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Agility Van Lines is a South Florida moving company headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, FL. After years of helping South Florida residents and businesses move both within the state and between states, we are experts at providing you with the best moving experience possible.

Residential Moving – We can help you and your family move to a new home. We’ll get you’r belongings to where they need to be – no matter how far or how close to your current home.
Office Relocation – If your business needs to relocate to a new office, you’ve come to the right place. Companies all over Florida, and the rest of the country, trust us on a daily basis to help them relocate.
Move Anywhere – Whether you’re moving across the street or across the country, from the ocean to the mountains, or anywhere in between, Agility Van Lines has got you covered. Fill out the free quote form we’ll get back to you with the best price possible for your move.

Every day, we help people and businesses move from South Florida to just about anywhere in the country. Are you planning on moving? Fill out our quote request form below to get a free quote from one of our moving experts. Or, call us now at (954) 533-3197.


1500 W Cypress Creek Rd Ste 504
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309
Local Phone: (954) 533-3197
Toll Free: +1 (800) 756-4340
Email: info@agilityvanlines.com

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  1. Excellent, reliable service!
    By SeanAllen8 - April 28, 2019

    I have used Agility van lines for the past 7 years for all of my moving needs. Four moves, in fact! Whew! They have always provided a safe environment for my fragile belongings, as well as a fantastic value. I have recommended this company to all of my friends and family. I wouldn’t trust anyone else. I am a customer for life. Here is a company that turns a chore into a pleasant experience. What more could you ask for?

  2. They impressed me a lot
    By Douglas Morgan - April 22, 2019

    We used Agility van lines to move us to another state. It was an excellent service from start to end. Transport took place in a timely manner and the highlight for me was the timely and frequent contact by the dispatcher as the move was in progress. Was very concerned that there would be a glitch at the receiving end as I was coordinating with my friend to receive my items, but this worked very smoothly and full credit to the dispatch team who kept me informed multiple times as the truck was approaching the destination.

  3. 5 stars for them
    By Jordan Mccoy - April 18, 2019

    It was the first relocation of my life and I was very worried to say the least. But agility van lines made this move look so easy. They were referred by my friend who hired them before. The man on the phone gave me a very reasonable quote. He sent over 4 movers who all arrived on time. I was very pleased to see at them work. They packed everything carefully and creatively. They didn’t run out of bubble wraps or boxes. They were very skilled at carrying heavy things too. I was thoroughly impressed by the strength and organization displayed by these men.

  4. Top Notch Company
    By Ricky Morton - April 16, 2019

    From the moment I made a call to Agility van lines to the delivery point, they were amazing! People who I talked to at their office were nothing but helpful as it was my first ever move. Three movers came over right on time and packed all my stuff quickly. I didn’t even have to direct them in any way. I thought they would charge me huge amounts at the end because that’s what I’ve heard moving companies do. But these guys billed me a fair amount- much cheaper than what many of my friends paid for their moves with other companies. More importantly, not one of my pieces was damaged in any way and that is the true sign of efficiency when it comes to relocating companies. I highly recommend them.

  5. Nothing compares to them
    By Ricardo Andrews - April 9, 2019

    I have to say that from start to finish; this move was a fantastic experience with the fantastic people from Agility van lines. The initial support and the quote were tremendously helpful because I had no idea what to expect. The crew they sent couldn’t have been faster, nicer or more professional. They made moving out and in the best experience that I could have imagined. They even went the extra mile of breaking down countless boxes and carrying out a ton of trash which was an incredible help to me. The three movers I had were awesome. Every aspect of this was 5 stars and I’d happily recommend this moving company to anyone who is moving.

  6. Just awesome in every way
    By Fred Thomas - March 27, 2019

    I would rehire this company again. Their estimate was reasonable and their manager was very precise and thorough in getting my move set up, answering all my questions, providing proof of insurance, etc. The movers, three of them, showed up on time and were friendly, professional, safe, and efficient. They had the truck packed up in no time and the unloading was completed even faster. They even set my bed frame and dining room table back up in the new place and placed all the boxes in the rooms for which they were marked. Agility van lines is fantastic and you wouldn’t be disappointed hiring them.

  7. They deserve all the stars
    By Ernest Alexander - March 21, 2019

    If I could, I want to give Agility van lines 100 stars. I found this company through a friend and numerous websites and I was wondering why a moving service had 5 out of 5 stars. Now I know. These guys are super-fast but also careful with your furniture. There could be nothing more than I could ask for. They literally left about 45mins ago but I am already writing this review instead of unpacking all my personal items. Don’t waste your time looking for another moving service and do yourself a favor and choose these guys, you will be impressed.

  8. Best movers in America
    By ShawnBrown - March 14, 2019

    Finding a mover is just so difficult- a proper one that is. You call one and it goes to voice mail. You call another and your information is taken and you’re told someone will call you back. This can be repeated multiple times! I actually spoke with the manager at Agility van lines directly and we were able to schedule my request for a move for the next day. His movers, a two-man-crew, met me at the storage facility at the time we agreed upon, loaded up the truck, drove to my home, unloaded and finished the job in a few hours. They were courteous and professional and pleasant to work with. The quote was very fair and I feel it was appropriate for what I needed to be moved. I’m glad these guys are providing amazing services without the hassles!

  9. Professional from start to finish
    By Randy Davis - March 10, 2019

    I talked to the manager at Agility van lines and he provided initial comprehensive information regarding pricing, estimate, insurance, boxing and transport. If you can get crews from this company you can be assured even antique furniture will be handled with great care – they wrapped everything and nothing was damaged, and we had A LOT of heavy furniture! We have moved interstate and locally and this company was better than other fancy and nationally known moving firms. The crew was polite and friendly and it made the whole process a little less stressful. I can recommend these guys unconditionally!

  10. I’ll recommend them surely
    By DavidPeterson - March 6, 2019

    I’m so glad I was referred to Agility van lines by a good friend of mine. I had a small 1 bedroom move, but moving in general is always stressful and worrisome. These guys handled my move perfectly! They worked with my budget and did a wonderful job getting me out and into my new home. I hired 2 movers who showed up on time and carefully packaged all of my belongings. They were very patient with me as I had a huge antique dresser along with 2 miniature dogs running around the whole time. They literally took care of everything without any damages to the property or to my stuff. I couldn’t be any happier with their service and would highly recommend them to anyone in USA looking for a move. Like I said, moving is always stressful, but these guys know how to put your mind at ease.

