just fly to Miami so I could start my job right away. As I say, they were huge lifesavers and they were very professional as well. They are a great moving company if you find yourself in a pinch and need professional help to get out of it.

  43. Outstanding moving experience
    By Conrad Roberson - August 13, 2020

    All state movers is hands down the best moving company that I have ever hired. The foreman and his team were beyond courteous and professional. They patiently listened to all our requests about treating certain items with extra care. I cannot recommend this amazing moving company enough. This company is simply the best. While I hope we don’t move anytime soon but if we have to, then definitely we will be using them again.

  44. It is a wonderful company to work with.
    By Timothy8Brock3@mail.com - July 27, 2020

    A little while ago, we had an urgent situation with our move. The moving company that we had been working with for 3 weeks prior to the move date canceled their move. They told us that after reviewing everything it was too big for their company to handle. We searched for a new company and got in touch with All State Movers. From the start they were very professional, straight shooters and told me that they would do everything they could to get our load picked up and moved on time. They definitely delivered, and with a better rate than we had previously received. I will definitely be using All State Movers for our future loads.

  45. Amazing Movers!
    By Felipe Carr - July 15, 2020

    If I need anything moving related, this is my go to company. I have had wonderful experiences using All state movers and the service is always impeccable. This is a family-owned company, which I love and I can count on them to take care of my belongings. The movers are super timely, nice, and they really know how to make the moving experience very easy. Definitely recommend this company above any other one in the city! Thank you again, All state movers!

  46. I am very happy with the service
    By Noel Terry - June 25, 2020

    I couldn’t be happier. I called in a panic as I had realized that I forgot everything in my attic, they were able to add the extra items at a discounted rate. When the movers showed up, they moved my entire 2 bedroom home into the truck and were off before 3 pm. What I really liked is how they remained in contact with me every step of the way. While I was flying to go on a 7 day cruise they were able to accommodate me and had it delivered the day after I returned. They set up the whole house! This is the first time moving with an actual moving company and I had a great experience. I don’t ever want to move again but if I do I will call All state movers back and use this company!

  47. They did an excellent job
    By William Murray - June 11, 2020

    The team was really incredible and did an amazing job moving all of our items safely and quickly. They never stopped working the entire time and were friendly and in good spirits throughout the duration of the move. I would recommend them to anyone who is in need of movers as they did an excellent job.

  48. Best Guys
    By Christopher Duncan - May 27, 2020

    The service that the crew gave me was awesome; they were polite and very well mannered. The leader of the crew was humorous and knew what he was doing! I didn’t have enough money for a decent tip and he told me to forget the tip and just recommend the company to anyone looking for a move. I was so happy I didn’t mind writing this review. His partner was a joy to be around a little shy but knew what he was doing and even wiped his feet before entering my new house! The total cost was a little higher than estimated, but nothing damaged, nothing missing and the young men were so nice and helpful. Thanks guys! If I was to move again I would call All state movers and get those movers that I just had!

  49. Such a great company
    By PatrickWilliams - May 14, 2020

    All state movers was an asset with my moving experience. Through all the frustration I had at various points, I always had a direct line with their sales rep at All state movers to help me out when I needed it. He fielded my phone calls multiple times a day, was always understanding, and helped to the greatest of his ability. Moving is stressful, and unfortunate things tend to happen, especially with a cross-country move. But the rep was our biggest advocate when it came between me and the moving company, and if I had to go through a few headaches, I’m glad he was there to help.

  50. A joy to work with
    By Joshua Hernandez - April 28, 2020

    These movers were nothing like those nasty and bad tempered movers that seem to be resentfully doing their job. These movers- All state movers, were so cool even at times were they faced some trouble regarding a big couch that wouldn’t fit into the den’s door of my new place. They went through the trouble of unscrewing the door so the stupid thing would fit. Thanks a lot you guys you really were a joy to work with.

  51. Move with this company
    By Jeremy M. - April 12, 2020

    This is the second time I’ve utilized them and also they are remarkable! They moved several large pieces, including a washer/dryer, big breast of drawers, as well as a couch. They got the van packed rapidly and efficiently. I give thanks to the movers wherefore they have actually done for me. I am extremely amazed with their service. I desire others to experience it as well.

  52. Great movers for a good price!
    By Vicki Buchanan - March 26, 2020

    I used these guys last weekend and they did a great job! My roommate and I were moving out of our place and into two separate locations. They moved all our stuff together to the two different spots. Not a single box misplaced or delivered to the wrong location. All of our stuff was safely transported and reassembled. If I ever have to move again I will definitely use these guys!

