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  1. Quick, easy and simply moving experience!
    By Glenn Nguyen - July 5, 2018

    My husband and I hired Acclaimed movers & storage last month and we are happy to say that the moving went well. Their sales rep was very helpful and understanding. We had to change the moving dates a few time but he never complained. He was more than helpful and also told us everything about the pricing. He made us know how the price changes. On the day of the move, a foreman and his two helpers came to our home. They packed and moved everything very professionally and carefully. They drove off with our things and after 7 days they delivered. Everything was perfect when we unpacked. There were no damages at all! Well done guys! We will hire you again.

  2. Good organization
    By Stephen Collins - June 29, 2018

    I think this moving company is worth hiring! They are very skilled, efficient and professional. My move was handled by experienced people and who knew all the tricks in the book. The guys moved every item with care and made sure to protect it with their lives. In the end, everything was in perfect condition and I could not find any damages at all. It was a smooth and easy move. No issues anywhere! I would gladly hire them again and also I will recommend Acclaimed movers & storage to anyone who is looking for a good moving company at a low cost.

  3. I will seek their services again
    By Raymond Murphy - June 22, 2018

    I would like to tell everyone how good this moving company really is. First of all, they have really good and low deals. They have very efficient teams and they move you very smoothly and carefully. I hired them two times and both times got an excellent service. There were never any damages; any dents or anything missing. I was moved both times perfectly! These men are very experienced, caring, efficient and humble. I really do think they are good and that’s why I am highly recommending acclaimed movers & storage to all.

  4. No hassle!
    By Kristopher H - June 19, 2018

    I would love to recommend Acclaimed movers & storage to all! I am saying this because I believe they are professionals and they will give you a smooth move just like they did with mine. My one was a long distance move and they pulled it off beautifully. They came on time and packed my glassware, utensils, kitchenware, and all my stuff with care. They did not judge me because of the things I have. They very nicely packed it and moved it. They did a good job with the furniture too. They didn’t damage it at all! I was moved beautifully! I will use them again!

  5. We had a great moving
    By Ervin Olson - June 10, 2018

    My wife and I hired Acclaimed movers & storage three weeks ago and we are very glad that we hired them. Our move was done perfectly! The moving guys came on time, packed everything with care, delivered on time, and even helped to unpack. Not a single item was ruined, not a single thing was missing, and also their price did not change in the end. What else should we expect?? They are just amazing! We are lucky that we found them! We highly recommend this moving company to all and obviously for our next move, we will not look elsewhere!

  6. I recommend them!
    By Craig Parker - June 6, 2018

    My wife and I hired this moving company last month because I was ill and my wife was 6 months pregnant. We could not do it ourselves and therefore we hired professionals. Acclaimed movers & storage did a very good job with our move. My wife’s antique collection, her glassware, her kitchenware and all the expensive items were nicely packed an moved. Nothing broke along the way and also the furniture’s did not have any dents on it. It was a smooth move. I will use them again and I will recommend them to all!

  7. Expert team!
    By Victor Smith - May 28, 2018

    Everyone who I dealt with is experts in this field. They really know how to move you! They moved me recently cross country and they did a perfect job. They were very punctual which something I liked about them is! They very quickly moved me out and there were no breaks and no delays. I was moved within the given time and the best part was that nothing was damaged at all. It was so great! I loved how professional, efficient and caring everyone was. I usually do not move, but if I do I will contact Acclaimed movers & storage again!

  8. Loved the way they handled the move
    By Andre Harrison - May 25, 2018

    I really loved the way they handled the move. Usually other moving companies are not that much professional and usually they are egoistic. But Acclaimed movers & storage is not like them. They are very professional and they are very friendly. They always have a smile on their faces and will interact with you. They want to know what you need from them. They are really one of a kind. I highly recommend them for long distance moves.

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