  11. I am just thoroughly impressed
    By Christopher01 - February 26, 2019

    My experience with moving companies had been less than desirable in the past. But Agility van lines was one company that did what was promised. They didn’t charge a cent over the estimate. Their movers arrived on time and delivered everything safely. I have to mention the crew especially because they were simply the hardest working men I have ever encountered. Everything about them was so professional. They packed everything carefully and then carried everything out methodically. My heart went out to them when they were carrying my 6-seater couch. But the men seemed quite at ease.

  12. 5 STARS
    By Bradly Mosby - February 20, 2019

    I got all the necessary information about the moving process from their kind sales rep. The guys on moving day arrived on time and they packed my things well in the large boxes, and they were extremely nice and took a great care of my things. We had really pleasant communication. My things stayed intact, nothing broke, nothing was missing and there was not a single scratch. And I loved their pricing system! The price never changed and I was happy to tip the guys some cash! Agility van lines is now in my good books!

  13. Adequately prices
    By MarkWard - February 17, 2019

    I consulted with 3 different companies but they all quoted quite high. But the distance between my old and new place was great as well. So I hired Agility van lines because they had the lowest quote out of the three. I realized later why they charge that price. Their movers are no newbies. They showed up right on time and wasted no time while packing everything. Everything went very smoothly, even the delivery. I really have nothing to complain about. I don’t know how the other companies would have performed, but I’m more than happy with the way these movers handled my move.

  14. Resilient and problem-solving
    By Gilberto - February 11, 2019

    From the very start, I had a bit of a parking issue being next to the freeway and my expectation of a smaller vehicle. The moving truck that was sent from Agility van lines is very big (easily taking up 3 parking spots) so make sure to have enough loading area for it. I only had 2 spots reserved. Despite the underestimation of size on the part of the booking agent, the team did their very best. After several tries fitting into different size spots, they parked around the corner a block over to load my belongings. Their manager and the entire team of 4 movers were extremely quick-witted and helped problem solve during a very stressful situation, and to top it all off, had an amazing attitude. Several times they were asked to move by residents, freeway police, and cars honking incessantly, and luckily they finally secured closer parking. They were patient, hardworking, fast moving, and careful with my things the entire time. I don’t think my move would have happened without them.

  15. They made it fun
    By Kristopher C. - February 6, 2019

    Moving is no fun, but with Agility van lines, it was a breeze. Their manager in the front office guided us through the entire process and helped set up the logistics for our move. The 5 movers were amazing in every possible way. They were efficient, polite and very professional. They worked very hard with minimal breaks and took pride in their work. I highly recommend this company for all your moving needs. They didn’t break a single item, maintained their timings perfectly and charged me a very fair amount!

  16. What people say is true
    By Alejandro L. - January 20, 2019

    We hired Agility van lines for our last long distance move after reading so many great reviews about them. I started to understand the hype when I found their customer service to be very helpful and they gave me a great quote. The four movers were very helpful. They worked very quickly to pack and load everything from our 3-bedroom apartment. The men were also very efficient and skillful. The delivery was made on time and nothing had even a scratch on them. I was very impressed with the movers throughout this moving process. This really is the best moving company in America.

  17. Committed professionals
    By David L. - January 19, 2019

    I have been collecting many old items that needed extra attention while transporting them to my new house and so I required Agility van lines to be really creative with their packing and efficient with the entire move. The movers arrived right on time and got to work. They really were super creative while packing my valuables. Even my furniture received a coat of shrinking tape. While many would argue that they use too much packing materials, I think it made sure that my valuables travel safely. Moreover, the boxes and other packing materials were included in the quote- they didn’t charge me extra for them. They delivered on time and as I expected all my valuables were unharmed. I have never seen movers this professional.

  18. No hassle
    By Harold Allen - January 16, 2019

    Frankly, I chose Agility van lines to handle my valuables during my move because they quoted the lowest. I wasn’t expecting a lot from them. As it turned out, they were very professional. No frills like bubble wraps or ironed uniform. But they were very well trained for this job. The movers arrived right on time and they delivered my belongings right on time as well. I am very impressed with their punctuality. I had absolutely no hassle with them.

  19. Well trained movers
    By Marcus7 - January 6, 2019

    Most things will disappoint you in the country- hearty service isn’t one of them. Like your portions sizes here, everything is big and bold. Agility van lines is no different! Their manager is probably the friendliest man I’ve ever come across. He’s a proper cowboy so it was an instant friendship. He promised to take care of me and he did. His movers were amazing- so well trained and humble too. They moved my household items safely within just a few hours. I got the final bill and they added no extra charge. I’m so thankful that I found these guys.

  20. They are experienced
    By Jerold Aiken - December 24, 2018

    I hired Agility van lines for my last move after going through many reviews people posted online about them. I didn’t know how much space I would need and their manager explained to me whether it was done by weight or square footage on the truck. They gave me a detailed list so I could check off how many items I had which gave me a good idea of the weight. I like that it was the same crew that picked up my stuff and dropped it off and they were good. They maintained schedules and their work displayed their proficiency at this job. They were very helpful and professional and I am really glad I hired them.

  21. I strongly recommend
    By Jordan H. - December 18, 2018

    I strongly recommend Agility van lines for so many reasons. Their sales manager was very professional when I called to inquire about his company. He answered all my questions and emailed me very promptly the quote which was detailed and very informative. From the movers they sent, the foreman and his staff were very professional and efficient. They treated every item in my place with respect. They wrapped everything skillfully, loaded them in the truck and unloaded the stuff at my new place with utmost care. They were patient and courteous throughout the moving process, even when it took more time than agreed upon to complete. I felt comfortable dealing with all the individuals I encountered in this company. There were no damages during this move. I had a great time with these guys and will definitely hire them again.

  22. We are relieved
    By Steve Q - December 14, 2018

    I hired Agility van lines to handle our first ever move which we were completely going crazy over. They were so amazing that I had to admit that this relocation was just too easy. They arrived on time and wasted no time while working. They worked like machines packing everything and then loading them on to the van. The space in the van was properly utilized. The delivery was made on the scheduled day with all our stuffs intact. I wasn’t expecting such efficiency from these guys. We are so happy with the way these guys handled our entire move.

  23. They were mind blowing
    By Frederick F. - December 7, 2018

    I hired Agility van lines for my last move. Before hiring them, I hired another moving company but they cancelled my appointment a day before my move. I thought, I won’t get good service from the company but they amazed me. Their quote was actually cheaper than the other company I hired initially. They were too professional and skillful. The movers arrived on time, wrapped my belongings carefully and also delivery them perfectly. They made my move totally hassle free. I will definitely use them again.

  24. Accountable moving company
    By Dane Howe - November 24, 2018

    There is a serious lack of responsible moving companies. When I hired Agility van lines for my last move, I didn’t think they would be any different given that they had quoted so low. Fortunately, they weren’t inefficient at all. The movers arrived right on time on the moving day. These men were extremely experienced. The company hired professional movers, not the jobless vagabonds. They packed everything so well that none of my things suffered any damages on the way. They maintained their schedules perfectly. This company is totally accountable for this job.