  53. They are highly skilled movers
    By Arnold Carlson - March 14, 2020

    I am a fan of All state movers. This was the second time I used them to move me from one state to another. After the contract they gave me a follow up call to confirm the arrival date to pack. On the day of moving they came, packed the furniture, loaded into the truck. All these happened straight after their arrival. They didn’t even take a break for having tea. This was a simple move I think as I didn’t have many items. But I still hired them because of their previous delivery result. They did the same this time also. I already referred their name to my friends who recently used them and got satisfied.

  54. They impressed me a lot
    By Ignacio Fowler - February 24, 2020

    I just wanted to tell you how impressed I was with All state movers. They helped me with a very hard move (3rd floor, narrow stairs, no elevator) and they both stayed cheerful, helpful and worked really hard with no complaint and great attitudes. I was very impressed and appreciative. All state movers have great movers, very friendly and very professional!! I will recommend their services to all my friends.

  55. Champion movers
    By Carrie Wagner - February 9, 2020

    All state movers is professional, efficient, and easy to work with. They made sure all of my items were wrapped and packed carefully, and nothing was broken upon delivery. I’ve used other movers in the past and have had broken items and a hassle. All state movers was the complete opposite, and it was easy to tell they knew what they were doing. I would definitely recommend them and would use them again if ever in need of the service.

  56. Truly deserves 5 stars
    By Salvador Lynch - January 28, 2020

    We were very impressed and delighted with All state movers. I would certainly suggest them to anyone. Their sales rep called us 30 mins ahead of their arrival, and they turned up on time! They were mindful, reliable, and quick. They likewise had a TERRIFIC funny bone along the way. We valued their work ethic and also experience. If I can provide them greater than 5 stars, I would certainly! We might not have actually been better. THANKS,

  57. Good job
    By Fredrick Powell - January 13, 2020

    I checked with 4 other companies before hiring one. All of them quoted pretty much the same number. So I just went for All state movers because at least this one has a good reputation. I have absolutely no issues with the movers. They were punctual, efficient and reliable. My valuables were in safe hands. They delivered all my valuables in great condition except the pool table. I’m not totally sold on the price but then again hiring moving companies is never cheap!

  58. Surprised and Happy
    By Arthur Porter - December 24, 2019

    We wanted an excellent result in our office relocation. This was why we did a lot of online searches and we found that All state movers was the best company around. However; the reviews said a lot about their home moves but nothing about office move. However we hired them and were surprised that they were excellent in office move. This is why we recommend them to anyone else who want to move. Even if I had vowed never to trust any moving company, they have won my trust. They are the right moving company anyone can reckon. The company is comprised of skilled and experienced movers who offer exemplary services .They love their job hence does it with passion. This is unlike many other movers I happened to come across in the past who were lazy with their job. I will hire you guys again in my future moves. Thanks for your wonderful services.

  59. Good company
    By Johnny Marks - December 13, 2019

    Efficient, organized, courteous and professional. That pretty much sums them up. We used All state movers twice. Once was for a move between two apartments. The other was to load a moving truck so we could move out of state. Both times we were impressed with how fast they could get the job done and done right, to boot. Good job, guys!

  60. Moving was easy with them
    By Jared Joseph - November 25, 2019

    I did a search online and came across this company. I had 4 people give me quotes and while they were not they cheapest I’ve learnt my lesson with booking cheaper companies where they end up charging you on every little thing. From my past two moves this company was the only one that stuck with their word. They were there from start to finish. They were there anytime I needed them and made my trip very easy. I’m not one to write reviews but after so many bad mistakes I can say they really stick to their word. You will not go wrong with them.

  61. Professional and courteous great job
    By BrandonNelson - November 13, 2019

    Exceptional work from All state movers. We had a hard time in the beginning trying to figure out what moving company was the best fit for us but after reviewing all our estimates and budget they were number one. We appreciate all the work and patience involved putting our whole household together. This was a full service door to door move. The movers came and carefully loaded each piece. I was able to mark off pieces as they were loaded and our list was exact and our final price was less than the quoted price. We were called and regularly updated and always in touch with the company.

  62. Miles ahead than other movers
    By Randell Horvath - October 26, 2019

    There is only one mover that is worth my hard earned cash – All state movers. These are the only people I believe are capable of providing diligent and awesome moving. I have hired them out on two different occasions and all have been exceptional. I believe the future is bright. I am so sure that there isn’t another moving company like them. The kind of experience I received from them was extraordinary. From the way they started the packing and proceeded to load, one could easily tell that there was something unique about their services. They did it so awesomely and with so much diligence. I am glad they were able to do this. My sincere hope is that they will be able to do the same or even better in future.

