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All American Moving is South Florida’s premier moving company. Why you ask? At, All American Moving we are dedicated to providing the best professional moving services for our customers through quality training, friendly service and a customer first philosophy.

In order to provide the best services, we offer comprehensive residential and commercial moving and storage services locally, cross-state as well as nationwide. Our mission is to exceed our customer’s expectations through affordable solutions and excellent customer service. Based in Boca Raton, FL, our company is founded on our own core values that moving should be safe, stress-free and affordable.

When moving your family or your business, know that you can rely on the team at All American Moving . For years, All American Moving has been providing an unmatched commitment to customer service and a dedication to superior professionalism and quality. We recognize that moving can be stressful and that each customer has a different moving plan; therefore, we will create customized solutions for the efficient movement of your valuable possessions. Our South Florida moving company has diverse capabilities for handling all of your relocation needs and will work with you to make a successful transition.

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  1. Cross-country Move
    By Robert Wood - April 19, 2021

    We recently moved from Florida to Texas. On a relative’s recommendation, we chose All American Moving as the company to transport our household belongings. Everyone was extremely cordial and helpful beginning with our moving representative. He was extremely helpful in answering the many questions we had regarding our move. Our driver was excellent, friendly and very organized. Both the loading crew and the unloading crew were very careful with our belongings, as well as making sure protection was provided for both homes. They did a fantastic job moving a 7 foot grand piano, which was our biggest concern. We would not hesitate to recommend this moving company, and we will definitely use them again.

  2. Excellent company
    By Eric H. - April 15, 2021

    The movers were communicative when they were on their way. And seeing that my apartment was on the third floor, they got the stuff in really fast and in a professional manner. They put together what needed to be assembled and they were done in the time that they said they would. I would definitely use All American Moving again. Very affordable company!

  3. My move went great
    By Arthur Russell - April 10, 2021

    I can’t say enough good things about my experience with them. The office staff was responsive, courteous, and sent reminders ahead of time. The movers called me on my cell phone to let me know they were near arriving at the apt. complex. They were friendly, courteous, and efficient. They had all the furniture moved from one building to the next in the retirement complex in two hours flat. I would recommend them to anyone.

  4. Excellent service
    By Bryce Rich - April 5, 2021

    I have used this company two times and both times I had a great experience. The movers are very professional and highly trained. They were all very cooperative at all times. Moreover, the movers were punctual and fast. They did everything in an organized way.

  5. I was lucky to have them moving me
    By Wallace James - March 29, 2021

    My moving consultant was outstanding. He understood all my concerns and needs and worked on them throughout the whole move. I really liked his personalized service and his attention to every detail made feel sometimes as if I was his only client. Outstanding service at a really good price.

  6. Very Professional Service
    By Gregory Roberts - March 23, 2021

    When I found All American Moving they were very professional and brutally efficient. They worked tirelessly for hours without demanding any break. They knew their job very well and I had to do nothing. The delivery was made on time and nothing was broken or damaged. I don’t remember any other moving company ever being this efficient. I have to recommend these guys to everyone.

  7. A delightful relocation
    By Sergio Simon - March 18, 2021

    This is our first move & we hired All American Moving for the job. I couldn’t believe that a moving experience can be this good. I’m so glad that I found out about All American Moving. The move went perfect. Nothing to complain about seriously. They did a terrific job. Thanks to the sales rep for the superb customer service and great price and thanks team for the great packing and moving services.

  8. I am happy
    By Angelo Jacobs - March 12, 2021

    Everything was delivered unharmed by the professional team, which was a big concern for me. The move went exactly as they had specified it would, and I am very grateful for hiring such a professional crew of guys to handle our furniture. They did a great job and I am happy with the final results of the relocation.

  9. Definitely recommended
    By Forrest Tucker - March 9, 2021

    This was my first time using a moving company, and I didn’t really know where to begin. I moved from Florida to NY. Their sales rep was incredibly helpful and communicative, answering every one of my questions up until the move. Pricing was transparent, the movers did a phenomenal job, and coordinating a delivery time that worked best was seamless. I don’t have much to compare All American Moving to, but I was really blown away by how easy they made it and how well they took care of all my stuff. I will definitely use them in the future.

  10. They made my day
    By Manuel Jenkins - March 5, 2021

    What a wonderful day it was. Thanks to All American Moving for making my moving day a little less difficult. With all that I had to do. It was All American Moving that kept me sane. What attracts me the most is that they travel fast? I’m spreading the recommendation to all. All American Moving, I wish you well and all the best!

  11. Deserve 5 stars
    By Salvatore Parsons - February 22, 2021

    I really don’t know how anyone could give this company less than 5 stars. I requested quotes from several moving companies and All American Moving was one of the first to respond and kept promptly answering all of my questions. They were all very professional and gentle with my antiques! This was our second time moving in 5 months and they made it as easy as possible for us.

  12. Great work guys
    By Bradley Stevens - February 15, 2021

    I needed to move very quickly and didn’t have any idea who to call. After searching the internet I picked All American Moving because their website had a lot of information without clicking a million times to find what I was looking for. They moved me in one day with two trucks. Every other company wanted to charge me double or some other ridiculous fee for getting a second truck.

  13. I will recommend this company to everyone
    By Frank S. - February 10, 2021

    We fell in love with All American Moving once we found out they had a month of free climate controlled storage. We had a gap in time between moving out and moving in. We called them when we were able to take a delivery and it was sent out instantly. In comparison to other estimates we got they were by far the least expensive and offered the most amount of space for our money. They are honest and never misled us. Great job guys and I will be recommending your name.

  14. Absolutely the best
    By Benjamin Perez - February 8, 2021

    All American Moving was wonderful!! They were very mindful and worked actually tough to assist with my move from my one room appt. to storage space. They called beforehand and also let me know specifically what time they were coming and they completely described everything prior to they started working. They even wrapped my ottoman free of cost. I was very pleased with their service. When I need assistance with relocation I will absolutely be calling them. Their costs are the absolute best!!!

  15. Best by far
    By Todd Johnson - February 5, 2021

    Thank you so much All American Moving. I typically never write reviews but I want everyone who has to deal with this stressful event which is moving who the great companies are. They delivered on everything that they said they would from the binding not to exceed price. The delivery ETA and the condition of our items were fantastic besides one broken chair that they compensated us for. I would highly recommend this company if you have to make any move over state lines. They are by far the best in my experience.

  16. Best yet
    By Aaron Morgan - January 28, 2021

    All American Moving was excellent. They were funny and brought a lighter side to moving. We had an overwhelming amount of other things to tend to so we were a focus on that. It was a perfect relocation and everything seemed to happen right on time as it should. We can’t thank you enough. People are quick to write bad experiences so I wanted to leave a good one.

  17. Great Moving Company
    By Jack Lewis - January 24, 2021

    They were very hardworking and they made sure that all of my things were protected, so that there was no damage. I guess the prices were a little bit more than it was going to be, it took a little bit longer than we thought. I received all the services I requested. Packing was done up to my satisfaction. I was just satisfied and they were a good company.

  18. They did justice with their reputation
    By Gilbert Wise - January 18, 2021

    This was the first time I decided to move with the help of a moving company. After viewing several good reviews about All American Moving, I decided to hire them and they didn’t disappoint me. They were very good and they worked really hard to make my move as comfortable as possible. It was a pleasant experience with them. They were fast and professional indeed. I recommend All American Moving.

  19. They are amazing!
    By Leonard Bowers - January 11, 2021

    All American Moving provided a phenomenal service. I cannot even begin to explain how smooth my move was. Thanks to this outstanding company. The movers were awesome; they barely took one break on moving day, handled my items carefully and used only quality packing supplies. They arrived fully equipped and prepared. At this point I think that nothing can go wrong with them. With such experience and expertise they are the most reliable movers I’ve ever met. They even offered to dismantle some of my expensive furniture pieces. Just keep up the good work! Hopefully other people will have an amazing service as well.

  20. True to their word
    By Alvin Campbell - January 7, 2021

    I didn’t expect this to be so easy. I moved from Florida to California. My girlfriend lives there. We met on a cruise ship. The long distance just wouldn’t work so I made the leap and moved. I had nothing but perfect service with All American Moving on time responsive and honest. What else can you ask for. Not like these other companies here on yelp buying. The online representation of this company is legit. Thank you again for a timely and damage free relocation.

  21. Very Professional Service!!
    By Bobby Anderson - January 5, 2021

    The moving coordinator was wonderful, very friendly, and thorough. I’ve never moved before and he explained everything to me. The pickup crew was very nice, neat and presentable. They packed up my things really nicely and were a pleasant bunch of guys. I got my items and nothing was broken. I had a scratch on a little table, but it was too little. I had a lot of antiques and was very afraid because they were my great grandma’s, but everything turned out really, really well.

  22. Smoothest move ever
    By Spencer Cortez - December 29, 2020

    The team was prompt and did the walk through with me. I was introduced to the team right away and they didn’t waste any time getting started. Any requests I had were followed without question and they all were polite and smiling. I had moved a lot of items over myself, but I have to say – having moved more than 20 times in my life, this was the quickest and most efficient move ever. I would recommend All American Moving to anyone.

  23. I would move with them again!
    By Lucas Willis - December 23, 2020

    Would I move with All American Moving again? Well YES I WOULD! They were awesome! My things were not damaged and I was able to keep in touch with the driver the whole move. I always knew what was going on and what the next step was. I never felt out of control or not knowing what was going to happen. They kept me well updated and prepared. They did a terrific job with me!!

  24. They are worth hiring
    By Alvin Ferguson - December 19, 2020

    All American Moving exceeded all of my expectations. They are reasonably priced, show up ahead of schedule, and do such a great job packing everything safely into the truck. They made an effort to put my things in the correct rooms when we arrived and finished before the estimated time. Great experience, I’m planning on using them again!

  25. Just too good
    By Sarah Thompson - December 14, 2020

    Wow! My husband and I just relocated to San Jose after living in Boca Raton for over 15 years, and we were a little stressed to say the least. From the first call to the last call, closing out our bill, this company has exceeded our expectations, and brought some peace of mind during a very stressful time not only in our lives, but during the current pandemic. Our movers were top notch, thank you guys, you are awesome, and I will recommend you to all my friends and family moving forward!

  26. Moved without any issues
    By Peter Jones - December 10, 2020

    I am grateful to James, my youngest brother, for referring me to All American Moving. It turned out to be one of the most effective and lovely relocation services. You made it so interesting and adorable. I am looking forward to a more thrilling experience in future. It is worth seeking their services. You will have no regrets about it. My first time seeking their services was so awesome. They came at the right time and spent only a couple of hours loading and did the relocation duties. Because of their fascinating team, it was possible for me to relocate so easily without any issues.

  27. Was very careful with my
    By Shawn Collins - December 5, 2020

    My daughter and I needed to do a long distance move and wanted to do it as fast as we could. My wife passed away a few months ago and we desperately wanted to leave this state. After doing some research, we liked All American Moving because they had good reviews and their sales rep was very kind to us. On the move day, the foreman and his team were smart, efficient and caring. They moved us very quickly yet carefully and we were happy to see that none of our things were damaged. I just want to say is that- THANK YOU.