  25. Best you will find
    By James Lewis - November 19, 2018

    My main concern for my last move was the distance- the movers had a long way to transport my valuables and I was worried sick for my things. I hired Agility van lines purely because of the rate they were offering me but at the same time the low cost got me worried even more. They, however, turned out to be the best moving company I could have hired. Their men were very well trained and extremely efficient. The quicker they do the job, the more money I save. The vans looked quite strong and ready for the long distance ahead. I was nervous till everything reached my new house. When the call came, I rushed to check the inventory. Fortunately, or miraculously, all my valuables have survived the distance without any scratched on them. I have to take my hats off to these guys, they really know their jobs. I recommend them very strongly.

  26. Timely action
    By Markus Bolin - November 15, 2018

    The truck from Agility van lines pulled up 20 minutes early they called once in morning letting me know what time they’d arrive they were not one minute late. Nothing could have been better. They spoke politely were respectful and not once did I think they were wasting time. Their quote was reasonable and I had more stuff I forgot that they gave a fair price. There really was nothing to fault with these movers. Thank u so much!

  27. Everything was on point
    By Adan P - November 7, 2018

    All the moving companies we have hired in the past couldn’t even come close to the efficiency levels of Agility van lines. Starting from the moment I called them till they made the delivery, everything was just spot on. I was impressed with their punctuality. We have never had movers arriving on time in the past. The movers were very creative while packing our valuables. Even the furniture was wrapped in shrinking tape. They delivered on time and my valuables traveled very safely. People should always hire this company.

  28. I booked them ahead
    By Wallace Logan - October 23, 2018

    Agility van lines is a sorted after company and so they’re booked way ahead of time! I hired them over a month in advance and they were willing to answer any of my questions. The representative who I had spoken to on the phone was very pleasant. He sent me an estimated quote within minutes and they were very professional. They called me a day before the move to make sure everything was set up and ready to go. The movers came to pick everything up on time and did everything quickly and neatly. Everything was done so neatly that it took them almost no time to unload an entire studio apartment from the truck when they made the delivery. It was a very successful move. I suggest you hire these guys ahead of time.

  29. Reliable in every way
    By George Evans - October 18, 2018

    I’ll never get tired of praising Agility van lines. They have moved my belongings many times in the past and always performed exceptionally well. Their movers are superbly trained and they’re monitored regularly to keep up the great services they keep providing. They always made sure my valuables travel safely. The company owns a moderately new fleet of trucks which come really handy. Even their customer service is very professional. If that’s not enough, they charge very affordable amounts.

  30. They relocated me smoothly
    By Dylan Kowalski - October 13, 2018

    It really is easy to find bad things to complain about when you hire a moving company. But agility van lines was professional throughout my moving process. This is why I have nothing bad to say. They are inexpensive, efficient, punctual and reliable. The movers were all very experienced and it showed in the way they worked. There were no glitches anywhere. When they delivered everything, I was amazed to see none of my valuables were damaged. This is an extraordinary effort by these guys.

  31. They have set the bar
    By DennisHarris - October 8, 2018

    I wasn’t expecting much from Agility van lines given how low their quote was. But they surprised me. The movers, all four of them, arrived on time with all the right tools. The movers seemed quite unshaken by the prospect of having to carry heavy furniture down from my 3rd floor walkup apartment. They tackled the job head on and carried everything downstairs quite comfortably. I was very impressed seeing how efficient these men were. They made the delivery on the promised date and nothing was broken or damaged. I got amazing services for the little money I paid. This company is now the standard every moving company should follow.

  32. We moved easily
    By Chris Cooper - September 22, 2018

    Agility van lines completed our last long distance move well within the allotted time and delivered all the goods in one piece and without damaging anything. But this is not the end of this story. They arrived on time on the day of the move, packed everything with great care, helped us a lot to manage the pets and charged the same amount which was quoted initially. From start to finish their professionalism impressed me. In short, everything went smooth with no surprises. I would highly suggest this company.

  33. They took care of everything
    By Kenneth G - September 16, 2018

    I’m not a fan of moving given the logistical nightmare it creates. But agility van lines made my move so easy. I hired them after my friend suggested them. They took over all the responsibilities on their shoulders and did such a fine job. They maintained their schedules and transported every piece of my belongings safely. The movers were all exceptionally helpful and well trained for the job. Watching them pack is such a good exercise for the eyes! The customer service was very helpful at every point during this move. They didn’t even charge anything extra in the end. Hiring these guys really paid off for me.

  34. You can rely on them
    By Frank Washington - September 11, 2018

    I’m a long standing client of Agility van lines. My job takes me to new places every once in a while and I always go to them for sorting out my move. The movers are extremely punctual, both during arrival and delivery. It’s always a treat seeing these men at work because they make it seem so easy. They always show amazing skills when it comes to the packing-loading process. I have worked with different crews sent from the company and every crew is just amazing. I have a lot of respect for the crews and I always instruct them well as everyone should. I can guarantee you that you won’t find a better moving company in this country.

  35. Quality service!
    By Brian James - September 5, 2018

    Move with Agility van lines! I assure you they have very low prices! Don’t worry about the quality; they are probably better than anyone out there. Excellent communication even at late hours, short period deliveries and price match guarantee! You will get it all here! I hired them last month for my move and it was absolutely perfect! They moved me in record time and did not damage a single thing. There were no extra charges in the bill and they did not charge for the extra repacking they did. They simply are great!

  36. Beyond the ordinary
    By William Scott - August 28, 2018

    I got a spectacular service from Agility van lines. They are very efficient, hardworking and very well mannered. They have very low rates and 24/7 email customer service. Moving with them is truly smooth and easy. All you need to do is give them a call. They will take care of the rest! I hired them last month for my long distance move and it was just perfect. There were no damages, no delays and nothing was missing. Also no extra fees too!!! They are the company you need for your move. I highly recommend them to all.

  37. Pretty happy customer!
    By Hobert B. - August 19, 2018

    I am pretty happy with Agility van lines. They have done everything I needed them to do. They moved me last month without any problems at all. I received a very low quote and an excellent moving team. The team moved my belongings with care and made sure nothing was damaged or even missing. I received excellent care from their customer service even in late hours. They moved me in record time and they did not ruin or break a single thing. They were great! I highly recommend them to all.

