Of the four options listed the two with the biggest variations in pricing are the full service moves through a major van lines and the á la carte moving services offered from regional independent movers in a broker’s network.

Generally, interstate moves performed by the nationally known major van lines or the regional independent moving companies are charged based on the weight of the property being transported or the amount of space (cubic feet) the property occupies on the truck, the distance traveled, time of year the move takes place, and the service options ordered.

If the charges are based upon weight make certain that you are provided with official certified scale certificates verifying the accuracy of the weight. After the goods have been packed and loaded the truck will be weighed to determine the “line-haul” charges. Only after the truck and property has been weighed and services performed can the actual final charges be determined.

Since the estimates are not typically guaranteed and the final price cannot be determined until services have been performed, the final actual charges could be higher or lower than the estimate. Generally, you are only required to pay up to the amount of the last estimate issued to receive your property. Any charges above the last estimate issued are due thirty days after delivery.

Also, it is standard practice for a moving company to offer extra services at an additional charge. An example of extra services not included in the weight or “line-haul” charges are for the use of expedited guaranteed delivery service, stairs, shuttle, long carry, elevator, packing and labor, storage, appliance services, etc.  You must have a clear understanding of what services are included in your estimate and what services will be charged at an additional rate.

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