  63. Good experience
    By Norman Stewart - October 10, 2019

    I’m prior military, thus no stranger to moving. Having worked with other big-name movers, I was hesitant to contract a company I wasn’t familiar with. After reading reviews, I chose All state movers for my latest move. They handled everything – from arriving when they said they would, to loading up my possessions with care, to efficiently transporting and offloading them into my 2nd story condo.

  64. Thanks for the wonderful moving services
    By Eugene Alexander - September 26, 2019

    My experience with All state movers was the best moving experience I have had in a long time. I really appreciate the way they run their business so professionally. I am a man who really doesn’t like the moving process because it is always so stressful for me but, they made my move into my new home a pleasant experience they were friendly, polite, and professional from the moment they answered the phone till they left. I highly recommend All state movers for anyone who is planning to move. I can’t say it enough but, thank you for everything.

  65. Extremely happy with this company
    By Christopher E. - September 9, 2019

    I used these guys way back in last month and I’m kind of kicking myself for not writing a review sooner. I had everything packed when they arrived but didn’t have any of the furniture wrapped or protected. They happily took care of that for us. We were so impressed. The guys really hurried and hustled to make sure our move was finished quickly. I don’t think they took a single break. They really kept at it and did a fabulous job. These are really nice guys and we would gladly recommend them.

  66. They did a wonderful job
    By Jack Edwards - August 27, 2019

    I booked All state movers for my move. After doing the paper works with them, I decided to move on Sunday. Packing and uploading took only four hours. Not bad! I got my stuff unscratched and safe. There was no doubt that they did an incredible service with very friendly and affectionate manner. All of them have been very honest and helpful throughout the move. I highly recommend them.

  67. Great service
    By Keith Richardson - August 8, 2019

    Getting a quote and coordinating the move was really great for me! All state movers team was accommodating to my old and new apartment’s elevator reservations. They did a great job moving all of my items as well. They were very calm throughout the entire move, which was great because moving can be very stressful. They kept telling me they just wanted to make my move as easy as possible, which I certainly appreciated. The move took a little bit longer than I anticipated, but still within the window they quoted for me. I would recommend All state movers to anyone!

  68. I will be forever grateful to you
    By Edward Wilson - July 25, 2019

    To me, you will always remain the relocation company of choice. To me, you will remain that single relocation company worth hiring out every moment. Your relocation services last week left me a proud man. There was no sign of disappointment. I just want to thank you people for being able to relocate me successfully. I will recommend them to any friend or relative in need of extraordinary relocation services. The company confirmed their coming on the eve of the move, and their movers acted professionally on the D-day. The coordinator made certain that the crew handled all items with due care and that they packed everything in the truck.

  69. I am more than satisfied
    By Nick Wheeler - July 9, 2019

    After doing research on moving companies to assist my transfer, I finally contacted All state movers. What a wonderful company. Not only did I receive a professional service from start to finish, the sales guy accompanied me throughout the moving process and made sure that it was a stress free experience. Not only did they come and pack me, they made sure that my valuables were protected. It is my pleasure to recommend All state movers for any moving needs. I was very satisfied with their professionalism.

  70. Recommended for long distance moves
    By Gerardo Park - June 25, 2019

    You did it! I am so grateful to you, All state movers. I am very thankful for all your crew that saw me relocates to New York in one of the most peaceful relocations. We didn’t have to quarrel or raise voices during the movements because it was All state movers in charge. They had decided that they were doing it and they went for it as if the fortune of the company depended on it. I long for such an experience yet again.

  71. I am highly impressed
    By Jack Patterson - June 9, 2019

    I have read many people complaining about how their valuables went missing during a move. Luckily, I did not have to go through nothing like that while All state movers handled my move. The movers they sent were so experienced and extremely reliable. They packed everything efficiently and delivered each item in perfect condition to my new house. They didn’t charge me a cent over the quote and in my book that is professionalism. I am highly impressed by how easy this move was.

  72. They did it right
    By Felipe Gibbs - May 21, 2019

    These movers were early, which was a new experience for me. I was also moving into a newly renovated house, so I was concerned about damage to the property itself. My move was virtually painless with no damage to anything. I spent less because they moved quickly, unlike the last moving company I used. I highly recommend All state movers.