  38. They are the perfect way to move
    By Parker Terrell - August 16, 2018

    Agility van lines is the perfect way to move! They are an exceptional moving company. They really do know how to get the job done without any problems. I hired them recently for my long distance move and they were just excellent! They moved my belongings with care and did not damage a single thing. The men were efficient, caring, professional and skilled. They moved me in a very smooth move. I have no regrets at all! I will use this moving company again and I will recommend them to all!

  39. Loved how reliable they were
    By Herman Harvey - August 6, 2018

    I trust in this moving company! They are reliable, professional and honest. I moved with Agility van lines recently and my move was very smooth and easy. I did not need to monitor them because they were very dedicated and hardworking. All my belongings were nicely packed and moved and delivered on time. There were no signs of damage in the end and there was nothing missing. What I liked is that I did not need to worry. I felt relaxed the moment they came in. This was probably the smoothest move ever. I will use them again.

  40. Five stars for sure
    By Howard Watson - July 27, 2018

    I will definitely give Agility van lines five stars! They are an incredible moving company! They moved me last month and my move could not go any biter! I got everything I wanted from them! They gave me a good deal and a great team! They moved me very smoothly and quickly and they did not damage a single thing. Everything was delivered in due time and they even helped at the new place free of charge. There were absolutely no extra fees! I got the best move of my life. I highly recommend them to all.

  41. Highly satisfied!
    By Clarence Moore - July 17, 2018

    Agility van lines is the one you should choose for your long distance move! They are the best moving company out there! They move you like a breeze! They are cheap, they are efficient, they are professional and they get the job done without any delays or damages! I hired them last month for my own long distance move and they did really good! I did not find any damages, I did not pay any extra fees and I did not need to wait for delivery too! My move was completed within the given time! I am very highly satisfied!

  42. True professionals!
    By Douglas Ross - July 12, 2018

    They are the true professionals! I loved working with them! They are efficient, caring and superfast! They moved me cross country last month in a blink of an eye! They made my move so smooth and easy! They did the packing really well and did not let anything happen to my things. Everything was delivered in the same condition and there were no kinds of damages at all! They are really experienced, professional and skilled! I will use Agility van lines again and I will highly recommend them to all.

  43. Skillful and efficient
    By Hugo Morrison - July 5, 2018

    I did not believe at first that a moving company can fulfill all your moving needs, but I was very wrong. Agility van lines is extremely skillful and efficient and they moved me just the way I wanted. I got a very good price which was perfect for my budget. Their moving team did an exceptional job with the packing and moving. They moved every single item with care and made sure nothing was damaged. They did the delivery on time too! I ended up with a great moving company! I will use this company again and I will recommend them to all.

  44. I can’t praise them enough
    By Eric Jenkins - June 26, 2018

    Agility van lines was amazing, the workers were very professional and very nice but what made me happy about the move is that they took very good care of my belongings including my giant outdoor hot tub. I made sure to box up all my dishes and all of my important belongings. They shrink rapped my all of my furniture they even put extra padding on the furniture before they put it on the truck. another thing I like is I have very nice flooring they put down ramps and blankets to guard the tile from getting all messed up and they put everything where I wanted it and did it with care. I have finally got all unpacked and nothing of mine was broken or cracked so most definitely I will use them again and I will tell everyone that I know about them.

  45. You are looking for them!
    By Dennis Thompson - June 19, 2018

    Agility van lines is an amazing moving company. In all my life, I have never seen such an amazing and cooperative moving company. They moved me cross country and it was great! The packing and loading was done correctly and also under the given time. They delivered within the deadline and they also helped me rearrange the furniture. I was pleased to see that the move went well and all my things were in perfect shape. Their moving team is very experienced and skilled I must say. I had a great time and I gladly recommend them to all.

  46. Highest care!
    By Eugene Bell - June 15, 2018

    Agility van lines moved me with the highest care ever. They valued every single thing I have and moved it very nicely and sincerely. They were very kind and supportive too! They did my long distance move very smoothly and easily. I loved how they gave attention to every detail and how they moved the furniture. It was a really smooth move overall. Thanks for all the help! I will use you again for sure and I will tell everyone how good you are! Oh yes, I would like to thank their moving team for helping me so much!

  47. Stress free relocation
    By Philip Collins - June 8, 2018

    I had the pleasure of working with Agility van lines last month and I am so glad that I hired them for my long distance move. They were in and out very quickly. They packed and moved all my things with care and they did not bump any of my things. They delivered on time as promised and they helped here too. After I checked, I could not find a single damage! Not even a scratch! It was a perfect move. By the way their rates are very low! This was a stress free relocation thanks to them! I will recommend them to all.

  48. Mind blowing!
    By Hubert Obrien - May 26, 2018

    They are simply MIND BLOWING!!! Have you ever advertised any moving company?? I am and I will! Just because I am too much happy with their service!!!! I have moved so many times in my life but never have I moved like this. Nothing was broken or even slightly damaged! No bumps on the walls or dents anywhere! They were very careful about the new floors too! And the best part is that the bill did not change! It was a picture perfect move! I highly recommend agility van lines!

  49. They did the best
    By Jimmy Chavez - May 20, 2018

    If you want the best treatment, hire the best moving company! Agility van lines is the very best! They move you without any damages and without any difficulties! They know what you need and they will get the job done! I moved with them recently and it was a fine move! No damages, no extra fees and certainly no miscommunications! They are real professionals! I loved the fact that they called me many times and updated me about the location of my belongings. I really enjoyed working with them. I hope I will not move soon, but if I do I will give this company a call!

  50. They are the movers for me
    By GeorgeSmith - May 13, 2018

    I have wanted to move for a long time but never got the right scope to do it. Finally when the time came, I hired Agility van lines because my sister recommended them to me. Appointing them was very easy because they were eager to help. On the moving day, a foreman and his two helpers arrived first thing in the morning. They moved all the household items with care and made sure nothing was damaged. They really did care a lot because I saw them unload my belongings and they did it very gently and carefully. Their rates are also very attractive! It was a very good experience and that is why I shall always use them for my long distance moves.

  51. They are like family now!
    By Philip Johnson - May 4, 2018

    I moved with Agility van lines for the fourth time now and they are like family now! They always give me good rates because I have been using them a lot and they send the best crew they have. They are efficient, caring, skilled and very hardworking. They move me like their own and they make sure nothing gets damaged or scratched. They do help as much as they can. For instance, they help to unpack and do not leave until everything is the way I want. They help to set up the beds, the television, the washing machine and other small things. They are very friendly and helpful. I will always use them! Keep up the good work!

  52. Fantastic job they have done!
    By Rick Abbott - April 26, 2018

    I must say that they have done a fantastic job! The moving team was very efficient and good hearted. They knew I was an old lady and was not able to do many things. They were kind enough to do everything that was needed and did not let me move an inch. I have moved a lot but never like this. I want everyone to know that agility van lines is a very reliable and professional moving company. They are not like robots; they will take care of you. They will charge you a very reasonable fee and in return they will impress you with their hard work and professionalism. I strongly recommend them to you.