  28. Ensured customer satisfaction
    By Kevin Singleton - November 27, 2020

    All American Moving is the best company for moving and packing supplies. They were prompt and thorough. They were friendly and timely. The movers were so strong and I could tell they were true professionals. Each and every piece of my belonging was handled with the utmost care and delicacy. Don’t waste time with any other companies. I did my research and this company is the way to go.

  29. Amazing customer service
    By Cary Carroll - November 25, 2020

    Their customer service is just amazing. No matter how many questions you ask them, they will answer them all and all very patiently. You will always know the position of your belongings and they will respond to you immediately. Their customer service is the best. And obviously I love them more because they gave me a damage free move. I will hire them again and I shall recommend them to everyone I know. All American Moving is worth recommending!

  30. Job done
    By Omar Curry - November 18, 2020

    All American Moving is an excellent company and has made our relocation to Texas start off smoothly! They worked nonstop for two days to get our house packed and ready. They all had a positive attitude and were professional. They took time to ask before packing items that we might need to hand-carry. We wish we could bring All American Moving to Texas for the unpacking!!

  31. Better than before
    By ThomasTaylor - November 15, 2020

    I used All American Moving in 2018 during a long distance move and my experience was good. So I thought of using them again this time round 2020 for another long distance move. The movers arrived on-time and instead of 2 guys they sent 3 guys (without charge) as I said I have 2 heavy recliners. They took great care in maintaining the condition of delicate items being moved. They had all the equipment necessary to execute the move and used enough blankets to cover delicate items. Loading went smoothly and the delivery was made on time without any damage or drama. In the last 2 years they even got better.

  32. Go for these movers
    By Juan Cooper - November 8, 2020

    Relocating is never ever simple and simply desired to claim a massive thanks to the entire team at All American Moving. They made our move so simple, best from the off they were so simple to handle, and unique thanks to our relocating supervisor and the moving teams on both ends who were so good, so practical as well as absolutely nothing to much trouble. Excellent job and also would certainly suggest All American Moving to any individual that desires to take the concern out of the moving days.

  33. They were really good
    By Howard Moore - November 5, 2020

    I have moved all over the US. Never have I seen such respectful and responsible people. From the sales rep, who came to see what we were moving to the foreman who stayed in contact with me. Then come these fine young men who were amazing. Not one complaint when I asked them to do unusual things like put up my grandsons’ basketball thing! I highly recommend All American Moving. Just go for this company for a cost effective, quick and damage free relocation.

  34. Very Professional Team!!
    By Robert Thompson - October 26, 2020

    Every piece of furniture was taken care of, wrapped in moving blankets, taped and then plastic wrapped; glass pieces all got cardboard covers. I only hired them to move the furniture from the house; I did not use their packing services. No slouching from this team, they worked diligently the entire time, very professional attitudes.

  35. This company is really good
    By StephenJenkins - October 25, 2020

    I have never been happier with a moving company than I am with All American Moving! I just recently got a new job in California and moving from Florida seemed like it was going to be impossible. Thankfully, this company saved the day. Not only did they flawlessly load/unload all my precious antiques but they also arrived sooner than expected. All of my valuables were packed neatly and carefully, which is something I greatly appreciated. Overall, the experience was not the least bit dreadful as I had anticipated it to be. I am very satisfied with the care and attention that All American Moving showed us during the move. If I ever move again I will surely use this company!

  36. They impressed me a lot
    By Stephen Taylor - October 18, 2020

    My family of four moved from Florida to Tennessee and used All American Moving. From start to finish, they were the best moving company I have ever used. The ease of service, kind attitude and patience they had with my two little children running around was what customer service should be all about. They handled my antiques with the utmost care and made sure to always use the proper padding with the big items. I recommend them to all my friends because, not only are they great at what they do, they do it with the best attitude in customer care. I would hands down use them again for any moving needs we have in the future.

  37. This company isn’t an ordinary company
    By Devin Lyons - October 12, 2020

    I will not have to struggle again with the average relocation companies around. After realizing how good All American Moving is, I have no business dealing with the others. They have everything I want in relocation companies. They are reliable, timely and to top it all up, their services are so cost effective. The time I have known them is enough to make me realize that they are the best ones around. Any customer in his right state of mind would easily realize this. I have never had a problem with All American Moving ever since I met them five years ago. I have assigned them three different operations, and they have all of them perfectly carried out. I have also been privileged enough to watch them relocate other people within the neighborhood. Positive comments always follow their relocations. I am yet to hear from a client complaining about their services, something I don’t think will happen. I sincerely trust them.

  38. Very professional and fast
    By Jamie Osborne - October 9, 2020

    Movers were polite and knowledgeable. All American Moving moved me from Florida to Indiana and I have to say it was a very smooth transition. The agent I worked with was very friendly; he helped me understand exactly what was going to happen. The drivers were very pleasant, moved my furniture and boxes into my new home without any issues. I would recommend this company to anyone who has moving needs! I was very satisfied!

  39. I do recommend them
    By Stephen Young - October 6, 2020

    The guys from All American Moving were just wonderful. My family and I related to them wonderfully. They are the most approachable movers I have had in all my life. This made our moving so smooth and anxiety-free that all my family loved the experience. They charged us decently and affordably and they did not add the charge in the end, which usually happens with other movers. They respected every bit of our contract and I absolutely recommend them.

  40. Thanks for everything
    By Victor Foster - October 5, 2020

    It was a great moving experience by a great mover. My friends are also full of praise for what All American Moving did. The foreman was awesome. We have used All American Moving severally, and we will continue giving them business. From the first instance, I contacted this company; I knew I had the right kind of mover. The sales person was kind and helpful throughout our interaction and did everything to ensure I was booked on the day I was available. The movers were professional and timely on either end, I thank them for everything.

  41. Go for this company
    By Eric Simmons - September 28, 2020

    Thanks for the job well done. Regarding the move – the foreman his two guys were great. Probably the best moves we ever experienced. They were punctual, professional, careful with our belongings and efficient. Everything went well. In addition, the customer service was friendly, informative and professional. We’re glad we called All American Moving! An exceptional moving company that we will be happy to recommend! You can use this as a quote, if necessary.

  42. Moving got easy with them
    By Dwight Hunt - September 25, 2020

    I am more than pleased and would use All American Moving again. They did everything they said they would and were professional, courteous and just enjoyable to pack with. I am somewhat worn out by my grandchildren and the guys went over expectations to help me out. When they drove away I had every confidence my things would arrive in Louisiana in the same shape they left Florida, and they did.

  43. Great professionals
    By Daniel9 - September 21, 2020

    It was our very first time using a professional moving solution. I was a little anxious in the start however the sales representative was extremely wonderful to describe the whole procedure to me as well as assured me that every little thing will certainly be fine and he was right. Rate was appealing as well as all the charges were interacted in advance. They showed-up promptly. They were very organized and wrapped every little thing very carefully before positioning it in the truck. They even assisted us dismantle our bed! There were no damages and also missing stuff. The guys were extremely effective and friendly. It was a terrific experience. If we have to relocate once more with no uncertainty I will call All American Moving. They are wonderful and also I will certainly recommend them to everybody.

  44. Used them twice by now
    By Stanley Tran - September 18, 2020

    I used All American Moving for two moves. The service for my August 2018 move was excellent as with the first move. The movers called me prior to their arrival time, arrived, and proceeded to work as scheduled. I was greeted and given a brief overview of the move and projected cost. I did a lot of pre-packing and they helped with whatever I missed. The workers took care in their work and were very pleasant during the move. The move was even finished early. I highly recommend the service and would use them in the future without hesitation.

  45. This is the company to move with
    By Kelvin Tran - September 16, 2020

    I used All American Moving for my action and it was a great experience! These men hold true professionals! They took such good care of my points as well as they function very fast too! They worked so difficult as well as they knew exactly how to get the work done right! I was actually thrilled by their work values and their knowledge so I had not been bothered with a point. I suggest this moving company as well as the owner. He was straightforward, simple to work with and also he provided me an extremely reasonable rate for my move. If you require a mover, this is the one!!

  46. Excellent company
    By Benjamin Snyder - September 15, 2020

    Employing this company for our last minute move was an excellent choice. We had very little time to move as well as required a business that might finish the job, was dependable, and also easy to deal with. They were all that and extra! They meticulously loaded all of our things, mindful of anything that could require special focus. They were extremely prompt, super fast, and also polite. We got every one of our furnishings out as well as into our new place anxiety as well as worry cost-free. We would highly suggest their solutions to anyone. No hidden fees, whatever was seamless, and also we would most definitely use All American Moving once again!

  47. They care about their customers
    By Steven Thompson - September 11, 2020

    My appointment was at 9am and the workers arrived as scheduled. They were very polite and courteous. All items were disassembled and wrapped, then unwrapped and reassembled. I would like to thank the workers, you three were awesome. I would also like to thank the owner for contacting me to make sure I was happy and fully satisfied. If you’re moving any time soon or even in the future, make sure you call All American Moving!!

  48. No more skepticism
    By Wilson Sandoval - September 8, 2020

    I was looking for a moving company around when one of my friends told me about All American Moving. I’ve never heard about them until that day. I had such great surprise to see that this is a real professional moving company and they are taking their job very seriously. The price for the transportation was affordable and I really liked how they work. I was greatly impressed by their work efficiency. I would definitely recommend them for all moving needs.

  49. The king of the relocation game
    By Jeffrey Cox - September 5, 2020

    All American Moving is definitely the best moving company out there. They handled my last move with great efficiency. The movers were well prepared for the job. They packed everything correctly and seemed very reliable. The delivery was made on time and nothing was damaged. I have never seen any other moving company performing so well. I give them 5 stars.

  50. Very satisfying relocation
    By James Butler - September 2, 2020

    We were moving in last month. But it was the end of the month move and all the moving companies were heavily booked. After calling them again and again, I finally got a slot with All American Moving. I certainly understand now why this company is so popular. They were literally on top of everything the whole time. They were punctual, efficient and reliable. The movers were well synchronized and they finished the job very quickly. It was just a very satisfying relocation. I’m going to book them in advance the next time.

  51. What a great move!!!!
    By DanielRodriguez - August 28, 2020

    We moved from a 1900 Sq. Ft. home to 1200 Sq. Ft. apartment. Needless to say we didn’t have room for everything. The moving team arrived on time, was very pleasant and professional, and went to work. I never saw them without a smile on their face. They went out of their way to blanket everything that needed it. When we arrived at our destination they were very accommodating about putting things where we wanted them, even if we changed our mind. I have been through a number of moves in my life and this one was without a doubt the best most professional move I’ve encountered. I can’t recommend these folks highly enough.

  52. Best Service
    By Stewart Boone - August 24, 2020

    I had to move from Florida to Indiana and All American Moving made it so easy for me! They provided the best long distance move I ever expected; the team was very positive, hard working, and careful with my belongings. My items all arrived at my new home in the original state; they really are a very professional moving company!