  73. Job well done
    By William Watson - May 6, 2019

    You gave me real value for my money during the relocations. When I sought the services of All state movers, I experienced a wonderful relocation. They came very early that morning and started working immediately. Except for a few corrections, there were no major issues during the relocation. As a result, I felt happy and contented after the relocations. I am willing to seek their services again. I know there is someone I can always look up to when in need of relocation services. Previously, I used to be so worried whenever I am relocating. After my encounter with their crew last week, I feel safer and contented. These people are trustworthy and reliable enough to be trusted with all forms of relocations. Thanks you so much for the job well done.

  74. Moved without any stress
    By Jeffrey3 - April 24, 2019

    Having to move frequently means that I know how most moving companies operate. The only time I was satisfied was when All state movers handled my move. They quoted reasonably, movers showed up on time and everything went as smoothly as it could. All four movers were very experienced. They took such great care of all my things. It was comforting to know that my valuables were in good hands. They delivered everything on time, unpacked and put them where they belonged.

  75. Great teamwork
    By Kristopher T - April 9, 2019

    I loved this team of movers! It was my first time moving apartment and they handled everything great. The team was fast and very careful with my items. When we got to my new apartment my couch didn’t fit up the stairwell (my fault for not measuring) the team disposed of the couch for me at no extra charge. Since a majority of the moving cost was from the couch and moving it up the 5 flights to my new apartment they took that off my final bill! I didn’t even have to call and request that be taken off, customer service called me after the move to discuss and they immediately changed the bill. I highly recommend booking All state movers for your next move!

  76. It was the best service ever
    By Jeffrey9 - March 27, 2019

    My wife and I just had the best, most painless move we’ve ever had in our lives – and a long distance move no less. All the movers from All state movers were super-efficient, on time, and nice guys. They clearly knew what they were doing, from double wrapping and blanketing our furniture to disassembling and reassembling our bed frame in no time on each end. They were the second cheapest quote we received (first seemed a little sketchy) and couldn’t have been more pleased with how it turned out. They also worked around some odd building rules in our new building. We highly recommend this team.

  77. Just fantastic
    By Wayne Williams - March 10, 2019

    I’ve used All state movers and its crew several times over the last few years and always forget to review. These guys are great! They move your furniture quickly and don’t sit around or be lazy about your time and money! Just hope their rates don’t increase too much with increased popularity as it is the case with many moving companies who charge astronomical amounts once they become popular. Their manager is a very nice and genuine guy with equally as nice assistants. I pray for much success and growth in the business for you all! Thank you for all you do! They have helped me out so much with my moves and I hope they will provide the same kind of hassle-free experiences for you all.

  78. Only good words for them
    By WayneSmith - March 4, 2019

    Seriously these guys are so dope! If they were a basketball team, they’d be the 2000 lakers. Well balanced and unbeatable in every way imaginable. I got about 6 quotes for our move and they destroyed anyone else’s quote. To be honest, I was concerned about overages on packing materials or possibly taking too many breaks, but all concerns were just concerns. These guys were fast, efficient, and were moving machines!! Nothing was broken, they everything explained clearly, and organized things nicely at our new place. I seriously cannot recommend All state movers enough. Not sure what else you could ever want in a moving company, but definitely nothing else desired from me or my fiancée. These movers deserve a raise!!

  79. I am full of joy
    By Mike Simmons - February 24, 2019

    Given the amount of things I needed to be moved, I just couldn’t do it on my own. So, I hired All state movers to handle the move. This company made my move so much easier. Their quote was more than reasonable. They kept me in the loop and I didn’t even get to become suspicious once. The crew arrived sharp on time. They were properly equipped and got to work immediately. They worked very efficiently for hours packing every item. Frankly, I couldn’t even imagine this process could take so less time. They delivered my stuffs on time and everything arrived safely. I am so relieved.

  80. Outstanding in every way
    By Josh Fox - February 11, 2019

    Every person at All state movers, especially their movers, are incredible. From booking to delivery it was the easiest experience I’ve ever had. They brought everything they needed and I didn’t have to lift a finger. They arrived promptly at 8:10am after calling me to let me know they were on their way. They got to work and we’re done in literally record time. They were super patient in wrapping up and packing all my belongings. They carefully unwrapped everything and placed them exactly where I needed them to go. Honestly, don’t bother calling around – hire just these guys, you won’t regret it. They had the best price and were absolutely worth it. I couldn’t have asked for a better team to handle my move.

  81. Hiring them was the best idea
    By Patrick P - January 25, 2019

    I lived in a 3rd floor walkup apartment and I thought it was going to be an issue for the movers from All state movers. But they had no issues with the stairs. They arrived on time which is always nice. Their packing skills were great too. They carried my furniture down 3 sets of stairs way too easily. They delivered everything in great condition to our new home in 3 days. Only experience makes a company provide such effortless services. Hiring them turned out to be a really good idea.