  53. Prompt Delivery
    By Ervin Murray - April 22, 2018

    Agility van lines kept their every word. I was in a hurry and I was told that they could deliver on such short notice. They did deliver everything on time and the best part was that nothing was damaged. They knew where all my things needed to go at my new place and they did exactly what I wanted. Not just efficient people, they are mind readers! I am very happy with their service. I will definitely give them a call the next time I decide to move.

  54. Memorable move
    By Stephen Thomas - April 13, 2018

    I don’t think I can ever forget about this moving experience. It was truly memorable. Last month I hired Agility van lines for my cross country move and the way they arranged this move was magnificent. The moving team swiftly and easily carried away all my belongings on to their clean big truck. They called me many times to tell me about their location. On the day they returned my goods to me, I saw that not a single item was damaged during this process. It was truly remarkable. For the first time of my life, I got a damage free move!

  55. Extremely professional
    By Mark Cooper - April 8, 2018

    Agility van lines is extremely professional. They will let you know all there is to know so that you will be aware how the charges may rise. They came on time on the moving day and worked nonstop until the job was done without taking any breaks. They very nicely protected the mirrors, glassware, art and all fragile items. They never gave me a scope to complain. And as a result, there were no damages at all. I highly recommend them.

  56. Such efficient movers
    By Billy Morgan - March 27, 2018

    We were relocating last month although this move was long time coming. We went for Agility van lines because they gave us the lowest quote. They were very efficient at everything. The movers arrived on time and everything went really smoothly. Nothing was broken or damaged when they made the delivery. This company truly made our move easy. They are definitely worth hiring again.

  57. Monster crew
    By George Thomas - March 23, 2018

    I hired Agility van lines on the basis of a recommendation from a workmate. Their quote was very low. The movers arrived on time and were properly equipped. I couldn’t believe how easily they carried my furniture. It was a 3rd floor walkup and the stairs didn’t seem to bother them at all. I think these guys could carry a mountain if that was the task. They gave me a 5-day window for the delivery and they delivered on the 4th day. Nothing was broken or damaged. I have to thank those strong guys for making this perfect move possible.

  58. Systematic and sincere movers
    By Louis Thomas - March 15, 2018

    I hired Agility van lines very hastily as this move came on such a short notice and I was totally scrambling. But they turned out to be quite awesome. Their movers were all very well trained and knew exactly how to maneuver through my tiny apartment without causing any damage. They were fast too which saved me a lot of money. They delivered on time and my belongings traveled really well. I was very impressed seeing them at work. I will definitely hire them again and request for the same crew.

  59. They were a great help
    By Douglas Hill - March 6, 2018

    I’ve never used a moving company before because I’ve always relied on friends/friends of friends to help me move. But this time I was moving out very long distance, where my friends couldn’t manage to help me out. So I needed to take help from the professionals. However, agility van lines turned out to be very tactical. Their men arrived right on time to my apartment and started packing everything inside the apartment. Once they were done packing, they took out the boxes and furniture out to the elevator lobby. Then they systematically used the service elevator to take everything down. Their loading process was very neat and they knew exactly how to do it. All my belongings were delivered on the previously decided date and they were undamaged. They have indeed left a great impression on me about them and I won’t hesitate to recommend them.

  60. Such a great company
    By Martin Rogers - February 24, 2018

    Agility van lines was definitely the best moving company I’ve ever had handling my moves. While all the movers I had in the past were only keen on getting the job done as soon as possible, these movers took their time to pack everything properly. They still finished the job within a very favorable timeframe. The delivery was smooth and all my furniture had survived the trip. Their quote was affordable to begin with but they didn’t add anything to it and that just made my last move the best I had till date.

  61. Awesome moving companion
    By Fred Jones - February 18, 2018

    I’ve always moved ever since I was a young girl and most of the time it was a very stressful experience. As an adult, I wanted my move to be stress-free, and that is why I went with Agility van lines. I’ve always read great reviews, and it turns out they were true! From the start, this company helped me with whatever I needed. They were helpful, kind and straightforward. I am glad to say that this was a very stress-free experience and if I do end up moving again in my future I know which company I’ll be picking to help me.

  62. I’m very pleased with their services
    By Justin Bell - February 10, 2018

    The only reason why I hired Agility van lines was the amount of things we needed to be moved. When I called them, the man on the phone was friendly enough. He asked a lot of questions to come up with an adequate quote. The crew came over to my house on time and they were very well equipped. They packed everything quickly and then finished loading everything. The delivery was made just a few hours later and all our belongings traveled quite well. My move with these guys was very pleasant.

  63. They made my move so easy
    By Caleb Adams - February 5, 2018

    I absolutely loathed the idea of having to move since it creates so much unnecessary drama. But agility van lines made my move so easy. I hired them after my friend suggested them. They took over all the responsibilities on their shoulders and did such a fine job. They maintained their schedules and transported every piece of my belongings safely. The customer service was very helpful at every point during this move. They didn’t even charge anything extra in the end. If this is how the moving companies operate, I wouldn’t be scared to move again.

  64. Unbelievable dedication
    By Samuel Strickland - January 29, 2018

    My family wanted to start fresh at new home. It was very busy time but I hired agility van lines which promised to take good care of my valuables. Every aspect of our move was top notch. The gentlemen that came were terrific; they helped us load in my old house and unloaded in to my new house. My household items were delivered in the time frame they outlined with no damage. We would hire them again especially if they sent the same people. I feel I was very fortunate to find them and be able to trust them with my household goods.

  65. Our move was problem free
    By Terry Smith - January 20, 2018

    We hired Agility van lines after seeing an advertisement of them. They sent four movers who were very capable and friendly. They arrived 20 minutes early which almost never happens. They displayed amazing skills in packing everything and loading them onto the van. The whole process was just easy and organized in the best way possible. I was so glad to see how fast they were since I was paying them hourly. The delivery was smooth as well. The van arrived on time and the movers unpacked everything and put them in their rightful places.

  66. Refreshingly efficient
    By Fred Perry - January 16, 2018

    When I moved 3 years ago, the moving company I hired was an absolute disaster. They ripped me off big time. So this time when I had to move back home, I wasn’t going to hire inexperienced movers. I hired agility van lines for their reputation and they really delivered what was promised. They didn’t charge me astronomically and even there were no hidden costs at the end of the move. They were punctual, both on the moving day and for the delivery. My belongings have traveled so well that all my valuables survived this journey. I am very satisfied with the overall performance of this company.

