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All American Moving is South Florida’s premier moving company. Why you ask? At, All American Moving we are dedicated to providing the best professional moving services for our customers through quality training, friendly service and a customer first philosophy.

In order to provide the best services, we offer comprehensive residential and commercial moving and storage services locally, cross-state as well as nationwide. Our mission is to exceed our customer’s expectations through affordable solutions and excellent customer service. Based in Boca Raton, FL, our company is founded on our own core values that moving should be safe, stress-free and affordable.

When moving your family or your business, know that you can rely on the team at All American Moving . For years, All American Moving has been providing an unmatched commitment to customer service and a dedication to superior professionalism and quality. We recognize that moving can be stressful and that each customer has a different moving plan; therefore, we will create customized solutions for the efficient movement of your valuable possessions. Our South Florida moving company has diverse capabilities for handling all of your relocation needs and will work with you to make a successful transition.

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  1. They did a good job
    By Jarvis Napier - August 19, 2019

    I have a big apartment. I could count on to get the job done once and correctly. I put my faith and trust in All American Moving and I’m very glad I did. Their expert moving services made my relocation very smooth and stress free. Things could have been a lot worse but with the help of these movers, I actually enjoyed move instead of fearing it.

  2. I am impressed
    By Boris W - August 16, 2019

    They moved me within a very short notice. The moving team was so helpful. My driver called numerous to keep me updated on his location and arrival date. The move went so smooth they picked up on and delivered on time. There were no problems or breakage I would recommend them to anyone moving!

  3. Good move
    By Lillian Morris - August 16, 2019

    I must say I was very impressed with the service I received. The guys should up early which was a relief to my wife and they were nice and professional and packed up our 2 bedroom apartment in record time and drove it to my new house. The unwrapped everything and took the time to make sure it was right where we wanted it and I could not be happier. They gave me a flat rate for the move. Happy wife is a Happy Husband. I highly recommend All American Moving.

  4. That was the best
    By Roy Alexander - August 12, 2019

    The relocation services they offered me were unmatchable. I had a team of dedicated and committed experts relocate me to Michigan. The services I received from them were so great. Instead of the hectic experience that most of my friends talked about, I was about to relocate in such an easy and captivating way. I cannot wait to go through such an experience again. You can try All American Moving!

  5. I will use them again
    By Arthur40 - August 10, 2019

    I used these movers last week and I thought they were awesome! I moved from a one bedroom apartment (with an upright piano) and it only took them 45 minutes to load and unload the truck. I moved only a little over a 30 minute distance. They were done in less than two and a half hours and they did an awesome job! Great guys that made sure my property were protected during the move! I have already suggested them to a friend moving in September and if I ever move again I will use them again!

  6. Thanks for the job well done
    By Maximo P. - August 8, 2019

    Me and my family have used this company several times. We have never been disappointed. The quote is quick and the price is good. The guys that come out are fast and helpful. It amazes me how much they carry down 3 flights of stairs! They help set up whatever you need, carry stuff to the storage and ask if you need anything else. Honestly I don’t think I would ever use another mover. They are amazing, hard working, honest guys! Thanks for providing such a great service!

  7. I can count on them
    By Sherman Terry - August 7, 2019

    Moving in general is stressful; working with All American Moving relieved so much of that stress. They were so helpful from beginning to end. They made me feel like all questions and concerns were good ones. When they picked up all of my belongings they were respectful and very gentle. I was nervous it wouldn’t be to my new home in time but when I arrived in Memphis, TN, it was there! I am so happy that I decided to work with this company, I would refer them to all of my family and friends if any of them needed a referral.

  8. They are unique
    By EdwardWilson - August 5, 2019

    The two movers from All American Moving showed impeccable skills in handling household goods. It was very easy getting along with them as they were very friendly, which helped when I needed them to clarify some things about the move. They were very good communicators, and I found them to be very insightful as well. However, I would advocate for three movers next time I move, not that two aren’t enough, but these guys worked so hard and without any break that I felt for them. Nevertheless, no competition can stand the work of All American Moving.

  9. Reputation earned
    By Steven Allen - August 4, 2019

    The movers were fantastic, very skillful and friendly. I was totally satisfied with what they did for us. Their salesperson was very honest and helpful, and it allowed us to plan well and, in the end, we were given I think some of the best movers. I now know why All American Moving is a top rated and most sought after moving company. Their service was irreproachable. They all demonstrated excellent moving skills. They worked hard, and I want to thank them for accomplishing the work on time.

  10. They did a lot for me
    By Victor Henderson - July 27, 2019

    They provided excellent service for my slightly complicated move. I had a storage locker to empty and an apartment in different suburbs with everything going to a third suburb. I was phoned very soon after I submitted an online request and they answered all my questions. The two guys I was sent were on time, very strong and with great endurance and very efficient. They knew how to pack the truck efficiently and safely transport mirrors, TV etc. I would highly recommend this company.

  11. This company is the best
    By Brandon80 - July 23, 2019

    In the relocation industry, there are many companies that claim to offer the best relocation services. It may take you sometime to know the best one out of all though alternatively you can listen to experiences from other people and make the judgment. Recently I discover the best relocation company in the industry – All American Moving. This relocation company is way different from the rest. For instance, the hard work with their crew is not evident with any other company. They are not only dedicated but also timekeepers, values that many companies lack. They are the best I know of.

  12. Very impressive
    By Berry C. - July 20, 2019

    This process this time was so simple and stress free and the movers and sales team were absolutely fantastic and so kind and knowledgeable. I have yet to determine just how amazing they are but as long as they treat others how they treated us, then they will be in business a long time. Thanks to All American Moving.