  53. More than expected
    By Wilson Butler - August 22, 2020

    I had been looking far and wide for a moving company to handle my commercial relocation but had not found one that impressed enough. An old friend and colleague asked me to do a background check on All American Moving which turned out to be great. With many delicate office equipment, I wanted the mover who was sure of what they were doing. I went ahead and hired them for the relocation. I didn’t expect anything like what they did. They were well organized and prepared. They had tools and expertise to handle all the equipment carefully. They ensured that nothing was broken by packing them into cushioned boxes. All my documents were safe, and generally, the relocation was successful.

  54. Ideal Movers
    By Theodore Pierce - August 18, 2020

    ‘Ideal’ is the word I would use when describing the kind of movers All American Relocation Group are. I loved the way they handled my relocation last month to Rhode Island. Their punctuality was evident when they showed up early. Their dedication to the job they do was noticeable during the complete relocation, and above all, their commitment in the relocation was vivid when they did their all to ensure that my belongings were safe and secure. I did not misplace anything, and I found that so remarkable.

  55. I highly recommend them all time
    By Garry White - August 16, 2020

    I used All American Moving over a year ago. I have been using this company for the last several years, so I am very much dependent on them. The movers came early in morning. They finished their service and that was first class. They are the best movers at all, fair price. I didn’t face any problems with this moving. All folks were punctual, hardworking, cheerful people. The service was totally good. I would like to thank you for giving me good care.

  56. Great Job
    By Rick Bowen - August 15, 2020

    I moved to TN from FL and had the best experience by hiring All American Moving. They truly gave me the best possible price and service available in this highly competitive industry. Through this highly stressful process I was re-assured with verbal communication as well as proof in their actions, which I went with the right company. If I were to do it all over again, or recommend a moving company to a friend, it would def be this one. I’m very happy I made the right choice!

  57. Wonderful services!
    By Armando Walsh - August 10, 2020

    We were so impressed by All American Moving and the owner’s business/work ethic! We called asking to be moved the same week and their rep had no hesitation booking us, even though it was a Saturday. His rates were the best we found in the area and added we needed furniture disposal/donation. “No problem” he said! We told him we also had a storage unit that needed furniture moved. “No problem” he said! They carefully wrapped and covered all our furniture, picked up the furniture from the storage unit and had everything safely in our new home in 4 hours!!! They were personable, professional and very respectful of our items. We will be using them again for our future moves!

  58. I can’t complain
    By Derek Jenkins - August 8, 2020

    After trying a lot, I still cannot find a bad thing to say about All American Moving. They helped me move just a week ago and were just superb. They did an amazing job from start to finish. They were punctual, efficient and very reliable. In fact, at every level these guys showed amazing reliability. They always kept us in the loop so we wouldn’t get worried about our belongings. I really needed that since it was my first move. The movers were great. Not only were they great at their job, they were also very friendly. I will recommend this company to everyone.

  59. Just the right choice
    By Timmy Yates - August 5, 2020

    I recently used All American Moving to help me with an impromptu move. Their sales rep was very helpful in coordinating my move and gave me full transparency into how my move was being priced, etc. The movers were quick and friendly, operating with mechanical efficiency. All of my items made the move intact, especially my biggest concern – my flat screen TV.

  60. Thanks for serving me so well
    By Morris Patton - August 4, 2020

    Moving is always difficult and sometimes can be a nearly impossible task. The farther it is the more likely you are to have damages and the cost is very expensive. So I’m very happy that I found a moving company like All American Moving that was able to revive me with a quality service for a price that was still within my budget. They also packed all my fragile items so everything I own, that was valuable to me, made it safe and sound in one piece. I couldn’t have asked for more and worked with real pleasure. Thanks for this awesome moving service.

  61. Excellent Movers
    By Edward Barnes - July 27, 2020

    After careful consideration I decided to use All American Moving for my move from Florida. I found the movers extremely polite, friendly and helpful. Their honesty and integrity are a credit to the company. I have been recommending their services to friends and family and will continue doing so. Thanks to All American Moving for a great move.

  62. They beat their own quote!
    By Homer Phelps - July 24, 2020

    We had a lot of stuff to move from Florida to New York. A lot of our furniture was heavy and made of solid wood. The finish remained unharmed throughout the move. They boxed everything and did all the work for us. In the end, it took a little less time than expected, so they actually charged us a little less. That made us really happy. It built our trust in them. Because of that we will use and recommend All American Moving in the future.

  63. Affordable experience ever
    By Danny Lawson - July 20, 2020

    Hands down the smoothest and most affordable move I have EVER experienced and listen people, I have moved more in the past 10 years than even I care to admit. Our quote was 100% accurate, the packing team was amazingly swift, and the team was just genuinely pleasant to have around during this highly stressful endeavor. All of my possessions including a baby grand piano and 100 year old grandfather clock made it to the other side unscathed. They also went out of their way to make sure the rooms were set up as we liked and moved said piano around 3 times without a single complaint! I would not hesitate to trust and use All American Moving again if needed.

  64. Awesome company
    By Rene Phelps - July 18, 2020

    I used these guys for a long distance move, and they were awesome. The movers were really nice, professional and went way above and beyond to alleviate my moving related stress. The guys were so nice the whole time I even invited them to have a beer with me after (to which they politely declined because I wasn’t their last job of the day)! But seriously… awesome company with awesome people!

  65. Good Job Guys!!!!
    By Kenneth Thompson - July 14, 2020

    The team showed up as promised, worked hard constantly in very hot and humid weather. My house was loaded in less time than I thought, and the movers unloaded to the rooms as we requested. They even moved a couple of things that were already in the house. They worked hard under difficult conditions and they promised I’d be happy and I was really impressed! This was an excellent moving experience and I would recommend All American Moving to everyone in my family and friends.

  66. Real pros
    By Clay Foster - July 11, 2020

    They paid a visit to us to make a quote. The moving consultant explained to us the details of the service. We accepted the quote and decided to move with them. They were petty organized, punctual and everything ran very good. They did the whole thing for us, and all our stuff got no damage during the loading process. They were also quick when unloading. We were impressed about their great skills and commitment.

  67. Very pleased with the service
    By James Lee - July 8, 2020

    All American Moving was awesome! The men were very nice, helpful and efficient and all our items made it to our new place without a scratch. When I booked the moving company, they were very quick to reply with a quote and the quote was less expensive than the other four companies I contacted. We were very pleased with the service and will definitely call All American Moving for our next move!

  68. My Vegas Journey
    By Nelson Santos - July 3, 2020

    From day one of my movers made the moving process very easy. Moving all the way across the country was challenging enough but when I chose All American Moving for my move it was a great decision. The movers were professional, wrapped and packed my items carefully and when my belongings got to the destination all the way from Florida I was very excited. I thank them for all they have done and I would definitely recommend them to anyone. Five stars from me.

  69. They are great movers
    By Jimmy Scott - June 30, 2020

    Their system was quite amazing and efficient, and they moved all of my belongings into the truck in 30 minutes! The customer service experience was top notch, and the foreman ran a great crew to make sure everything went the way it was supposed to. Thanks to All American Moving and their incredible moving day staff for living up to and exceeding expectations.

  70. I cannot thank these guys enough
    By Lucia Joseph - June 25, 2020

    My husband and I have moved entirely too many times in the past due to job relocation. EVERY time we have done it alone with just the help of a few friends. We put our trust into All American Moving and let them guide us in the right direction! We are extremely thankful for the easy process and the ease of mind knowing that it would all be taken care of for us. We were nervous the night before and called, their sales rep answered during his personal time with his family & assured us everything would go as planned, which it did. Would HIGHLY recommend them and plan to ONLY use them in the future!!

  71. Fast and accurate
    By Matthew Flores - June 23, 2020

    No one would have expected that. Honestly speaking, that entire package came as a surprise. We were used to the local relocation companies that would come in the morning and leisurely carry out the relocation without minding about time. With All American Moving, it was completely different. They had come to deliver the super awesome relocation services within a stipulated time and nothing was going to stop them. The services took less longer than I had estimated.

  72. 5 stars for this company
    By Louis Rodriguez - June 20, 2020

    I was looking for a good moving company. So, all the big moving companies that I called, I called a few to compare since I move just about every year and I tried to keep the expense down. Well I’ll say this; I’ll be hiring All American Moving from now on. Everything went very well, the crew was great, really hustled and they were happy to do everything I asked, and I know I’m very picky. They got me as a customer when my lease is up next year for sure. I give them high props 5 stars.

  73. These guys were great!
    By Robert Richardson - June 16, 2020

    They moved my son and daughter-in-law into their storage facility a couple of weeks ago and she said they did a great job and were very nice and professional. We decided to use them to move us and were incredibly pleased with the service they provided. The crew was friendly and helpful and their hard work made the move go very quickly even though it was such a long drive. They set up everything in our new house exactly as we asked and it all looked great. They did a nice job wrapping up all our furniture for the move, and they were even very careful with our new wood floors and covered them so they wouldn’t scratch them up, which was my main worry. Two thumbs up!

  74. They did a marvelous job
    By Wilbur James - June 11, 2020

    All American Moving really cared for me because they packed and moved all my belongings with a lot of care. They used many types of protection and they moved all the furniture without bumping onto the walls. Everything was delivered on time and there was not a single damage on anything. The moving guys were very nice and kind. They even helped at the new place and did not charge me for it. All American Moving is truly one of a kind. They are efficient, caring and very professional. I highly recommend this moving company to all.

  75. Most hardworking movers
    By Jared Strickland - June 9, 2020

    We used All American Moving for our move. I have never seen a crew that gets paid hourly that work this hard! Every member of the four-man crew stayed busy the entire time. The foreman was well experienced and managed his team professionally. Our furniture arrived intact and all was finished within the estimated schedule. I was impressed and very pleased with the value of service I received and the price. I would be happy to recommend them to any of my friends.

  76. I got the best moving services
    By DavidCooper - June 7, 2020

    After the new job offer came, I couldn’t wait to leave. I hired All American Moving as I had to move on such a short notice and I was quite stressed to do it all on my own. They really helped me through this process. Their quote was more than rational and the movers were very capable. All my belongings were neatly packed and then loaded onto 2 vans. Both vans arrived at the same time on the scheduled date. I’m so glad they made my move so easy and simple. I will definitely hire them again.

  77. Nice guys; very helpful
    By Fred Robinson - June 4, 2020

    I looked for movers a few days before I scheduled my move and their sales rep was able to accommodate for the day and time I wanted – awesome! Price was reasonable and they were quick about moving my furniture. Finished well below the time frame I expected and they were very careful with moving items. I will definitely use All American Moving again if I move. Nice guys and great conversation.

  78. Professional, Prompt, Speedy
    By Robin Watts - May 27, 2020

    Excellent moving experience! They showed up when they said they would, and packed my entire house in record time. They provided a “load only,” which means they loaded up a truck I provided. Even after I drove the truck 6 hours, nothing was broken and nothing was shifted. Definitely recommend.