  67. They kept in touch with me
    By Kenneth Watson - December 27, 2017

    Agility van lines stayed in constant communication with me throughout my move. Their movers were always very friendly and answered any questions that I had. I was picked up from my old house at the exact time I was quoted and they handled my belongings very carefully. Their representative called me two days before my delivery to give me an estimated time of arrival for my delivery. Again, they showed up right on time. They were very professional in setting up my furniture exactly where I wanted it and before leaving asked if they could do anything else for me. If I should ever move again, I would use these guys again and highly recommend them to anyone looking for a well-established moving company.

  68. They took great care
    By Daniel Parker - December 20, 2017

    I relocated last month with the help of Agility van lines. Their team operated a flawless move. I have never experienced such hard workers and trustworthy crews like them. The client is their main priority and I realized throughout the process. Their spontaneous and sincere work confirmed security of our all belongings. The movers from the company have been so efficient that I thought, they took care of my belongings more carefully then the way I could have done. They were always quick to keep contact with me. All I can say, they are great.

  69. Quoted very low
    By Alan Mason - December 12, 2017

    All I wanted for that move was hassle-free. Thank god for Agility van lines which made it happen! That was an excellent experience with them. They were very efficient and creative. The movers sent from the company were just outstanding. The moving team arrived just on time. They were very quick and very careful with our belongings. Nothing was damaged and they were very professional and hardworking too. But the best part of the company was the movers. They were so efficient and always ready to help in any way they can. They quoted very low which was affordable and it was reflected in the final bill. I want to thank them very genuinely.

  70. Incredible service
    By Jeffrey - December 6, 2017

    When it came to my last move, the movers of Agility van lines made my move effortless. They handled everything with their exceptional technique. The guys showed up on proper time and they were well prepared to move peacefully. The movers were very polite and skilled as managed to pack my larger items easily. They took special care of my antique items especially my antique flower vase which was really praiseworthy. There was no question that this was the best service I ever had. They were very comfortable to deal with and offered a fair quote. Best wishes for you, guys!

  71. Truly impressive service
    By Bruce Coleman - November 27, 2017

    I had just graduated from college, and was preparing to move from my parent’s house to my new place for a job. I don’t have a car nor did I know any friends that had a truck or anything big enough to cram all of my belongings in to. Thank god I found agility van lines. Their service was affordable even for a recent college graduate, and there movers are nothing but professional. What was really great is they had their own storage containers for my belongings. I would have ended up moving it all in trash bags. You will not go wrong with these guys.

  72. It was easy with them
    By Shawn Henderson - November 22, 2017

    Companies who quote really low often have the tendency of doing so because they want to grab the client, make them sign the contract and then charge extra later on. However, I just didn’t have the ability to hire any fancy company and so I went for Agility van lines which had the lowest quote. I had my fingers crossed for this move. I wasn’t expecting much from them given the low estimate but they really surprised me. The movers arrived right on time to start moving our belongings. They wasted no time in packing everything neatly. I have rarely seen such efficiency before in my life. The delivery was made on time and all my valuables traveled very well. I couldn’t believe how lucky I turned out to be hiring these guys.

  73. It was worth every penny
    By Raymond Howard - November 19, 2017

    Among 5-6 moving companies that I have checked Agility van lines had a lower quote to offer than the rest. I have absolutely no issues with the movers. They were punctual, efficient and reliable. My valuables were in safe hands. They delivered all my belongings in great condition. They provided a hassle-free service, and were very professional, fast and effective. I would totally recommend them among my peers.

  74. Perfect and easy move
    By Zachary Arnold - November 6, 2017

    I couldn’t have been more pleased with my experience with Agility van lines. I was moving out and needed a truck and movers to drive around to different stores to pick up furniture and then bring it all back to my apartment. With short notice, their manager got me scheduled on a Saturday. The guys arrived right on time. They were patient as I worked through some purchase challenges. When we got back to the apartment they had everything unloaded in no time. It saved me literally a day or more putting it all together by myself. They went well above and beyond my expectations. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again or to recommend them to a friend.

  75. Extraordinary efforts
    By Roger Johnson - October 23, 2017

    Every mover has seen his share of endless flights of impossibly twisty stairs, but the movers from Agility van lines takes it one step further when it comes to efforts. From the beginning where their manager attended all my queries throughout the process and to the movers during the move, these guys were just fabulous. They even carried my couch up because it wouldn’t fit in the elevator. They disassembled and reassembled my bed and armoire. They were very helpful and completed my move in a timely manner. I would definitely use them again.

  76. Better than the Rest
    By Aaron Morris - October 13, 2017

    Agility van lines is one company which does what it promises. I used them several times as I never stay in one place for more than a year. The company always gave me an excellent service and my last move was really awesome as well. The movers were punctual and quite efficient. They maintained everything professionally. My bill stayed low because of their speed and quickness. They moved all my belongings safely.

  77. A lovely move
    By Ernest Anderson - October 8, 2017

    Writing a review is the least I can do given how easy Agility van lines made my last move. The movers arrived early on the moving day to get a head start. They packed everything with precision and skills. The boxes containing breakables were attentively packed using a lot of tapes. They were off to my new house fairly quickly. The men safely transported each of my items. They unpacked and put everything where they belong. It was a very easy and nice move since we didn’t have to stress about anything.

  78. 100% efficient
    By Victor Rivera - October 5, 2017

    I stopped expecting moving companies to be cost and time efficient. They have caused us so much trouble in the past. I am, therefore, totally surprised by the level of efficiency displayed by the movers from Agility van lines. They quoted very reasonably and that’s why we hired them in the first place. But they gave us real value for that money. The movers were all very strong and efficient. The entire move went very smoothly without any problems. The delivery was made right on time and nothing was damaged. I truly never thought my faith in moving companies could be reinstated like this. I’m so glad to have found a properly professional moving company.

  79. They made my move easy
    By Craig Jenkins - September 27, 2017

    I was definitely weighing my options before settling on one moving company. Agility van lines was one of the companies I was talking to. These guys quoted low and no extra was added to the final bill. Their movers were fantastic. They finished packing and loading everything really quickly. They maintained their timing during both arrival and delivery. They unpacked everything at our new house and helped us assemble furniture. This move turned out to be super easy just because of these guys. I will definitely hire them again.

  80. We enjoyed this move
    By Jeremy W. - September 22, 2017

    I love the way I was able to relocate with the help of Agility van lines. The services were so smooth and free of common errors. When the movers came, they ensured that all was perfect. During the relocation, they started by packaging the things properly. They were very careful not to make any silly mistakes. Most noticeably, they were keen on the electronics especially my television. They handled and packaged it carefully in the best possible way. I am so proud of their relocation services.