  82. I appreciate their sincerity
    By Richard0 - January 7, 2019

    The quote I got from All state movers was convincing enough to hire them. Their manager was a very energetic man who explained everything well to me. The men who showed up were very apt and skilled. I think their quickness saved a lot of time and money for me. They were nothing like what I was expecting at that price point. They made the delivery on time. I am very satisfied seeing how the furniture traveled. There wasn’t even one dent on anything. These movers were thorough, delicate and cautious. I didn’t expect such aptness in that price range to be honest.

  83. Incredible movers
    By Kermit Pollack - December 24, 2018

    My movers from All state movers were excellent. They were friendly and efficient. I heard horrible story about movers from many people I know. But I was happy with my movers to the extent that I would definitely recommend them. They were a little late because we live in a cul-de-sac and the road ahead was blocked for some construction work, which gave me more time to get things finished, but they more than made up for it in speed! I asked them to put all my garage boxes in my spare room, which is upstairs and they put all the boxes where I asked them! When they delivered all our items, I was so glad to find all the items were in fantastic condition. I would like to recommend them everyone.

  84. They helped us out
    By Stanley Davidson - December 9, 2018

    I talked to the manager of All state movers and he was great with listening and giving me a realistic time frame and approximate price for our move. The movers showed up about 10 minutes late due to the hideous traffic, but from that point on they were outstanding. These guys were professional, friendly, quick and efficient. We had no problems whatsoever. They became very creative when it came to packing and loading the truck so we were able to do the move in one trip. I wish I had hired these guys when we made our temporary move into a condo 6 months ago. The price was extremely reasonable and this was our 2nd move in 6 months so I have a good idea of pricing. Do not bother looking anywhere else for your move, just call these guys and set it up!

  85. A worry-free move
    By AlanSanchez - November 26, 2018

    It was the movers from All state movers who made my move so easy. I don’t know what I would have done without them. The movers arrived early on the moving day but we weren’t ready so they waited for us for a while. When the clock started, all four movers started packing all our belongings very skillfully. They used a lot of tape to safeguard our breakables. The whole packing and loading process was finished within a blink of the eye. It was really nice to see how polite and helpful the movers were. They made the delivery the next day and everything traveled safely. I know how people always keep complaining about moving companies not being efficient enough. But my movers were excellent.

  86. Easiest possible move
    By Giovanni Najera - November 11, 2018

    Thank you so much All state movers for making our recent interstate move seamless and stress-free. Everyone was so helpful and courteous from the office staff to the moving crew. There were never any surprises or setbacks. The quote we received was competitive and guaranteed. The crew of 3 showed up on time to pack and load, then worked meticulously and were very professional. They arrived at our new home as scheduled and were just as careful and professional when unloading our things. We did not have any problems at all and would be happy to recommend this company anytime.

  87. The relocation whizzes
    By Frederick M. - October 25, 2018

    We hired All state movers because they had the most reasonable quote among the companies we talked to. I wasn’t expecting a royal treatment but what I got was nothing short of extraordinary. The movers arrived right on time to start moving our stuffs. They wasted no time in packing everything neatly. The whole thing took almost no time at all. I have rarely seen such efficiency before in my life. The delivery was made on time and all my valuables traveled very well. I will definitely hire them again.

  88. Less talk, more action
    By Peter Long - October 8, 2018

    All state movers is the only moving company I have seen which doesn’t promise you things they can’t deliver. Their estimate was nothing but fair for my last move and it was a no-frills move. I get exactly what they promise me. The movers arrived early and packed up all my stuffs very efficiently. My 3-bedroom house was packed up and ready to move meticulously. They had given me quite a broad schedule for delivery. The movers were in front of my building on day 02. It’s impossible to praise these guys enough. They don’t sit around chitchatting and wasting time. They just simply get on with their jobs.

  89. Such efficiency is rare
    By Michal Brant - September 26, 2018

    I have hired many moving companies in the past and seen many movers in action. The guys from All state movers were the most efficient movers I have ever come across. These guys are really outstanding. They arrived early on the moving day. They started packing all my belongings and I was stunned seeing skilled they were. They were extra careful with my breakables. The loading process went without any problems. They delivered on time and the 3rd floor walkup at my new apartment seemed no big deal to them. I will only hire them from now on.