  79. Great experience
    By Ron Russell - May 22, 2020

    I’ve used these movers twice in the last 3 years for long-distance moves. In one case I needed to have several pieces of large furniture moved from Florida to New Jersey. Very few movers were willing to do it, and those that were willing were much too expensive. All American Moving charged far less than anyone else, wrapped and treated my furniture as an antique, and got it there in perfect condition. The movers were on time, careful, and polite. I’ve been extremely satisfied each time I used them, and I would highly recommend them.

  80. Appreciate a stress-free move!
    By Victor Brown - May 18, 2020

    I moved my business a new location. I had many valuables that were very high priced including paintings, sculptures and numerous works of art that were irreplaceable. I had heard about All American Moving and decided to call them to get an estimate. I was greeted with a very courteous sales representative, who reassured me of All American Moving’s excellent degree of service, as I was very nervous with all the expensive items I had to maneuver. Every piece was moved without even a scratch on it. The movers knew exactly how to wrap and pack the items. They were the greatest bunch of guys, and turned what could have been a very stressful experience, into one of the best moving experiences. I will unquestionably be using them again for any future moves, and can highly recommend them.

  81. We recently moved
    By Ralph Henderson - May 14, 2020

    I hired All American Moving because of the reviews I read in this website. It was a fantastic choice. They arrived on time, started working immediately, and did not stop (literally) until the job was finished in record time for me. This was my 15th move, and I can certainly say I have never seen such hard-working men. They were fast and extremely careful with our furniture. Truly professionals. Furthermore, they were polite and well-mannered. The cost of the service is way reasonable and lower than many other companies we consulted. I would DEFINITELY recommend their service to friends.

  82. Great service
    By Aaron Sanders - May 13, 2020

    I called All American Moving to help pick up and move furniture. They made sure everything went very smooth. They called me about 10 minutes prior to the time they would arrive (right on time)! They were very prepared and the moving truck was very clean inside which I was really happy about. The crew was very nice, fast, and efficient. They made sure everything was safe and secure. I would recommend this company to anyone who is looking for the best at what they do.

  83. Difficult move but did great
    By Samuel Bell1 - May 10, 2020

    Although we had a couple of problems with our delivery because we were in such a tough location, I have to say that All American Moving did a great job in the circumstances and I could tell they were doing everything they could to maintain their service to us. We got there in the end and they even increased our discount as an apology for the late delivery, which left a lasting good impression.

  84. I used them twice
    By Justin Adams - May 6, 2020

    This was the second time I have used All American Moving and they proved to be just as wonderful as the first time round. I would recommend them to anyone who needs a reliable and friendly moving team in a heart-beat. Moving can be very stressful and having someone you can trust is critical. Knowing you – and your things – will be well taken care of helps in such a time. While I’m hoping I don’t have to move again for a while, I know which company I am going to use the next time!

  85. They handled my things with care
    By Gerald Griffin - May 4, 2020

    I had a bad experience with one of the local moving companies I hired before. They were a lot of scratches and breakages and some missing items. But with All American Moving, it was the other way around. They provided me with good quality service at a very affordable price. The crew of 4 was very polite, hard working and skillful. They handled my things with great care! I really appreciate all the help.

  86. Friendly movers
    By Andrew Anderson - April 28, 2020

    I got a hold of All American Moving through their website. I liked that it was very friendly with the reader. There was something that caught my attention right away and it is the fact they are a family owned company. I myself am part of a family business and I felt identified with them. They represented well family businesses. I hired three movers, who arrived half an hour before accorded, and who helped us finishing up details. They were organized and loaded the truck in a nick of time. During transportation the driver’s assistant answered our calls and gave us their specific location. The truck arrived during the estimated time window. Yesterday my family finished arranging our new home, and we decided to review All American Moving as a thank you for handling our belongings with care and delivering them undamaged.

  87. Excellent Moving Organization!
    By AlbertMorgan - April 26, 2020

    I wish to thank you for the wonderful support All American Moving deliver to our move earlier this weekend. The crew was phenomenal — friendly, hardworking and professional. They did an incredible job packing up lots of plastic bins and boxes, countless plastic bags of clothing in addition to car seats and strollers, in an organized fashion generating the transition to the new location easier. I can’t even imagine the way we could have done it without their support and yours.

  88. Outstanding movers
    By Erick Green - April 23, 2020

    I just moved from FL to VA and had the best experience with All American Moving!! They seriously made this so simple and easy. Great team of movers on both ends (friendly, diligent, careful with packing/unpacking,? efficient, etc.) and my communication with the office was wonderful as well; phone calls and emails returned immediately, super friendly, etc. I’d recommend them 100%!!

  89. This is an outstanding company
    By Jimmy Thomas - April 21, 2020

    I had two moves that your company took care of for me. One was local in FL and the other was long distance. I have to say that both moves were seamless in that both crews did an exemplary job in executing both moves. I would highly recommend your company based on my experiences. From the beginning with the visit from your estimator to the final execution and deliveries for both moves your company did an outstanding job and I happen to be a very critical individual.

  90. Fantastic service
    By Craig Taylor - April 17, 2020

    We used All American Moving when we moved houses within one state to another. They were brilliant – hard working, professional and friendly. They packed all our possessions the day before, which helped ease the stress levels! On the day, they arrived early and made sure we were out by 1pm and at our new house they’d unpacked and were finished within the allotted time. They placed all the furniture where we wanted it and even built all the beds. Fantastic service for a good price. We would definitely recommend them.

  91. Lovely experience
    By Christina Bennett - April 16, 2020

    This is my second move with All American Moving and it was amazing! They were so courteous and hard working. They communicated with my husband and me through the whole process. We knew the cost, the time estimate, and the answers to all of our questions up front. When it came to the actual move they were punctual, careful, and we genuinely enjoyed having their movers in our home. This was a lovely experience. Highly recommended.

  92. They made my money count
    By Raymond R. - April 12, 2020

    They were on time, cost-effective and extremely receptive in my inquiries. They safeguarded my furniture expertly and their customer service was fantastic. I appreciated the truth that they did a fantastic job going via the process. I would recommend using All American Moving if you are intending a cross nation move. They are the most effective movers in the town.

  93. Outstanding movers
    By Frank Williams - April 9, 2020

    Thanks to All American Moving and specifically to their sales rep for all of his help during our move. I was relocating for a new job and had to be in destination in 10 days with all of my belonging. Their rep was very accurate with our inventory over the phone and explained in detail. What the entire process would be like. Our movers were quick and efficient – they blanketed and pad wrapped all of our furniture. This defiantly wasn’t a cheap process but I can understand why it costs so much to move now across the country. These guys worked very hard. The drop off went just as smoothly as the pickup. I would highly recommend this company if you are moving anyone inside the USA.

  94. Good company; hire them
    By Phillip Johnson - April 8, 2020

    I used All American Moving for my move last week. Their group was punctual and also extremely efficient in their procedure. I received an extremely reasonable quote and also there were no extra markups for extra products that I did not account for. Generally, they helped make a very stressful situation seamless for me. I would extremely recommend utilizing them for your next action.

  95. I am damn impressed
    By Stephen Anderson - April 4, 2020

    This was one of the most impressive moving experiences I have had. Two kind men turned up at my home, and in a matter of minutes were successfully loading up all my stuff. They were relocating really quickly, which I valued as it is a by the hour solution, however they were also incredibly friendly as they were moving. It was wonderful! They unloaded all right stuff at my location in secs flat, and after that took a whole heaping pile of things. I didn’t also need to go with! I would recommend All American Moving in a flash!

  96. 5 stars from me
    By Vernon Williams - March 28, 2020

    I chose All American Moving because I’d heard some good things about them from friends who had recently moved. They gave me a quick estimate and were easy to schedule with. They were very professional and accommodating. The day of our move the guys were courteous and worked quickly. They are the main reason I’m giving them 5 stars and the reason I will be using them again if I need to.

  97. They accomplished the task
    By Ann Parks - March 27, 2020

    The entire team at All American Moving was really great! My husband and I definitely do recommend them if you’re looking for a mover that’s trustworthy. We have a one-bedroom apartment and they were able to transport everything to our new apartment and it took just about a day. The movers did not need any help and they work extremely well together. Everything was very affordable and we would definitely use them again in the future.

  98. You guys are awesome
    By Micheal Weaver - March 26, 2020

    Not only did the duo for our move arrived a few minutes early, they loaded and unloaded our items quickly, they were pretty much done within the quoted time frame and were super friendly and professional. I love that they laid down their “red carpet” to protect the floor from potential scratches and inevitable debris. They were quite strong, took direction well, and even gave me some interior design advice when I wasn’t sure where to put furniture. We really enjoyed working with them and will definitely recommend this business to others, and call again the next time we move. Thank you!

  99. So far so good
    By Philip Jordan - March 22, 2020

    So far this company has been a pleasure to work with. The foreman supplied us with all of the necessary materials (boxes, tape, and wrapping paper) to pack all of our possessions free of charge. Everything throughout the course of the move thus far has been performed with speed, efficiency and professionalism. Everyone that we have interacted with from All American Moving has been very kind and friendly. So far I have no complaints about my experience with this company. However, we still have not reached our destination and begun the process of moving into our new place so I cannot comment on that stage of the process.

  100. They did really well
    By Ben Todd - March 19, 2020

    We are very impressed with how the All American Moving helped us to move. We relocated from Florida to Kansas. It was funny to talk with them. They took some little more time to finish the job on move day but the entire service was flawless. Four guys came to load the items on truck. All of them were responsive and concern for our demands. They helped us to minimize our stress level. Surprisingly nothing was broken during the procedure despite we had a bunch of fragile stuff. They are truly great. I highly recommend them.

  101. Excellent moving services
    By Tomas Peterson - March 15, 2020

    All American Moving crews were brilliant but their final rate was a little higher than their previous quotation. There was some extra furniture that I requested to wrap in last minute. I think this was the reason of differences between primary and last estimate. Since I didn’t mention the furniture list clearly, I must pay for it. I was not unhappy on that issue. The way their boys worked for my move, just showed nothing but their proficiency. All items were nicely wrinkled and all items were labeled on accurate boxes so that nothing got damaged into the truck. They gave their best effort and as a result, I acquired an excellent moving experience.

  102. They are the best movers
    By Ted Larson - March 13, 2020

    I decided for a move and chose their service. Truly said, I can’t say enough about them. My relative recommended me and they were pleased with the movers service. They moved all stuff at a fixed window. It was full of fun to me too. My apartment was on the 5th floor so lifting and shifting was really hard task for them. Took all boxes of stuff and put them into the truck though the service lift was out of order but there was no grudge on their behavior. Their driver seemed well trained and reached on the destination in due time. I paid their charge with some tips. I think they are the right mover for everyone.