  81. They provided what I asked for
    By Frank Phillips - September 17, 2017

    I worked for the military for 35 years and efficiency is what I have come to expect from everyone. However, I have come to realize that efficiency is not something an average American really cares about. I did expect my movers to be efficient though. There was no room for error. Agility van lines understands that! Their quote seemed very reasonable for my move. The four movers arrived right on the clock. They were well equipped and they packed all my valuables very quickly. The loading process took even less time! They delivered everything on time and our valuables traveled very well. I expected professionalism which these guys delivered!

  82. Amazing management system
    By EricThomas - September 14, 2017

    The guy from agility van lines who assisted in scheduling the move was more than amazing. I was expecting troubles in the arrangement, organization, packing, unpacking and every other aspects of the move. But I got the exact opposite. They made my move so much easier. And the service they provided it was amazing. All my assets were in great order upon delivery and I take this opportunity to thank the company. These guys have an effective management system and fantastic movers.

  83. Highly experienced
    By PatrickDiaz7 - September 9, 2017

    I got a promotion and got a new home. It would have been very difficult to move without Agility van lines. Though I am a single woman and I live alone, my three kittens mean just as much to me as my babies would. I needed the movers to be extra careful while handling their belongings. When the movers arrived, on time, they just started packing and they were very friendly with my cats. They packed everything very well and loaded into their vans. I got every single piece of my household items and surprisingly everything was in perfect condition. All in all I can say they are highly experienced and having them as my moving companion surely benefited me.

  84. We got the best
    By Keith Collins - September 5, 2017

    For our last move, my husband and I were absolutely at a loss. We didn’t know any moving company or how any of them were. So my husband decided to take advice from his friend who moves around a lot. He suggested that we go with Agility van lines which has a very good reputation in the market. He saved us a lot of trouble. The men sent from the company were absolute amazing. They didn’t quote very low, neither too expensive. They arrived on time; their packing skills could be compared to any top-end movers. The movers made this move as stress-free as it could ever be.

  85. They took good care of us
    By FrankGray - August 28, 2017

    I just really need to thank the guys at Agility van lines for giving me such an easy and stress free move. They all worked hard and were very friendly. They took good care of our belongings and everything made it to our new place. Their customer service was good and always answered to my questions. Also, their team managed to move us without any hiccups or damages. They know how to make a customer happy! I highly recommend them.

  86. No confusions!
    By ClarenceBrown - August 22, 2017

    I used Agility van lines for my recent long distance move. They did a lot of things for us. Packed up entirely, moved some belongings down to a 5th floor apartment, moved the other contents into and out of the truck and then they helped us with the unpacking. Their representative was very pleasant to deal with from start to finish, relaxed but professional, and the team of workers was very quick and helpful. The price was great too! The move went extremely well and there were no damages at all!

  87. Very informative
    By DavidHarris - August 17, 2017

    Agility van lines was our moving company for our move. I hired these guys because I saw good reviews about them online. The sales rep was very helpful and informative. He offered the best possible price and did everything possible to ensure the safety of my goods. The moving team was very hard working, punctual and had shown great presence of mind. In the end it was a move, there was zero damages. Well done guys! I will hire you again for sure!

  88. Money well spent
    By Patrick Alexander - August 12, 2017

    I heard a lot about Agility van lines from my cousin and that is why I called them for a quote. From the first phone call I could tell the difference between this company and any other moving companies. The sales rep came to my home for an onsite estimate and his asking price was really reasonable. They planned my move to the perfection and the execution was flawless. I got all my valuables at the other end within the given time and most importantly nothing was damaged. So, I just want to thank them for the great move.

  89. A great surprise
    By Martin Peterson - August 7, 2017

    It was a wonderful surprise to be provided with excellent professional service! The guy from agility van lines was very responsive to emails, texts and phone calls. He was able to provide a quote within minutes. They were even able to accommodate my last minute “time” change from morning to afternoon without any fuss, I was immensely grateful. I have recommended them to friends who will move, that is how confident I am in their awesome service!

  90. Nice to work with them
    By Thomas Howard - August 6, 2017

    I highly recommend this company because they were extremely nice and professional from the very beginning. I chose this company because the salesman at Agility van lines was really friendly, courteous and knowledgeable. I made some changes regarding my schedule, but it was not a problem. The guys scheduled my move in a few days again. It made me feel so special. On the moving day the guys came on time and quickly finished up their work here on this side. On the other side, they were just as fast and careful here too. It was overall a good move.

  91. My strongest recommendation
    By JasonParker - July 27, 2017

    The moving team showed up on time and got to work right away. They took great care of moving all my belongings, and making sure that everything arrived safely and securely and without any damage whatsoever. They didn’t quit until there was no more left to do. I don’t know what I would have done without them and for this I am very grateful for their good work. By the way I am also happy because all my items were safely delivered and without a scratch. Plus there were no hidden fees! Agility van lines has my strongest recommendation.

  92. Friendly and professional
    By Adam Moore - July 23, 2017

    We had a 3 bedroom house and required help with packing and moving our household items. Sales agent of Agility van lines assessed the moving requirements and provided us with a quote for packing service as well. Our crew packed the breakables very professionally and everything was loaded carefully within a very short period of time. The moving guys were friendly and professional. Delivery was completed within the promised time frame; our goods arrived in good condition. I am impressed with the service provided.

  93. I always think about them when it comes to moving
    By HarryEvans - July 18, 2017

    When I think of an easy and stress free move, the first thought that comes to my mind is Agility van lines. I have used this company many times and I haven’t yet been disappointed. This time my move was the same as the previous one. There was no damage at all. The boys recognized us at the very first instance and never let us move and did all the work by themselves. The result was A Class just as before.

  94. Fabulous Experience
    By Joseph Hernandez - July 13, 2017

    I would like to let you know about the fabulous experience I had with Agility van lines. I contacted them based on my cousin’s recommendation. There were so many expensive and delicate items those I thought they couldn’t handle, but they proved me wrong. They gave me the first impression of their commitment by arriving at my home on exact schedule. They showed their courtesy, efficiency throughout the move. They didn’t exceed the schedule limit to deliver; rather it was a day early. I am very happy as I took the right decision selecting this moving company. They handled the move pretty well and I am looking forward to working with them again.

  95. Most professional team ever
    By Stephen Hill - July 9, 2017

    This company has some of the most professional guys I have ever seen. Not only the gentlemen were punctual and hardworking, but there was no rudeness or nonprofessional work. I am really pleased with their hard work and my wife also thinks so because she had a special China cabinet that needed perfect packing and special care during its delivery and it was delivered perfectly! We are completely satisfied with our long distance move and all the credit goes to Agility van lines.

