Is charging by cubic feet legal?

Yes! Charging a customer for an interstate move based on cubic feet is legal if the mover has a provision for cubic feet charges in its tariff and follows the general provisions of the law.

Charges based on cubic feet, or other volume based charges, are allowed if the written estimate is BINDING.

A mover may also offer options to a customer to charge based on weight OR cubic feet if the mover has a TARIFF that allows for both options.

Federal law under 49 USC Section 14104(b)(1)(C) requires that “non-binding” estimates must be based on weight only.

This section does not prohibit charges based on cubic feet; however it limits cubic feet charges to “binding” estimates. Moreover, a mover must generally follow certain requirements to legally charge a customer based on cubic feet.

The following are general requirements for correctly/legally charging a customer based on cubic feet:

(1) Estimates based on cubic feet must be BINDING.
(2) Estimate or rescission must indicate that charges are based on cubic feet.
(3) A mover must have a TARIFF which permits cubic feet charges.
(4) The cubic feet charges must be based on accurate measurements.
(5) A mover may charge a fee for providing a written BINDING estimate.

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  1. Beware!
    By Bwurtzberger - July 23, 2018

    If I could give this company 0 stars I would. They showed up to pick up my belongings at 8pm on a Sunday night and landed until 1am. They were rude, demanding, and backed me into a corner with no options when the price suddenly doubled upon arrival. I was refused additional insurance, the sales manager blocked my phone number and refused to return phone calls or emails. I was trated hostilely by the customer service manager after it took 4 days to get someone on the line. Basically told the customer is a liar and nothing can be done to help me. When asked to prove the cubic foot charge based on an eyeball examination of my belongings, I was told the proof was the driver had been doing this for 25 years and he knows what he’s doing. No communication for 4 weeks while we waited in an empty home for our stuff, then to have them show up unannounced on a Sunday and demand payment in cash or a Post office cashier’s check. Took us an act of God to get cash from ATMs and using multiple cards and begging credit card companies to up our daily limits. Not one piece of furniture went undamaged. The grand piano was shipped incorrectly, not on a pic board sitting on the lip of the top. And another day goes by with no returned phone call to file claims for overcharging g and damaged goods.

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