  103. Staff
    By KSmithson1 - March 10, 2020

    I’ve had a wonderful experience so far with my mover. Alexandra Furman has been excellant to work with and easy to contact and always replying back quickly to questions and worries. I was very pleased and proud to work with her on this very stressful move from NC to MO. I am very grateful she and the rest of your staff and the movers were so helpful and honest.

  104. Amazing experience!
    By Jaime Barrett - March 10, 2020

    All American Moving was very efficient in moving jobs and polite in dealing with the customers. We did a long distance move and we are very much satisfied on their work. The crews seemed very experienced. We did almost nothing to move our costly furniture and other stuff. Their team consisted of four members. They packed our valuable accessories so that they might not get broken or scratched. Though they are not extremely cheap but quite affordable for me and I know a cheap rate can never give the best service! In a word, full five stars to the team and the company. Very much pleased!

  105. They have done it
    By Bobby Mendez - March 7, 2020

    I wanted to really move out fast, it was so urgent to relocate as I had been posted elsewhere and I had delayed due to some personal issues. I called All American Moving and they were on standby and responded to my calls. The paper work was done in a matter of minutes. I really appreciate their prompt actions and I can say they are so professional in whatever they do. I definitely will use them next time.

  106. They are the best
    By Oscar Bowman - March 5, 2020

    All American Moving put my mind and pocket at ease. Everyone that my son and I dealt with was professional, friendly and efficient. The entire process was seamless. This company has followed through on all of my expectations. The greatest gift that I could offer anyone who is making a move between states to states, is a recommendation for the use of this company. Movers don’t get better than this!!!

  107. They are excellent movers
    By Dennis Erickson - February 24, 2020

    I know that there are many movers but I also know that only few are good to handle tricky moves. Most of the moving companies promise a lot but never come close to keep their commitments. But All American Moving is not like any other ordinary moving companies. They know how to serve their customers. I have used this company few days ago while relocating to MD. It was quite a tricky and big move considering the volume of the goods and nature of the move. But they still delivered all the goods before the schedule and also managed to deliver everything in one piece. I must say that they charged a very competitive price as well. Highly recommended!

  108. Thank you so much
    By Louis Carson - February 23, 2020

    I am single and really have no family to help me and I had to move just recently. I am happy to report that I decided to go with the right company and I had a very good move, the movers treated my household goods as if they were their own. I am so surprised with how much respect they had for me, seeing as how I was all alone and wouldn’t be able to fend for myself. I couldn’t have asked for a better move, even if it was just my one bedroom apartment….. I will be telling my new friends all about All American Moving.

  109. Thanks guys
    By Orville Martinez - February 20, 2020

    We needed a last minute moving crew and these guys proved to be the ideal candidates. They were scrupulous with our belongings and took the time to go the extra mile by rearranging the furniture in our home to our picky standards. Customer service went above and beyond. It felt like we were moved by family and not a moving company. Thanks again.

  110. They nailed it
    By Alton Berry - February 17, 2020

    I had a very good experience hiring guys at All American Moving. They were punctual, nice and handled all my staff with care. Also, I was very much pressed on time because of a planned meeting later that day. And they nailed it all within the super tight time frame I had. Three hours minimum, this was the perfect time for us. Very affordable and the two guys worked quickly and very professional. I would definitely refer friends and family to these guys!! I would definitely recommend them.

  111. I will hire them again
    By Sharon Bowman - February 16, 2020

    This was my 2nd dance with All American Moving. Their foreman and his team were amazing. They provided counseling in what was a very stressful day for me, a voice of reason, and professional guidance. Seriously, the lead guy actually said, I love helping people. Great personalities, easy to work with, and very accommodating. Will definitely use All American Moving for the next move. Thank you!

  112. Five star experience
    By Harriet Walton - February 13, 2020

    I am now an ardent fan of this mover. The service was Awesome. I received helpful and courteous service, who arranged the order. They were pleasant to work with in every way, and made the move absolutely painless. The furniture arrived before I did. My son oversaw the unloading. He said that the unloading people were tremendously helpful and hard-working as well. So in all respects this was a five-star experience! I will recommend All American Moving to anyone planning a move.

  113. I can only recommend
    By Erik Hoffman - February 11, 2020

    I’ve moved a few times in my life and it can be such a stressful experience, but All American Moving honestly made it so much easier. They were so helpful, kind and just ready to work! The move was quick and easy and saved me such a headache. Out of all the movers I’ve used, this one is the best. They were organized, knowledgeable and just overall life-savers! Definitely will use them in the future!

  114. They are excellent movers
    By Monica Nunez - February 8, 2020

    Due to my husband’s job, my family and I move a minimum of twice a year. I am so happy we chose All American Moving to do our moving this trip. They were on time, nothing was broken, and they were extremely polite. All American Moving will definitely be my go-to movers after this excellent experience.

  115. We will use them again
    By Raymond H. - February 7, 2020

    Our move could not have been a better experience! All American Moving went above and beyond in so many ways. Every single person that we dealt with along the process was polite, friendly, and ready to bend over backwards to make sure that our needs were met. The price was excellent also! We would HIGHLY recommend All American Moving and would definitely use them again.

  116. They are consistent performers
    By Camille Gibbs - February 4, 2020

    I’ve used All American Moving twice. Was impressed that they were the only company that actually came to the house to see what I owned before quoting me. I came back the second time because of the great experience I originally had with them. The second time was just as good. I have no idea how 3 guys can work as hard as my crew did for 8 hours! Professional, courteous, and efficient. I don’t plan to move again, but I definitely tell my friends about All American Moving.

  117. Best for long distance moving
    By Garry Franklin - January 29, 2020

    I was elated with All American Moving when my family and I moved. The movers arrived on time and they were patient and courteous when moving all our storage boxes and furniture out of our apartment. They worked hard moving everything our new home and even asked us where we specifically wanted to place everything. I love how the movers went above and beyond to please us. They were definitely an awesome help to us during this new chapter in our lives. I would definitely recommend All American Moving to those who are making long distance moves!

  118. They are moving gems
    By Mary Owen - January 24, 2020

    I have moved on my own previously and it’s such a difficult, time consuming experience. I swore never to do it once more as well as decided to hire an actual moving company for my next action. I am SO grateful I discovered All American Moving. They made relocating an absolute breeze as well as took a load off my shoulders. Everything showed up in perfect condition and also precisely. I will most definitely be using this superb team of movers for any type of future moves we might have.

  119. This company is really good
    By Natalie Carlson - January 22, 2020

    Relocating is currently a demanding event as well as I had no plans of carrying on my very own, in spite of numerous invites from a number of pals that used to help me move. I simply intended to finish the job without the problem of counting on other people, as well as I understood that I wanted a business that might supply dependable yet fast service. We have made use of All American Moving in the past, so it was a no brainer. I would certainly call them for all my future requirements.

  120. Finest relocation decision
    By Ginger Jones - January 18, 2020

    I would certainly vouch off all moving companies till All American Moving. I had a very disappointment the one time I determined to employ a moving company, so I claimed never again. However a far away move is a different monster, so I sucked it up and also worked with a company and also decided to go with them. FINEST RELOCATING DECISION. From the first phone interaction to the extremely last one with their moving companies, it was constantly pleasurable as well as valuable. As well as the packaging was done quite possibly, this is one of the most vital points while relocating. Thank you so very much!!

  121. They are fantastic
    By Ethel Hampton - January 17, 2020

    I was very pleased with All American Moving! They offer excellent prices and even far better solution! They showed up on schedule as well as were fast, effective, and also absolutely made sure right into relocating me into my new house with no damages to any of my valuables. They genuinely take the burn out of moving throughout the country!

  122. Happy with the services
    By Homer Hall - January 15, 2020

    I hired All American Moving while making a move from Florida to New York. I was quite pleased with the prompt, efficient and careful team. They took no time in packing everything and carried all the heavy items carefully. Even the delivery was on time. It was a great relief to find all the belongings in great condition. I am happy with its long-distance moving services.

  123. Highly recommended
    By Roland Walton - January 13, 2020

    All American Moving made my moving experience enjoyable, easy and MUCH less stressful! Moving is a stressful time and the team made me feel comfortable with the process. From the first phone call in the office, to the 3 men who moved me, my experience was nothing shy of amazing! To anyone looking to move, I would recommend All American Moving in a heartbeat!

  124. They have a great workforce
    By Rufus Lambert - January 10, 2020

    I found All American Moving online after heavily looking up companies day and night. We saw one thing that was a recurring theme and that’s that very reliable company with a great reputation. We didn’t see any complaints about additional charges were hostage situation which were our biggest fears. Do you want to just move to go easy through them very fast and that’s exactly what happened. We are at artisan that were settled in our new home and we pay less money than we expected for our relocation and I’m sure not many people can say that about the moving company they used. Did the guys can’t see for yourself how efficient they are we are extremely happy with the service.

  125. My moving experience
    By Victoria Howell - January 9, 2020

    This experience was one for the books! Now I’m a traveling girl my career requires me to move about every 3yrs! Usually it’s just a nightmare however I got lucky this time around. I spoke with their sales rep that was just a pleasure. Extremely informative and was there every step of the way. On move day everything went smoothly and I couldn’t be happier! A huge thanks to the rep for following through with everything he said and for a wonderful experience.

  126. Great service
    By Jonathon Andrews - January 8, 2020

    We were very surprised after working with All American Moving only because they are not such a household name. But after the work they did for us I’m sure that will quickly change. They take so much time in the small things like wrapping furniture and packing boxes that nothing is more important than another piece to them. I got calls from the dispatch department giving us a window for pick up in the same went for delivery. The customer service department also took care of making sure the truck has base in the elevator was reserved for us and provided all the proper paperwork that the building needed. All that was left for us to do was let the movers in and let them do what they do best and they did just that.

  127. So inspirational
    By Stanley K - January 6, 2020

    If there is something that has inspired me all through, it is the conduct of All American Moving’s crew. Looking at them, I wish that my own employees would behave the same way. They are so good in all that they do. Their swiftness is above that which you can complain about. They will make you smile even in your deepest of worries. To me, they did that, why wouldn’t it be possible for you?

  128. It was just but superb!
    By Jon Barton - January 4, 2020

    I will forever keep the memories of Florida – Arizona relocation with me. How can I forget such an awesome experience? It was a great deed of relocation with everything in it being awesome right from the word go. They started very early in the morning and by midday; everything was in the awaiting truck, ready to be relocated. The journey seemed even shorter and when they got to my home, they helped me with the arrangement of the chairs and everything else. It was just but superb!

  129. Everything was right
    By Albert Buchanan - December 27, 2019

    Thanks a ton to All American Moving for the great work!! You guys did your thing with helping me out after a long stressful time trying to find a mover. This was a process from hell. I had nonstop calls for weeks, finally I got 3 quotes and submitted them to my company, and the HR rep for my new job picks these guys because of their online reputation. On the day of the move everything went well. They had their own trucks and the moving company was very professional. I really appreciate all the help that I received from their sales rep at their company. He was very sweet and good with my family. I had them pack up all my fragile items as well for a little bit extra cost.