  96. Moving was done professionally and efficiently!
    By Donald Evans - July 7, 2017

    My family and I did a move a few weeks ago and Agility van lines helped us so much! For the whole service we paid a really low price and we moved a three bedroom house. Everything was there when they delivered and there wasn’t a single broken item! I recommend their services and I need to mention that they are trustworthy and hardworking which I believe is the most important in cases like this.

  97. Very pleasant!
    By Robert - June 28, 2017

    Just wanted to say how impressed I was with the service I received from your team last month. The crew was absolutely fabulous to work with. They were efficient, friendly, funny, understanding, courteous, polite ….the list goes on! Please convey my absolute thanks to them all for making my long distance move so much fun! I will be recommending Agility van lines to all.

  98. My husband made a good decision
    By Lisa Bailey - June 20, 2017

    I`m so happy that my husband hired this professional moving company! We had them come out and pack everything so there really wasn’t much for us to do. All we needed to do was point and tell them where we wanted everything and we had them set up our bedroom too. Agility van lines needs a little bit of praise because they deserve every bit of it. Thanks once again.

  99. No rip offs
    By Justin Harris - June 17, 2017

    One thing is for sure, if you hire Agility van lines you will not need to worry about anything. When I was doing a long distance move last month, I had the best experience with this moving company. They showed ultimate professionalism and quality work and above all fast and reliable delivery. My things were safely delivered to me as promised and on the given date. Their prices aren’t a rip off too! So it’s safe to say that they are a good bet.

  100. Best service ever
    By Donald Harris - June 13, 2017

    I moved across different states many times in my career and always felt that I had to leave some of my belongings out. Usually the services I received were between mediocre to worse. The first time, I found that good customer service still prevails. Thanks to Agility van lines for changing my opinion towards moving services. They exceeded in their performance of satisfying customers’ needs. I am more than happy about their services that I received. I wish they continue to provide such a good job.

  101. Impressive team
    By Steve Thomas - June 10, 2017

    We were super impressed by the services of agility van lines. We recently had to move interstate and the moving team was so helpful. The team was so careful while loading and unloading our belongings. Nothing was damaged in the process. The team was also very courteous. They communicated with us throughout the process so that we remained updated. They definitely have our recommendation.

  102. This move went pretty well
    By Theo Aguirre - June 6, 2017

    I had a very professional and pleasant moving with Agility van lines which turned out pretty well. They work meticulously and fast so there is no chance for you to have a bad service. My belongings were delivered within the allotted time and my price was very close to the original quote. No hidden fees and no surprises! Recommended to the highest level!

  103. Not a single scratch
    By Genaro Sawyers - May 28, 2017

    I hired agility van lines for my mother in law who had to move across the country and had a lot to be moved. I needed a reliable company for her since she had lots of valuable belongings. One of my colleagues praised this moving company so much that I had to give it a go and I am glad I did. They did a very fast job with no damage to any other items that they moved. Real professionals indeed.

  104. Totally worth every penny
    By Jason Anderson - May 23, 2017

    Agility van lines is totally worth every penny. These guys know how to get your business over and over again. They will perform the task so well, you will be inspired! They are so serious that you will feel that they can dedicate their life just to protect your belongings. From the owner down to the helpers, everyone is efficient, polite, caring and dedicated. I ensure you; if you choose this mover you will not be disappointed.

  105. It wasn’t bad at all
    By Robin Hogan - May 17, 2017

    I really didn’t expect much because I had so many bad experiences. I honestly expected the worse. But agility van lines was not like anything I expected. They are a good mover. The moving crew arrived on time which kind of shocked me. They packed and loaded all the household items on their truck and delivered it on the given date. There were no damages and the price did not change. Guess what guys? It was actually a good move! Unexpected totally. Thanks for giving me one good moving experience in my life.

  106. This mover can be trusted
    By Brendan Cortez - May 13, 2017

    Agility van lines can be trusted. I have used their services and I am very satisfied with the output. We all know that anything may go wrong and still we give the job to a mover anyways. It’s their responsibility to deliver us a smooth move. This mover has given me everything I expected. None of my valuables were harmed and they delivered within the given period. This mover can be trusted and they are 100% reliable. 100% recommended.

  107. The most professional mover I have ever dealt with
    By Loren Frazier - May 10, 2017

    Agility van lines is no doubt the most professional mover I have ever dealt with. I won’t say that they are the best among bests, because truthfully there are many other good movers too. What I can say is that they are very good. They know how to make you happy. They give you a good deal. The delivery was made on time and the items were all well protected. More or less, this is what I wanted. A smooth move. Also one more thing, their rates are far better than the others.

  108. We had a good move
    By Donald Watson - May 8, 2017

    We had a good move with agility van lines. Their rates were very reasonable. On the moving day, they arrived early. The moving crew was very polite and friendly. We immediately felt comfortable with entrusting them with our belongings. They brought their own wrap and wrapped our furniture so that it was protected in the truck. They were very fast and were done moving with time to spare. Our move was a success thanks to them.

  109. Great Attitudes
    By David78 - April 26, 2017

    Being form a service industry I can truly appreciate a quality service and that is what I got from Agility van lines. They were professional and punctual. The movers were cleaned cut and uniformed. They wrapped and packed my items very carefully and delivery was breeze even with the four flights of stairs the guys had to climb. They had great attitudes and were pretty cute too. Thanks especially to you Rick.

  110. Looking for the best movers?
    By Juan Robinson - April 22, 2017

    I am recommending Agility van lines for any kind of moves. I have used them just couple of weeks ago and I am so happy that I decided to recommend them. This is a very good company. They have the best movers who are capable of managing any kind of complex and big moves under a tight budget and deadline. I did not get a chance to find any weakness of these fine movers. They are fast, accurate and affordable. Most importantly their movers are courteous, friendly and very committed. What else you need to look for?

  111. They were remarkable
    By Craig Martinez - April 19, 2017

    It was the most pleasurable moving I have ever had. All members from agility van lines were the top down were respectful. . Trust me they were outstandingly good. They arrived on time. All the packing and loading was done in the shortest possible time. I checked the inventory and nothing was missing. I have to make a special mention about the cost. . However I don’t have words to describe how truly great team of movers was!

  112. What a great company!!!
    By Frank Howell - April 15, 2017

    The way they set up my new house, made me feel like they were moving their own house. This not only affected the kids positively but also the dogs and even the plants grow better. Given my last few attempts with movers were less than pleasant. They were late and had a very cold demeanor. I was going to give up on movers but decided to give these guys a try after hearing from a friend about their service. Glad I listened to my friend as they were absolutely amazing. Hard working, determined, and friendly! Thank you guys so much.

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