  90. Well trained movers
    By Oscar Mckinney - September 9, 2018

    Most things will disappoint you in the country- hearty service isn’t one of them. Like your portions sizes here, everything is big and bold. All state movers is no different! Their manager is probably the friendliest man I’ve ever come across. He’s a proper cowboy so it was an instant friendship. He promised to take care of me and he did. His movers were amazing- so well trained and humble too. They moved my household items safely within just a few hours. I got the final bill and they added no extra charge. I’m so thankful that I found these guys.

  91. They have a bright future ahead
    By Mark Peterson - August 28, 2018

    If they keep this kind of work up, they certainly have a bright future ahead. They moved me a few weeks ago and I must say that I was moved in a very professional way. I received very good support from all their teams and also 24/7 email customer service. The moving people moved me out smoothly and did not bang the walls or damage the floors. They took all precautions necessary and delivered everything unharmed. They really are good. I highly recommend All state movers to all.

  92. The most affordable deals are here
    By Albert Baker - August 8, 2018

    Looking for a good deal? The most affordable deals are here at All state movers! You must give them a try! Their service is worth hiring! They are professional, efficient, hardworking and energetic. They move you very quickly and they move you without any damages. The best thing about them is their commitment. They will keep all the promises they give you and they will not give you a chance to complain. They are everything you need in a moving company. Only good things will happen if you hire them!

  93. They keep their word!
    By Trevor Buchanan - July 25, 2018

    You can trust in this moving company! They keep their word! Before they moved me they told me that I will get a damage free move and I would not need to worry at all! You know what? It came true! I never needed to worry because the moving team moved my things so carefully! I loved how they paid attention to every detail! I also didn’t need to worry because their customer service always kept me updated. And last but not least, there were no damages in the end! I am really proud of All state movers!

  94. These guys are the real deal!
    By Frank Hughes - July 10, 2018

    Moving with this company will be the best decision you ever made regarding moving. They are very efficient, caring, professional and hardworking. They move you like a family member and they move you without any damages. My recent experience with All state movers went really well. I was moved cross country without any damages, stress or mistakes. Everything was exactly how it was supposed to be. No extra fees too! This moving company is a gem! You should all hire them! I highly recommend them to all.

  95. Too good!
    By Paul Robinson - June 25, 2018

    All state movers is better than all the moving companies out there! They are seriously efficient and professional. They did my move last month and they did a superb job. The moving team came on time on the day of the move and packed everything with care. I really thought they would have trouble getting the furniture out, but they didn’t damage a single thing. Everything was back here in the time I wanted and there were no damages on my things. It really was a smooth move. I will use them again.

  96. Very caring!
    By Jeremy Moore - June 21, 2018

    I have never seen a moving crew care so much! These guys are not from this world! I seriously felt like they are my friends and they did everything to protect my belongings. They used pads, shrink wrap, bubble wrap, pillows, blankets and etc. Everything was delivered back to me within the given time and not a single item was damaged. These men really are professional and efficient! My long distance move was like a breeze. There were no accidents, no changes in the bill and no regrets. I gladly recommend All state movers to all.

  97. Wonderful moving company
    By Stephen Bryant - June 5, 2018

    Thank you so much All state movers for making my move as easy as possible. You have taken all the pressure and stress away, trust me! Their men did a fine job on the day of the move and on the day of delivery. They packed everything, moved it and then unloaded it properly. There were no damages at all when I checked and no scratches. Well done guys. Thank you again for keeping your word and not changing the price in the end. I will hire you again and I will recommend you to all.

  98. Great communication
    By Richard6 - May 25, 2018

    Good communication from the beginning! They understood what I wanted, and they delivered that to me! There were no damages at all! I checked everything twice to be sure, and there were none! The moving team did a superb job. They were efficient, caring and professional. Doing a long distance move was piece of cake! I love their rates! The price is low and very reasonable. If you are looking for a good moving company, I strongly recommend All state movers to all!

  99. Thank you for everything
    By Philip Rodriguez - May 20, 2018

    I seriously want everyone to know how good All state movers really is. They are fantastic! They moved me without any problems or issues. They came on time on the day of the move and packed everything up very quickly. They loaded all my belongings on to their truck very carefully! They made sure all the fragile items and glassware’s were well protected. They delivered on time as promised and I got to see that there was not a single thing damaged. It really was a miracle! Thank you so much for a perfect move!

  100. Truly experts!
    By Carlos Green - May 7, 2018

    I know for a fact that All state movers is an expert in this field. I hired them recently for my cross country move and they were spectacular. They took out the furniture’s with a lot of care and attention. They did not damage anything and they made sure there were no dents. All went amazingly well. It was all done in the given time and even delivered was a day early. These guys are really good. I really like that I did not need to argue with them in the end regarding the price. The price was exactly what I was quoted. This is what I call a satisfactory service. They are highly recommended!