  130. Best Movers Ever
    By Lewis Garrett - December 24, 2019

    My move that supposed to take other moving company hours or even full day to complete was just completed within few hours by the guys sent to me from All American Moving. Really, I was able to realize their professionalism and expertise in work when I watched them pack and move my stuff. They did not even allow me to touch anything until they finish the entire packing and we moved. They must be the best choice of movers for anyone that want to enjoy perfect and peaceful moving experience to any destination. I am not ready to search for another mover since I found All American Moving. Their professionalism, dedication and quality are not to be compared with any other moving company. Thank you so much for the service! I give you A++++.

  131. Now, I believe
    By Benny Dawson - December 22, 2019

    Everything is true, now I believe. I learnt about All American Moving through a relocation review. The clients had talked so well about them. Without making closer considerations, I hired them out. I needed to feel the experience on my own and I am grateful that they made it happen. Keep up the good work. It is the type of Relocation Company I would like to help me when I will be moving anytime in future. I enjoyed their services and the associated relocation costs were within manageable ranges. I am an also grateful because they were able to keep their word. The actual relocation charges were not so different from the quotations. I adore you!

  132. These movers were AMAZING!
    By Jonathon Lafever - December 18, 2019

    These movers were AMAZING! That is all we kept saying! On time, so nice, so professional, careful with our stuff and also they hustled. They were being paid by the hour, but still ran around tirelessly getting as much done as they could in the shortest time possible. We were really impressed and would recommend All American Moving to anyone!

  133. The made it looks so easy
    By Marvin Tamayo - December 14, 2019

    Moving from one state to another with so many belongings and 4 cats was a big challenge ahead and I was under a tight budget. So, I got very few moving options and I hired All American Moving only because of their sales rep. He explained me the entire moving process and scheduled my move according to my preferences. Everything went as planned. Packing, loading, moving everything was smooth as silk and without any unwanted issues. I received everything in one piece and paid almost identical amount which was quoted before the move. There were no hidden fees to bother me. Overall they gave me enough reasons to recommend their services.

  134. You guys are the best
    By Patrick Staples - December 14, 2019

    I was not willing to hire All American Moving at the beginning. I had a good budget for my move because my office was paying for the relocation, so I wanted to hire an expensive and reputed company. But my cousin kept on suggesting me on hiring them. After the successful completion of my relocation process, I just want to recommend this company. They did everything right. It was flawless from the start to the finishing line. These guys are real pros, they knew what needed to be done, they had the idea about the possible outcomes and they very cleverly solved the odds. That is why we moved without any stress and within a very short span of time. Thumbs up for these guys.

  135. Worth recommending to others as well
    By Humberto Armstrong - December 12, 2019

    It’s reassuring to have friends that would recommend you to a great service. This time they recommended me about All American Moving because I was planning to move some items here at the apartment to my old home. The moving guys were awesome! They were able to move swiftly along the narrow hallways that would normally take a lot of time for an ordinary person but for them, it was a breeze. They really showed their professionalism that time. No wonder they have great reviews here.

  136. Good job
    By Brett Fennell - December 10, 2019

    I have used All American Moving for 2 moves and each time is professional and very well done! This move was quick and efficient. My brand new carpets were covered up and furniture moved around until I was happy. You guys are very professional and very caring. Excellent customer service and attitude among the entire group. I’ll surely recommend you guys to my friends who are also looking for a great service! Thanks you so much!

  137. Wonderful service
    By Raymond Blair - December 8, 2019

    Very professional, courteous and helpful! Wonderful service, will recommend again to anyone who is searching for this type of quality service. All American Moving has been consistent right from the very start up until the very end. For me, there are no negative aspects of their service I can see. They seem to have mastered their crafts for a long time. If you have hired them, I’m sure you will love them.

  138. Great Experience
    By Travis Jimenez - December 6, 2019

    We sold our home and used All American Moving at that time and they were great at moving us into our rental. We bought a home and just used them again in last month. The lead guy and his men all did a fantastic job again for us. They were quick and everything arrived in tact and they were happy to help us organize the furniture placement if needed before they left. Plus free boxes! I would certainly use them again.

  139. Quality Move
    By Devin Leonard - December 6, 2019

    The folks in the front office were helpful and responsive. The foreman and his crew were nothing short of wonderful. They were attentive, courteous, polite and fast! I thought there was not any way they would get our house and storage loaded and unloaded in 10 hours. I’ve never seen a group of guys run in and out of the house with multiple boxes. They didn’t break, scratch or drop anything. I would certainly use them again if I ever decide to move again. I recommend them fully.

  140. They won my vote
    By Garry Schultz - December 4, 2019

    Our sales rep really helped me out in a tight spot after the original moving company dropped the ball on me. His estimate was even less than the original one I got. Pick up was prompt and the delivery occurred in a very quick time frame. I would recommend All American Moving to anybody who is looking for a safe and reliable mover. Everything arrived safely and in one piece!

  141. What an amazing company!!!
    By Gary M. - November 27, 2019

    We moved from FL to MD and their manager responded within an hour of our quote request and had provided me a quote in less than an hr. I needed a quick pickup with a two day turnaround and the deposit was processed within the hour as well. They came early for the pickup and my contact person guy was there to coordinate the pickup. He went over all the steps to fully complete the pickup. It went very smoothly for the pickup. I recommend them x 1000 and their reputation on the reviews is nothing less than great that’s been given so far.

  142. Best mover
    By Mervin Denham - November 25, 2019

    How does it feel being relocated by one of the best relocation companies around? How does one feel when you have the very finest of service providers by your side? There is no doubt that the feeling is awesome and so much wonderful. That is the same thing I experienced last weekend when All American Moving crew came down to my initial home to help me with relocations. There was so much professionalism in what they did. I would like my close friends also to have such an experience and that is why I recommend them.

  143. I recommend this company
    By Joe Johnson - November 24, 2019

    The movers were on time, friendly, and efficient. They asked questions when they arrived to make sure they understood the scope and the time it would take. I added a couple extra boxes at the end that I forgot about and they were very accommodating. Nothing was broken or damaged when it arrived at the new house. I highly recommend using this company! Thanks, guys!

  144. Good Job Guys!!!!
    By Nicholas W - November 18, 2019

    The team showed up as promised, worked hard constantly in very hot and humid weather. My house was loaded in less time than I thought, and the movers unloaded to the rooms as we requested. They even moved a couple of things that were already in the house. They worked hard under difficult conditions and they promised I’d be happy and I was really impressed! This was an excellent moving experience and I would recommend All American Moving to everyone in my family and friends.

  145. Very good for long distance move
    By Darrel Morrison - November 16, 2019

    This was my first long distance move and everything was stressing me out, including moving companies. I found out about All American Moving in a Google search and the process was so easy! They made this part of my move absolutely stress free. I was moving by myself and didn’t want to worry about driving an annoying U-HAUL and towing my car 800 miles. I got to Texas, they called me on that Tuesday when it was ready, and I went and unloaded the box and that was it! My belongings were a little dusty when I picked them up, not sure how they got that way, but I’m very thankful they made this part of my move as easy as they did. I would definitely recommend them to anyone doing a long distance move!

  146. This is a good company
    By Neal Fitzgerald - November 14, 2019

    I recently moved from Florida to New York and had a great experience using All American Moving. They were half the cost of a moving company I have used in the past. They delivered on time and the drivers on both ends were incredibly helpful. I would highly recommend this company and will use them in the future if I move again.

  147. It was a pleasure moving with them
    By Ellis Lucas - November 12, 2019

    Some experiences are worth going through over and over again. Some service providers are worth hiring out every single moment. These are the kind of people do not disappoint when assigned something to do, people like All American Moving crew. I was not around when they were doing the relocation to Memphis, TN from Miami, FL. My absence was no reason for them to do a shoddy job. Instead, they did it all diligently without supervision. It was an honor.

  148. They are the best for me
    By Timothy Baker - November 12, 2019

    Why would I mind hiring them out? Why would I think of another relocation company when there is All American Moving? Certainly speaking, I am contented with the kind of services being offered by this company. I am perfectly sorted out when it comes to relocations. They proved to me that they were capable of carrying out flawless relocations that were far much above the average standards. I need nothing more from other movers.

  149. It was a perfect relocation
    By Donald Nelson - November 8, 2019

    I know what is good and what is not. I have a clear conscience of what is ideal and that which is not worth my time or attention. So when I say that All American Moving is perfect, I mean every single word of it. When I say that they are great in terms of the services that they offer, I know for sure that these people are worth hiring out. They accorded me very exceptional services the last time I was relocating to Louisiana. It was all lovely and full of glamour.

  150. They made it easy for us
    By Robert Rodriguez - November 6, 2019

    I recently went online to find a long distance moving company. All American Moving was a little bit more relaxed than some of the others. The other companies wanted to jump right to the money in the deposit aspect where as always moving which were concerned with putting together an accurate inventory list to avoid any problems during pickup and the final delivery. Everybody was moving in the same direction. I’m not sure of the exact hours of the company but I was able to reach somebody very early in the morning and even after hours at night which I really liked. I need a company that was willing to work around my schedule and All American Moving was the company I was looking for.

  151. Excellent professionalism
    By Derek Shelton - November 5, 2019

    I couldn’t figure out at first why every moving company we spoke to wants the detailed inventory list. We found out after speaking with All American Moving is they put their price together based on the amount of space that you use. If in the end you wind of using more space you will pay more just as if you use the space you will pay less. The sales rep was more than helpful in explaining the details of the move. The quality assurance department went over our list leading up to the move date to make sure everything was perfect. By the time the movers came we were so confident we had everything we had nothing to worry about.

  152. They did it beautifully
    By Jose Sanchez - November 3, 2019

    We interviewed all the companies that called us, took notes on all of them then sat down and compare the differences. Most of them had similar process is in similar pitches but we found that always moving where is the easiest to work with and their paperwork was the easiest to follow. We wanted everything down from top to bottom we wanted all the boxes packed as well as all the furniture moved so our price is all inclusive. Their final price was well within our budget actually about $2000 cheaper than we thought and heard from other companies I’m glad we took the time to hear them out. They make it so you can focus on what’s important to you and they handle the move.

  153. Super job!!
    By Kristopher Weaver - October 27, 2019

    The credibility and reliability of your company is off the chart. We had about eight different moving companies compete for our business but in the end your initial estimate and final estimate were the best that we got. This was a stressful time for us and you made it so much easier can even begin to thank you. They made sure our furniture would arrive the same way it left and not have a mover tell us we owed extra money on delivery. All American Moving kept their word and followed it up with outstanding work and a high quality of customer service.

  154. I am their repeat customer
    By Oscar Perez - October 23, 2019

    This was my third time using All American Moving and I don’t mind recommending them. They are efficient and have moved my stuff quickly. They are always very nice and polite. This time I had to have the company, store my stuff overnight until I could move into the new place the next day. The company was willing to accommodate my move requests for afternoons due to the closings on my sale and purchase being in the morning. All of my stuff looks fine, and I didn’t notice any damage. Thanks guys!