  13. All the compliments for them
    By Marco Andrews - July 19, 2019

    We were exhausted getting this move completed. I will say this as ironic as it sounds the movers and the actual moving was the easiest part if all of this. All American Moving was exceptional. They listened to all our requests and showed us the best way to do it. We reserved our move about 2 months prior to the day of pickup so we were able to save a few hundred because of the early booking but when it mattered most we were not up charged or taken advantage of. They treated us with respect and we have nothing but compliments for the company they keep.

  14. This is a great company
    By Alphonse Macias - July 16, 2019

    Moving can be a stressful time but the people of this company made our move easy! I highly recommend looking at using them for your move. When I first looked at their website I noticed their movers were trained, licensed and insured which immediately put my fears at ease. Continuing on their website, it was easy to follow and find exactly what I needed. In fact, they even had a place to get a free quote. They even had an option for storage if needed! Knowing that they are a local company serving the city is great.

  15. Will use them again if I need
    By Damian Winkler - July 14, 2019

    From the moment I called All American Moving, I was impressed. The receptionist was courteous and answered all questions I had and assuring me the move would be simple. She was right. I had always dreaded moving away for college due to dreadful stories I had heard about moving. This was nothing like that the crew was friendly and handled all of my belonging with extreme care. They placed my items in the moving truck carefully and took them to their destination without an issue. This was the most stress-less move I have ever had and will definitively be choosing All American Moving in the future!

  16. Good price and service
    By Brain Jaramillo - July 14, 2019

    I haven’t moved awhile and was a bit nervous moving my valuable stuff (mainly because the last moving company I used destroyed my precious vase). I was actually quite pleased and took pretty good care of many things. They were also very responsive to my requests and actually followed instructions for some of the things that were valuable to me (like extra care for my dining table and lovely bookshelf). Overall, I got what I asked for at a reasonable price.

  17. Great price and service
    By Vicente C - July 9, 2019

    We HIGHLY recommend All American Moving. You get hard working, polite, clean and trust worthy movers who care. These guys are willing to help in any way they can. My sister lost our grandfather and needed to get a house packed up fast then get it to another state. We packed and they loaded drove to the other end then unloaded as well. We got lucky finding these guys. Price was more than fair.

  18. They were fantastic
    By Bryce Holm - July 6, 2019

    I am satisfied with my moving experience because All American Moving proved them during this entire move. From the time of pickup, through the transport, until the final drop off, they made sure to maintain a consistent pace that got the job done. Nothing was destroyed or broken during this move. Very professional, no nonsense moving company!

  19. Life savers
    By Carmen V. - July 5, 2019

    We hired All American Moving for an emergency move. They acted fast and efficient, item moved quick out to their facility and delivered back 2 weeks after. Pricing and information was given upfront and since it’s not my first time moving I also knew what’s involve. I can say that due to that experience (mostly bad in the past with other companies) that I will definitely use them again when the time comes.

  20. I do recommend them
    By Aron Rosado - June 25, 2019

    I enjoyed my moving with All American Moving. Were it not for them, my move from Florida to Idaho wouldn’t have been a success. I found everyone at this company to be very honest and very helpful, from their manager to the estimator and from the customer support staffs to their movers. I was totally satisfied with their service and I must recommend them.

  21. This is the best company
    By BenjaminJackson - June 21, 2019

    In every sector, there must be that company that does its work just beyond service. Personally, I love working with the best. They give the experience one needs. It is rare for someone to land on such companies. I count myself lucky having landed on All American Moving. Last month they facilitated my relocation, and I loved it. They were few on mistakes and perfected on time. I can’t wait to have them facilitate my relocation once more.

  22. Moving gurus
    By Omar Anderson - June 19, 2019

    I had an amazing experience with All American Moving! The movers arrived on time and were very respectful. They worked efficiently and handled any fragile marked boxes with extra care. I didn’t lose any items in the transportation process. All moving costs were super affordable, which was a huge plus. I moved from Miami, FL to Frisco, TX – a huge move but it was a swift process with this company! I am definitely recommending this moving company to any friends or family planning a move in the near future. Thanks for helping me move!

  23. They move went smoothly
    By Leon Rhodes - June 15, 2019

    I have no words to thank the moving team and the sales rep of All American Moving. They have moved us from Orlando, FL all the way to Norfolk, VA. During the entire move, they have never did anything wrong. The team of 4 men showed up on time at the move day, did the wrapping flawlessly, boxed all my valuables nicely, packed everything with great care and loaded everything on the trucks without any mishaps. The moving crew delivered all my belongings within the scheduled time and unloaded effortlessly. They helped us unpacking and setting up the new house and till the end we couldn’t find one little mistake by these movers. They are simply brilliant.

  24. Will use them again
    By Tyron Felton - June 10, 2019

    I had a blast with All American Moving. They are quick, courteous, professional and careful. They had a very positive attitude and treated my belongings as if it were their own. That’s the reason nothing was damaged. They were simply great! They moved my belongings in record time, with no problems whatsoever. I will definitely use All American Moving again and will definitely refer them to all of my friends!

  25. Movers are great
    By Samuel Thomas - June 5, 2019

    I am really very happy with the service that I received from All American Moving. I used them for a move. Though I was not a very big move but they have showed me what they were capable of. Movers came on time and began the work straightaway. They had a plan about the move and managed the move in a very professional way. Actually they completed my move before the scheduled time and charged me fewer than the original quote. Nothing was missing or stolen. I loved to see their professionalism and care for my belongings. In my opinion they are the real moving heroes. I must thank the movers for providing me a problem free and smooth move.

  26. They know their job
    By Charles Haynes - June 3, 2019

    They moved my things out very quickly and with care. I have a lot of antiques and expensive furniture so I was defiantly looking for a company I felt comfortable with and could trust. From the very beginning I had a good feeling with All American Moving. I highly recommend this company. You will not be dissatisfied what so ever.

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