  101. Really satisfied
    By Winston Shaw - April 21, 2018

    I am really satisfied with the wok All state movers did for me. They were super-fast and super-efficient. They did not waste any time at all. Everything was packed and loaded in just 5 hours. They used pads to protect the floors and the best part is that they kept the place clean. They really are skilled and professional. I had a tension free move and I hope you guys have the same. I highly recommend them to all.

  102. Love that they are so friendly!
    By Michael Bryant - April 9, 2018

    I really love that they are so friendly! In every kind of job, if you have a friendly environment, you will not feel like it is a job and you will actually enjoy it. The guys from All state movers were very funny and frank and yet very hardworking. 5 hours passed by very quickly! And at the end we saw that everything was safely delivered without any damages or scratches. Well done guys! I will recommend you to everyone I know.

  103. Complete peace of mind
    By Kevin.Harris6 - March 20, 2018

    I really appreciate how the team of all state movers worked hard just to meet the very requirements I had set for my move. They helped me from start to finish. They never left me until we are fully satisfied with their job. Their packing skills were really praiseworthy. They kept all of my things secure during the travel. Their excellent packing system gave me a complete peace of mind. Not a single damage was caused. They just did their work perfectly. I am really satisfied with their work.

  104. Fantastic service all around
    By Patrick Gonzales - March 8, 2018

    I have moved a lot over the years and had mostly bad experiences. But this last time All state movers was like no other moving company. They sent me 3 men who were on time, efficient and professional. There was no damage to my furniture, the team were friendly, considerate and overall a pleasure to deal with. I am just so glad I hired them for my last move. What was previously considered stressful was removed by this amazing team.

  105. Determined individuals
    By Craig Mitchell - February 21, 2018

    My last few attempts with movers were less than pleasant. They were late and had a very cold demeanor. I was going to give up on movers but decided to give All state movers a try after hearing from a friend about their service. Glad I listened to my friend as they were absolutely amazing. The movers were extremely hardworking, determined, and friendly! They maintained their timings perfectly throughout this move and made sure all my valuables were delivered in pristine condition. Thank you guys so much.

  106. Excellent customer service
    By AndrewAllen - February 11, 2018

    Most movers, these days, would charge you ridiculous amounts of money even if you have little to no furniture. They give you the excuse that they have to bring their standard size van which would cost the same whether you have a lot of belongings or not! However, with All state movers, you have the option of customizing the quote that would suit your need. They would quote you a price according to amount of belongings you need transported, not by the standard size of their vans. I think this method worked really well for me during my move. People who are relocating but don’t have a lot of valuables to move should definitely get their quotes from this company.

  107. Admirable movers
    By Dana Holland - February 5, 2018

    My friend told me that All state movers handled her move and all her belongings were delivered intact. I had to see it for myself and so I hired them when I was moving. This company knows how to do the job properly. They maintained their timings and the crew was just too skilled. They use a lot of packing materials. But most of it was free so nothing to worry about there. They delivered on time and guess what? My valuables were all safely delivered. All the hype about this company is really true.

  108. Cheap but reliable service
    By Steven Evans - January 22, 2018

    After some disgusting experience of a lower level company I decided to choose All state movers. I got a great service from them. They made the move so much less hassle by packing items and taking furniture apart and putting it back together to my new home. The driver was so smart. I didn’t find any mismanagement during the work. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a cheap and reliable service. Have moved three times now as this is the best service I have ever had.

  109. The best moving experience
    By Lino Weatherly - January 11, 2018

    I was almost dying before this move. The packing took a serious toll on me. A million phone calls to a million moving companies only made it harder. Most companies asked for ridiculous amount of money. The only company who I thought quoted fairly was All state movers. They sent over four very strong and efficient movers. Nothing skipped their eyes. They made the delivery on time and my belongings traveled very well. I was so happy for the fact they didn’t add any more worries to my already full brain!

  110. Job well done
    By Harry Murphy - January 7, 2018

    These movers from All state movers were really great! Benjamin Franklin said that moving several times is like a fire–I think I see what he means in terms of cost, damage, and losing things. But I think with an outfit like this he would totally change his opinion. Customer service was great, and the guys who should up were really polite and hard workers. They got the job done in no time at all. I would totally use these guys again!

  111. They took away our worries
    By Paul Nelson - December 24, 2017

    I called All state movers for a quote to move our things and they did everything afterwards. They arrived on time, took inventory of everything and got to work. They packed up my 3-bedroom house in the speed of light. They made the delivery on time with all my belongings in great condition and then unpacked everything and put them where I wanted them to be put. I just couldn’t believe how easy this move turned out to be. I am so thankful to them for not causing us even the slightest of traumas during this move.