  155. Moving was easy with them
    By Zachary Hill - October 20, 2019

    I had a great crew from All American Moving! I’m not one to leave reviews, but I will say this was hands down the best move. The crew was fast, courteous, focused and respectable. Main contact checked in periodically to see if I had any questions and or if things were going well. I really appreciated it. I received a quote not to exceed at the start and they came well under that estimate and the cost was very reasonable and fair. I did not feel gauged, as I have felt in my previous moves. They came highly recommend from another friend and I’m happy to say that I will forward along the recommendation as well.

  156. At least now I have full confidence in them
    By Rogelio Elliott - October 18, 2019

    I had expected the relocations to be a bit hectic because there were many items to be moved. From my estimations, packing everything and loading them on the vehicle was going to take six hours on the lower side. When the movers of All American Moving came over for the relocation, they proved me wrong. In just four hours, all the pieces of furniture, different items had been nicely packed and loaded onto the truck. I did not believe it myself because it was too good to be true! I love efficiency. When service providers do their work efficiently, I get so much thrilled, excited and happy. When I hired this company, I wanted nothing short of that. I wanted them to rise up to the occasion and do it as if their life depended on that relocation.

  157. Recommended
    By Jacob Boyd - October 15, 2019

    I used All American Moving in my very first move and I liked everything about them. I’ve heard people complain about their experience with movers, but there was absolutely no cause of alarm during my move. I used them because I found very positive reviews and ratings online about them and I can say that they are worth everything I read about them. They were honest with their quoting and the pricing was very affordable for the quality service they gave me. I recommend this company to everyone.

  158. This is a great company
    By Cody Schneider - October 15, 2019

    The movers from All American Moving were very polite and skilled. I also loved their attitude towards work. They came on time and embarked on the work without any complaints until everything was completed. They also came with the right moving tools which meant that they carefully and expertly disassembled and parked my things as if they were their own. The process was completed without any loss of my items. All American Moving is a super cool company and I will give them more business in future.

  159. All went well
    By Nathan Harris - October 13, 2019

    Found my dream job and needed a place that could fit me in quick! I only had a couple weeks to prepare for my move. I have a lot of heavy antiques so it was vital that the movers took extra care when preparing those items for the move. I was worried about my stuff because it was such a long haul. What if this and what if that! They were really professional and put my anxiety to rest! Everything arrived exactly as they said, nothing was broke! They move my stuff into my condo without a problem. Didn’t waste any time getting the truck unpacked and setting it up my beds and putting my dressers back together.

  160. Fast and easy move
    By Drew Mason - October 10, 2019

    My son had just graduated from high school and it was a very big hassle planning his trip to an out of state university. Luckily, a friend of mine told me about All American Moving. This company made our lives a whole lot easier and they were fairly cheaper than plenty of other moving companies. If we have to make a move again we would definitely use them. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is planning on travelling. They make moving fast and easy!

  161. The move went well
    By Janice Jones - October 8, 2019

    If you are looking for a great moving company, look no further. When my husband told me to start looking for a moving company to pack and move our 3 bedroom house, I did my research. All American Moving showed up on time to pack all my belongings including my fragile items. I’d trust them to move us again if the need arises and recommend them to my friends and family.

  162. Look no further
    By Lance Joseph - October 7, 2019

    I had to move and I was in desperate need of a reasonably priced, long distance moving company like All American Moving. A friend recommended this company to me and honestly, I was a bit skeptical at first because I didn’t know if it was a scam or not. I called customer service and they got back with me within a few hours and reassured me about moving with them. The team was hardworking and reliable and on time–which was important to me. Moving in general can be nerve-wracking but imagine having to move across several states! All American Moving made moving day so smooth and easy and I won’t hesitate to recommend their services to anyone. If you’re looking for a trustworthy, professional, and stress-free moving company, look no further!

  163. Best value for the money
    By Ignacio W - October 5, 2019

    The crew that moved me did their best to stay focused on making the relocation successful. They didn’t waste time at any point, and their hard work bore fruits. I was heading a long distance with my family after a job transfer, and this company seemed the right ones for the job. Good thing I was right. All our belongings were delivered to the destination on time and in full. None was missing. I would recommend the mover to anyone seeking a mover to handle their relocation. You will get value for your money.

  164. A company to rely
    By Daniel Hughes - October 4, 2019

    This was a decent size job. We were moving 1st time in the last 20 years. I bought this house when I got married and now we have 3 more members, my 2 daughters and my only son. So we had lots of stuff to move which required a lot of skill and strength. We were looking around for a good fit and after reading many positive comments we chose All American Moving. Guys came for the move looked very strong and professional and the foreman was very knowledgeable and technically sound. They were on time, very helpful, well equipped and most importantly careful in every step! Very experienced team that makes sure your move is done without any trouble. We are very lucky to get such 1st class service in an affordable rate.

  165. Great long distance movers
    By Philip Smith - September 27, 2019

    All American Moving was such a lifesaver for me! I had to help my friend moving which in any other situation would have been a total hassle but the experience was fantastic, we really didn’t have to do much of anything. The move went really smoothly and the company was professional and friendly which is great because my friend and I have had some really bad experiences with other moving companies so this was a breath of fresh air. It was also a lot cheaper than I initially anticipated which a plus is always! Overall, I definitely recommend this company and I’ll definitely be using them again if I have to move states.

  166. An honest review
    By JamesCarter - September 24, 2019

    All American Moving has the reputation of the king of moving. We saw firsthand why they have this reputation. This review is meant in all seriousness. They have the hardest working employees I’ve ever seen they offered to do things that were not in the contract they gave us boxes for free they offered to do so many extra things just out of the kindness of their heart how many companies can you say that about? Working with them made moving feel like making breakfast it was that easy that’s why we will continue to recommend them and continue to use them if we ever need to do so thank you all.

  167. Couldn’t have done it without you
    By Mark Patterson - September 23, 2019

    It didn’t take long at all to decide All American Moving was the best company that called us. The first hour of pressing enter the phone never stopped ringing. We spoke to a lot of different companies from different states and heard what they all had to offer. They had the best price per cubic inch out of them all. They also had the storage option which we included in our budget. During the estimate building process we quickly found out the first month of storage was free and that’s all the time we needed before moving into our new home. There was no grey area just business and friendly people working together. They made it all so simple. Thanks again everyone who helped.

  168. Perfect relocation
    By Kevin Turner - September 18, 2019

    I can remember that I first came by this relocation company five years ago. I was taking my routine tour of the various review sites. At that time, I did not have relocation in mind. I just wanted to have a feel of what other people were saying about different service providers. One particular review caught my attention. It was addressed to All American Moving. The manner in which the client expressed himself really touched me. I remembered that last month when I was relocating. I did not find problems setting a slot for my relocation. When it came, it was perfect.

  169. I am grateful
    By Earl Robinson - September 16, 2019

    I will never be disadvantaged as far as relocations are concerned. I associated with the best team and the results were worth it. I did not pay so much yet the results were amazing. The people involved in the relocation were so hardworking. The only time they rested was when they were done with loading all the properties. You did something extraordinary and I believe you deserve appreciations. I will always praise All American Moving for having taken me through a lovely relocation services. The job you did was so perfect and I had such an easy time moving from Florida to Maryland.

  170. Job done
    By Jerry R. - September 15, 2019

    This is a wonderful company and wonderful moving experience thanks. I was paying for my sister’s move for my family and was slammed with a bunch of calls that were brokers until All American Moving called. The sales guy was able to give me an accurate price that was aggressive compared to reputable moving companies all while answering my questions and showing how knowledgeable they were of what he were offering. These guys moved us without any issues. Few broken glassware to end up but that was nothing considering the amount of fragile items we had.

  171. They did everything right
    By Stephen Green - September 12, 2019

    Great moving experience from the start to finish. I did not expect such commitment to making sure we are happy, but All American Moving got the job done. These movers work hard to make you their number one priority and that’s exactly what I needed in my move. From the very beginning, they communicated well and delivered our things on the agreed schedule.

  172. Trust me; they are the best
    By Michael Phillips - September 11, 2019

    If you’re looking for a long-distance move than All American Moving is your safest bet. This company is amazing. Their prices are great for the service I was looking for I moved across the country and coming from a small town to a big city you tend not to have too much money especially when it comes to moving But it was great prices for what I was looking for and the service match it as well and for me I’m a planner so knowing my next step is a big thing for me especially when it’s all of my stuff and they help ease my mind big time I would definitely recommend, trust me on this.

  173. I rate them highest possible
    By HowardRoberts - September 10, 2019

    It’s been a couple of weeks since my move but I wanted to wait to write my review until everything we unpacked. To our delight not a single item we entrusted All American Moving with was damaged in any way. They were on time and had to move stuff up and down stairs and still did an excellent job. I’m very happy with my experience. The guys were super friendly too! This company is excellent and deserves all the stars I could give them.

  174. 2nd time moved with them
    By Jack Thomas - September 9, 2019

    This is my second move with All American Moving and it was amazing! They were so courteous and hard working. They communicated with my husband and I through the whole process. We knew the cost, the time estimate, and the answers to all of our questions up front. When it came to the actual move they were punctual, careful, and we genuinely enjoyed having their movers in our home. This was a lovely experience. Highly recommended.

  175. Quick, friendly, professional
    By Howard Ramirez - September 6, 2019

    All American Moving was very easy to work with, and they made our moving day much less stressful than it could have been. They got back to me quickly with a quote, and when I accepted, gave me clear instructions about what to expect on moving day. Our movers were awesome; they weren’t fazed by the difficult parking situation at our apartment, they were extremely careful with our furniture and their time estimate was right-on.

  176. I am very pleased
    By Chris Butler - September 5, 2019

    I am pleased with this company’s work. I cannot be more direct when it comes to hiring them. They are very professional in the work they perform. The front desk made a great impression on me. The movers that helped me move were very kind and responded quickly to my request. When you hire All American Moving, they do their best to meet your needs. When I moved, I was under a lot of stress. Their workers understood this and tried their best to make moving easy. No one wants their stuff thrown around even if it is 105 degrees outside. They did their best, despite the weather and I am very pleased.

  177. They are fantastic
    By Billy Jackson - August 28, 2019

    Finally I got an offer from the All American Moving. After my second move with these guys I got an offer to move with a great discount! OMG!! Stock was limited. I was given three young guys. Their schedule time was 8:30 am. They arrived on perfect time. The day was hot and very tiring day. But they managed all things quickly and perfectly. Every one of them packed and wrapped my furniture, fridge; books, TV and all those items were put on the truck. At my new place they maneuvered everything on the right place. I think it was my last move because I don’t want to move anymore! But if I do, I will definitely call them again. They are super fantastic!

  178. They gave the value of my money
    By Ernest C. - August 25, 2019

    All American Moving did an amazing job with my move. Our move was done at half the cost compared to other major moving companies. They thoroughly boxed and wrapped up everything I had. In 3 days we received our things. Throughout the move their sales guy was in contact with me and whatever questions I had he was there to help and solve any issues I had during the move. I would definitely use this company again and would recommend them to everyone.