  112. Made the impossible possible
    By Tyrone Mack - December 13, 2017

    I was in a stressful situation because most of the companies denied to help me as my old apartment were in a narrow building, so it was very difficult to move all furniture using the stairs. But all state movers agreed to help me out. They reached in time and packed all my furniture along with the other things. They moved all my furniture using that narrow stairs with care and not a single damage or scratch on the wall was occurred. I was totally shocked when I noticed that they also packed all my cheap belongings as if they were worth a billion dollars! I am very happy with their service.

  113. A special moving company
    By Raymond Torres - December 7, 2017

    We were quite crunched for cash when my boss decided to transfer me. Every moving company I called were either booked or asked for crazy prices. All state movers was great as they offered me a low quote and they were ready to help me. The movers were punctual, honest and expert. Their special care for our belongings was quite noticeable. They maintained the delivery schedule that was most important issue to me. They were unlike the other moving companies. They were just perfect in all way. I would hire them again without any hesitation.

  114. Proficient movers
    By Frank W. - November 15, 2017

    My movers were excellent, very hard working people and did an excellent job protecting my furniture. They were also professional in planning how to accomplish each piece to move. I’ll never use another moving company. All state movers is the best in the moving industry. They made the moving process so much easier by providing excellent customer service and working movers. If you’re in doubt while selecting a moving company, just go for these guys- they won’t disappoint you.

  115. They made my stresses go away
    By Samuel Mitchell - October 15, 2017

    Two days back I was sent a team of 4 men by All state movers to pack our household. It took them less than 24 hours to process my booking and sent a pack of 4 young men to help me. Their quote was fairly reasonable compared to the rest of the companies. Words cannot express our appreciation for their professionalism, dedication and sense of humor. These 4 young men managed to make a stressful day so much easier; they are without doubt a credit to the company. I would highly recommend them among all.

  116. I have nothing bad to say
    By Andrew Jackson - September 19, 2017

    Many of my furniture pieces were passed down through generations and the other pieces I had collected with my hard earned cash. I told All state movers several times to be careful while handling them. They assured me that they would take care of me. The movers sent from the company did take very good care of everything. They packed each item with great care, precision and speed. The van was loaded properly and they were off. The delivery was made 2 days later as promised. I was shocked to see that not even one piece was damaged. I really didn’t think this move would turn out to be so easy.

  117. Couldn’t be happier
    By MartinPhillips - September 16, 2017

    Moving companies are just terrible. There is always scope of losing your favorite items and then getting overcharged. For my last move, I hired All state movers and I wasn’t really expecting anything different from them. But they really surprised me. They were very rational with the price they asked for; that was the first signal. They sent over 3 men who were very strong and friendly too. The men were very experienced at packing and carrying valuable belongings. Even heavy couches or beds weren’t much of a problem for them. None of my boxes went missing on delivery and I really couldn’t find anything to complain about this move. I just couldn’t be any happier with these guys.

  118. Spectacular
    By William Turner - August 24, 2017

    I have only one word to describe them. Spectacular!!!! This company offers great full time service. They worked around my schedule and helped me out with everything. Their price was good and service was more than I paid for. They always kept in touch and the crew who came to help was amazing!!! They knew that my paintings are expensive and valuable. They wrapped it very well. All my expensive furniture was moved without bumping it. All state movers has given me a damage free move.

  119. No scratches!
    By Jason Turner - August 13, 2017

    Not only did they come on time with all the necessary equipment, but also did a great job packing my furniture and loading it into their truck. They were prompt, professional and efficient. And not only that, but they had nice and clean uniforms. This is not very often these days! All state movers was recommended by my colleague and I am glad I hired them. The quote was OK, I was even able to save some money. My belongings stayed intact. There were no scratches or dents anywhere and that was exactly what I was most afraid of. Overall experience- AWESOME! If I need to call a moving company again, I know whom I would choose.

  120. Painless as possible
    By Henry Johnson - July 25, 2017

    These guys are GREAT! They made my move painless as possible. The man who took my call was efficient, the guy who came out to give me a quote showed up on time and the packers were total superheroes. They’re really strong, really fast, super helpful and efficient. They had stairs at both ends with tight corners but zapped up and down them with my boxes and large heavy furniture without making a mark on my walls. I really can’t think of a single area they could improve in. In short, they rock and I recommend All state movers wholeheartedly.

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