  179. I am so pleased
    By Matthew Baker - August 24, 2019

    I had a two part move, pick up at a house, delivery to two different locations. The foreman and his crew were on time, polite, pleasant and so efficient! The truck was loaded in a staged order, everything was delivered as discussed, no left out items, and nothing missed. These guys were so thorough, double checked the house, each delivery site and made sure it was how I wanted it. I am so pleased!!! I will continue to refer E All American Moving and will use them again soon!

  180. They did a good job
    By Jarvis Napier - August 19, 2019

    I have a big apartment. I could count on to get the job done once and correctly. I put my faith and trust in All American Moving and I’m very glad I did. Their expert moving services made my relocation very smooth and stress free. Things could have been a lot worse but with the help of these movers, I actually enjoyed move instead of fearing it.

  181. I am impressed
    By Boris W - August 16, 2019

    They moved me within a very short notice. The moving team was so helpful. My driver called numerous to keep me updated on his location and arrival date. The move went so smooth they picked up on and delivered on time. There were no problems or breakage I would recommend them to anyone moving!

  182. Good move
    By Lillian Morris - August 16, 2019

    I must say I was very impressed with the service I received. The guys should up early which was a relief to my wife and they were nice and professional and packed up our 2 bedroom apartment in record time and drove it to my new house. The unwrapped everything and took the time to make sure it was right where we wanted it and I could not be happier. They gave me a flat rate for the move. Happy wife is a Happy Husband. I highly recommend All American Moving.

  183. That was the best
    By Roy Alexander - August 12, 2019

    The relocation services they offered me were unmatchable. I had a team of dedicated and committed experts relocate me to Michigan. The services I received from them were so great. Instead of the hectic experience that most of my friends talked about, I was about to relocate in such an easy and captivating way. I cannot wait to go through such an experience again. You can try All American Moving!

  184. I will use them again
    By Arthur40 - August 10, 2019

    I used these movers last week and I thought they were awesome! I moved from a one bedroom apartment (with an upright piano) and it only took them 45 minutes to load and unload the truck. I moved only a little over a 30 minute distance. They were done in less than two and a half hours and they did an awesome job! Great guys that made sure my property were protected during the move! I have already suggested them to a friend moving in September and if I ever move again I will use them again!

  185. Thanks for the job well done
    By Maximo P. - August 8, 2019

    Me and my family have used this company several times. We have never been disappointed. The quote is quick and the price is good. The guys that come out are fast and helpful. It amazes me how much they carry down 3 flights of stairs! They help set up whatever you need, carry stuff to the storage and ask if you need anything else. Honestly I don’t think I would ever use another mover. They are amazing, hard working, honest guys! Thanks for providing such a great service!

  186. I can count on them
    By Sherman Terry - August 7, 2019

    Moving in general is stressful; working with All American Moving relieved so much of that stress. They were so helpful from beginning to end. They made me feel like all questions and concerns were good ones. When they picked up all of my belongings they were respectful and very gentle. I was nervous it wouldn’t be to my new home in time but when I arrived in Memphis, TN, it was there! I am so happy that I decided to work with this company, I would refer them to all of my family and friends if any of them needed a referral.

  187. They are unique
    By EdwardWilson - August 5, 2019

    The two movers from All American Moving showed impeccable skills in handling household goods. It was very easy getting along with them as they were very friendly, which helped when I needed them to clarify some things about the move. They were very good communicators, and I found them to be very insightful as well. However, I would advocate for three movers next time I move, not that two aren’t enough, but these guys worked so hard and without any break that I felt for them. Nevertheless, no competition can stand the work of All American Moving.

  188. Reputation earned
    By Steven Allen - August 4, 2019

    The movers were fantastic, very skillful and friendly. I was totally satisfied with what they did for us. Their salesperson was very honest and helpful, and it allowed us to plan well and, in the end, we were given I think some of the best movers. I now know why All American Moving is a top rated and most sought after moving company. Their service was irreproachable. They all demonstrated excellent moving skills. They worked hard, and I want to thank them for accomplishing the work on time.

  189. They did a lot for me
    By Victor Henderson - July 27, 2019

    They provided excellent service for my slightly complicated move. I had a storage locker to empty and an apartment in different suburbs with everything going to a third suburb. I was phoned very soon after I submitted an online request and they answered all my questions. The two guys I was sent were on time, very strong and with great endurance and very efficient. They knew how to pack the truck efficiently and safely transport mirrors, TV etc. I would highly recommend this company.

  190. This company is the best
    By Brandon80 - July 23, 2019

    In the relocation industry, there are many companies that claim to offer the best relocation services. It may take you sometime to know the best one out of all though alternatively you can listen to experiences from other people and make the judgment. Recently I discover the best relocation company in the industry – All American Moving. This relocation company is way different from the rest. For instance, the hard work with their crew is not evident with any other company. They are not only dedicated but also timekeepers, values that many companies lack. They are the best I know of.

  191. Very impressive
    By Berry C. - July 20, 2019

    This process this time was so simple and stress free and the movers and sales team were absolutely fantastic and so kind and knowledgeable. I have yet to determine just how amazing they are but as long as they treat others how they treated us, then they will be in business a long time. Thanks to All American Moving.

  192. All the compliments for them
    By Marco Andrews - July 19, 2019

    We were exhausted getting this move completed. I will say this as ironic as it sounds the movers and the actual moving was the easiest part if all of this. All American Moving was exceptional. They listened to all our requests and showed us the best way to do it. We reserved our move about 2 months prior to the day of pickup so we were able to save a few hundred because of the early booking but when it mattered most we were not up charged or taken advantage of. They treated us with respect and we have nothing but compliments for the company they keep.

  193. This is a great company
    By Alphonse Macias - July 16, 2019

    Moving can be a stressful time but the people of this company made our move easy! I highly recommend looking at using them for your move. When I first looked at their website I noticed their movers were trained, licensed and insured which immediately put my fears at ease. Continuing on their website, it was easy to follow and find exactly what I needed. In fact, they even had a place to get a free quote. They even had an option for storage if needed! Knowing that they are a local company serving the city is great.

  194. Will use them again if I need
    By Damian Winkler - July 14, 2019

    From the moment I called All American Moving, I was impressed. The receptionist was courteous and answered all questions I had and assuring me the move would be simple. She was right. I had always dreaded moving away for college due to dreadful stories I had heard about moving. This was nothing like that the crew was friendly and handled all of my belonging with extreme care. They placed my items in the moving truck carefully and took them to their destination without an issue. This was the most stress-less move I have ever had and will definitively be choosing All American Moving in the future!

  195. Good price and service
    By Brain Jaramillo - July 14, 2019

    I haven’t moved awhile and was a bit nervous moving my valuable stuff (mainly because the last moving company I used destroyed my precious vase). I was actually quite pleased and took pretty good care of many things. They were also very responsive to my requests and actually followed instructions for some of the things that were valuable to me (like extra care for my dining table and lovely bookshelf). Overall, I got what I asked for at a reasonable price.

  196. Great price and service
    By Vicente C - July 9, 2019

    We HIGHLY recommend All American Moving. You get hard working, polite, clean and trust worthy movers who care. These guys are willing to help in any way they can. My sister lost our grandfather and needed to get a house packed up fast then get it to another state. We packed and they loaded drove to the other end then unloaded as well. We got lucky finding these guys. Price was more than fair.

  197. They were fantastic
    By Bryce Holm - July 6, 2019

    I am satisfied with my moving experience because All American Moving proved them during this entire move. From the time of pickup, through the transport, until the final drop off, they made sure to maintain a consistent pace that got the job done. Nothing was destroyed or broken during this move. Very professional, no nonsense moving company!

  198. Life savers
    By Carmen V. - July 5, 2019

    We hired All American Moving for an emergency move. They acted fast and efficient, item moved quick out to their facility and delivered back 2 weeks after. Pricing and information was given upfront and since it’s not my first time moving I also knew what’s involve. I can say that due to that experience (mostly bad in the past with other companies) that I will definitely use them again when the time comes.

  199. I do recommend them
    By Aron Rosado - June 25, 2019

    I enjoyed my moving with All American Moving. Were it not for them, my move from Florida to Idaho wouldn’t have been a success. I found everyone at this company to be very honest and very helpful, from their manager to the estimator and from the customer support staffs to their movers. I was totally satisfied with their service and I must recommend them.

  200. This is the best company
    By BenjaminJackson - June 21, 2019

    In every sector, there must be that company that does its work just beyond service. Personally, I love working with the best. They give the experience one needs. It is rare for someone to land on such companies. I count myself lucky having landed on All American Moving. Last month they facilitated my relocation, and I loved it. They were few on mistakes and perfected on time. I can’t wait to have them facilitate my relocation once more.

  201. Moving gurus
    By Omar Anderson - June 19, 2019

    I had an amazing experience with All American Moving! The movers arrived on time and were very respectful. They worked efficiently and handled any fragile marked boxes with extra care. I didn’t lose any items in the transportation process. All moving costs were super affordable, which was a huge plus. I moved from Miami, FL to Frisco, TX – a huge move but it was a swift process with this company! I am definitely recommending this moving company to any friends or family planning a move in the near future. Thanks for helping me move!

  202. They move went smoothly
    By Leon Rhodes - June 15, 2019

    I have no words to thank the moving team and the sales rep of All American Moving. They have moved us from Orlando, FL all the way to Norfolk, VA. During the entire move, they have never did anything wrong. The team of 4 men showed up on time at the move day, did the wrapping flawlessly, boxed all my valuables nicely, packed everything with great care and loaded everything on the trucks without any mishaps. The moving crew delivered all my belongings within the scheduled time and unloaded effortlessly. They helped us unpacking and setting up the new house and till the end we couldn’t find one little mistake by these movers. They are simply brilliant.

  203. Will use them again
    By Tyron Felton - June 10, 2019

    I had a blast with All American Moving. They are quick, courteous, professional and careful. They had a very positive attitude and treated my belongings as if it were their own. That’s the reason nothing was damaged. They were simply great! They moved my belongings in record time, with no problems whatsoever. I will definitely use All American Moving again and will definitely refer them to all of my friends!

  204. Movers are great
    By Samuel Thomas - June 5, 2019

    I am really very happy with the service that I received from All American Moving. I used them for a move. Though I was not a very big move but they have showed me what they were capable of. Movers came on time and began the work straightaway. They had a plan about the move and managed the move in a very professional way. Actually they completed my move before the scheduled time and charged me fewer than the original quote. Nothing was missing or stolen. I loved to see their professionalism and care for my belongings. In my opinion they are the real moving heroes. I must thank the movers for providing me a problem free and smooth move.

  205. They know their job
    By Charles Haynes - June 3, 2019

    They moved my things out very quickly and with care. I have a lot of antiques and expensive furniture so I was defiantly looking for a company I felt comfortable with and could trust. From the very beginning I had a good feeling with All American Moving. I highly recommend this company. You will not be dissatisfied what so ever.

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